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New Commons - 21 Hair Salute
Glitch Glitch
Hey Everybody!

We raided the wig store for you this week and pulled out some real winners for you all available in the Salon!

For everyone going solo tonight we have the Singles Style to accompany you for all of those lonesome outings. Or if you prefer to give into some company you can choose between the Kim and AJ Hair. Kim is the sassy best friend with an androgynous shaggy pixie cut available with Fringe and Locks pieces to customize the high levels of sass and color. While AJ likes to keep it casual with some long Fringe and even Casually shows their roots.

Some other friends are tagging along with Streaked varieties, the Kura and Kama Hair. Kura Cut is useful to place under a hat while the Extensions can be layered to make sure you don't look too flat. If you just want a few framing pieces though be sure to steal the Kura Bangs. Kama Cut on the flip side keeps it all short and spikey with the option of some one sided Bangs.

This week's theme of 21 Hair Salute brought to you by none other than Toho himself.
New Commons- Do the Surge!
Tiva Tiva
Hello Trisphites! And a special welcome on this not a Tuesday!

We are going to make you explode with awesome today with the Surge Set! Feel the wave crest and go with the flow to find these items in the shop.

Come forth and find the Surge Hair in the Salon. Nothing about this cut says business but it rocks that scene look straight out of the magazines. Add in your favorite color expressions with the Surge Cut, Fringe, and Extensions to make your Rawr the loudest it can be.

To complete your going to the rave look you can head into Eclectic Trends for the Surge Fanged Mask to make sure you always have a smile and hide the fast you just ate some cookies. These Surge Boots are sure to out last even your hardest stopping while still keeping that awesome sole tread. Making sure you have a place to keep your deepest darkest secrets aka your phone should always be a priority so keep it close to your heart in the Surge Vest.

Thats all for this week folks! Be sure to keep telling us the items you want to see!
Seasonal Set: Industrial Gothic!
Gallagher Gallagher
Cybernetic implants, circuitry in clothing, and leather galore!

After the rave, we followed this beauty into the depths of the warehouse district only to find the best of the best! So get your straps done up, chains polished and stock up on batteries so you glow through out the darkest night. Or stand out with the brightest colors while dancing the night away. Either way, we present with out further introduction the coolest kid at the party: the Industrial Goth.

Industrial Gothic

Designs - Espy
Pixels - Glitch
Recolors - Gallagher
Previews Gallagher

The current Seasonals set, Industrial Gothic, has 9 items for 10 runes each, 4 items for 5,000 aurum each, and a bundle with all 13 items for 130 runes!

You can find them all in Archaic Antiquities.

Seasonals will rotate out of the shops every 4 months. That means you have until November 10th to pick up the Industrial Goth before it disappears into the night!
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