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New Commons - Bobaloo Edition!
Gallagher Gallagher
Hey Trisphites!

This week is all about user requests! You asked for them and we delivered! What can you say except you're welcome?

In Threads we have the long awaited Comfort Quiet Quilt! A great lacy ombre blanket with a skull mug to brighten up your day and keep those shoulders covered. To keep the rest of you covered we present the Strapless Slip Dress also available in the Long length. Keep yourself covered under those sheer dresses and skirts, or even layer it under clothes for just a base foundation.

In the Body Shop we have the commons version of KoolKat's arm! The Bare Leaning Arm will make you cooler than every other person standing, and it is also available in Natural and Wounded variations to match with any skin type. To round out our array of Enlightened legs we are now offering the Subjugated Legs for all of the fallen warriors out there.

Finding a new perfect short hair cut is always hard, which is why we are offering you the Bobaloo Hair and Bangs in both normal and Gradient variations in the Salon. Rock the lob with some great colored tips in your bangs or go crazy all over the place and rock the full version.
The Grand Carnival Appears!
Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga
The banners rise overnight: one day an empty field and the next an eruption of colorful tents! Jugglers walk the grounds, tossing up wares for the aerialists to put into place while Clowns finish setting up bottles and rings. No one knows where they come from, but once a year the Grand Carnival appears for two weeks with its magical acts bringing the community together under one roof. And before anyone knows it, it disappears once more the way it came--with only memories and mementos to prove its existence.

If you don't find your way there by June 29th you won't be able to join in on the fun until next year!

Join us in the Event Shop tent and become part of our three favorite acts, or take a gamble and pull out a mask from the grab bag.

In the Grand Carnival we've got a bunch of festivities to join in on, have a look:
  • Lose yourself and find someone new during It's Showtime!
  • Find out how well you know your own inventory with Guess that Item
  • Or test your knowledge with Crazy Kooky Crossword
  • Maybe you will become so enamored you will join us forever and get a Booth Permit
  • Or just a small artistic memento from the Drawing Booth
  • Go on the hunt and round up the pieces in the Puzzle Hunt!
  • How ever you join in the Carnival, stay until the end so you can cash in your Raffle Tickets for the best prizes!

Remember, the carnival's only around for two weeks, until 29 June!

A little hint about the achievements for this event: there is one for making a thread! (That's a new type of achievement!) So don't feel shy about making a new thread in the Grand Carnival to post in if you want to!
New Commons: Unfashionable Fashions!
Tiva Tiva
Hey Trisphites I am pretty sure we found these in the back of the thrift shop but things come back into fashion right? Right?

Shudder at this 2014 trend coming back to life in Trinkets. Peep through your own personal shutters with Shutter Shades or go crazy with Blingtastic Sun Blockers. They are worth all of your aurum so you can stun the sun with how fabulous you are. If you are more worried about protecting your eyes then grab up the Saftey Goggles, perfect to block both chemicals and tomatos thrown at your face. For those who want sun protection but cant handle these fab glasses we have the Cowboy Hat for you.

We can help you look incredible with the Grandpaís Cardigan available exclusively in Threads, no stealing it out of your old manís closet. For those that canít be bothered to recycle we have this fabulous and trendy Cardigan available in Lavish Luxuries.
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