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December DIs Released!
Tiva Tiva
Welcome to the land of ice and snow, Trisphities! This month we all seem to be getting a bit of a chilly start, the desolate mountains surround us while we all succumb to the isolation around us. Not as soul to be found until a roar sounds and the ice moves around you to reveal a dragon as pure as ice and snow. Could this be the items we have been searching for? The Empress must be close by….

You can find the monthlies in Archaic Antiquities for the usual price of 20 Runes each. Since they're a few days late, they'll stay available until Jan 8th, so be sure to pick yours up while they last!

Frosted Empress

Designs - Glitch
Pixels - Glitch
Recolors - Gallagher
Previews - Gallagher

Snowfall Dragon

Designs - Glitch
Pixels - Glitch
Recolors - Gallagher
Previews - Gallagher
Black Friday In the Backalley
Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga
It's that time of year again, when America celebrates Rabid Consumerism Day, and so many things are on sale!

Well, we're not ones to be left completely behind on that matter...

Starting today, and lasting through the end of Monday, we're piloting a new shop concept, the 100% Legit, completely Above Board, and certainly not a shady dude in a trench coat, Backalley Treasures.

In Backalley Treasures, you can find a small selection of Donation Items from the past, as well as a few Aurum Monthlies from the days of yore.

After Backalley Treasures disappears again, it is sure to return some time...and it will almost certainly have a different selection.
Food Fight 2018 - The Battle Begins!
Gallagher Gallagher
Whenever parents of Trisphee were asked what they valued most about Camilla Ranberry's Academy for young Ladies and Gentlemen, answers included the healthy dinner table full of green beans and peas, or the balancing lessons that trained students in both posture and discipline at the same time ever since the traditional books on their heads had been replaced with pumpkin pies.

The kids however had an entirely different answer. Clearly the highlight of the year wasn't the moment you were allowed your first sip of wine, nor the ingenious "20 common household uses for a stick of butter". No - everyone looked forward to a tradition that honored refined manners and grace by COMPLETELY THROWING THEM OUT OF THE WINDOW.

Are you a pitcher? Show us your best potato curveball at the Food Fight, but watch out for... quick, dodge!!! *splat*

Those pies.

If you can't dodge them, click them. You'll never know what you may find.

The event runs from now until the end of Friday, November 30th. So grab your knives and forks, or practice your aim. Food Fight is here!
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