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=~=; The Big One is overdue. It's not gonna be like the San Andreas movie, but it would be pretty devastating.
Only 2020 could have that scheduled for the itinerary of the year.

Don't worry Ava. <:} I know it's super scary, but all of the buildings have rollers to keep from collapsing totally. :) Luckily not too many deaths happen from a direct quake. <:/ But from the hazards it causes, like fires or gas or electrical dangers. It's ALWAYS good to have an emergency plan in mind, to ease any anxiety.

Actual shout: I'm glad my period didn't really destroy me this time. It's probably due to my healthier eating all week long. <:/ Though I had a major depressive episode lasting nearly all day. It's so weird how that happens. <X) Like, whaat? I'm bleeding, there's less painful cramping, no nausea this time, and BOOM. Instant emptiness and beating myself up internally to a pulp. ;u;??? Like, why?? Hormones???? I can't catch a break for one cycle even though I feel like I'm doing all the right things. XD Well, at least there wasn't a need for Midol this time around. Though I guess I'll now need to prepare for shower crying sessions. ;U; Should one occur again. Is it okay to text your friends when you feel like total sh*t? ;.; I feel like it's illegal. Like you're not supposed to do that, or you'll be fined with 60 days of absent contact...

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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