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New Commons - Netted Edition!
Insomniak Insomniak
Good evening everyone, we've got a relatively early release today!
There's quite a lot of netting this week, don't snag it on anything.
We've got the Netted Dress, Swooshy Skirt, Netted Skirt, Netted Glove, and Slouchy Beanie!
All of these items can be found in Threads.
New Commons - You're Trippin' Edition!
Glitch Glitch
Hey everyone! There are so many new items this week - it took until today just to tell you about them!

In the Body Shop you can now find~~~~Trippin' Legs! If you ever wanted to know what it felt like to trip over your own feet. . . you can now! Along with the basic Trippin' Legs you can also get them in the following variants:
Hip Trippin' Legs
Pastel Trippin' Legs
Dark Trippin' Legs
Vintage Trippin' Legs

To go with the new legs you can also get a matching arm/torso combo with the Trippin' Kitten Sweater &
Pastel Trippin' Kitten Sweater
Dark Trippin' Kitten Sweater
Gloved Trippin' Kitten Sweater

Other new items this week . . . In the Trinkets store you can get the Trippin' Hairclips And a Trippin' Bag

The Salon has the new Trippin' Hair and 2 ombre versions Hip Ombre Trippin' Hair & Vintage Ombre Trippin' Hair

New Commons - Bold Librarian Edition!
Gallagher Gallagher
Good morning everyone! Another Wednesday, another batch of commons for your perusal. Let's get right into it!

In the Salon, we have a new batch of hair variants, including some user requests. We have the Ombre Lila Hair in Floral, Bold, and Grungy colors, as well as the Ombre Abby Ponytail, available in Floral, Bold, and Grungy. There's also the Librarian Hair, Braids, and Bangs.

In the Body Shop, you'll find the Spunky Eyes, Smoldering Eyes, Spunky Nose, Pointed Nose, Stern Brows, and Spunky Smile.

In Trinkets, we've got the Aviators, and slightly cooler Designer Aviators. Where do we keep getting all these lame glasses?

That's all for this week. Be sure to check out the new stuff, have a good one.
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