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April DIs Released!
Gallagher Gallagher
Good evening Trisphites!

Now that everyone's got their heads back on, there's no better time for you to dress up in new clothes! Wait, that's not a very good segue... Oh well.

Are you a wizard? A scholar of the arcane arts? Are you passionate about learning about magic? Show the world by donning the garb of your craft!

This month we have Dedicated Caster and Studious Caster in stock at Archaic Antiquities. Find them now until May 1st!


Dedicated Caster

Designs: Fenris
Pixels: Fenris, Glitch
Recolors: Gallagher
Previews: Gallagher


Studious Caster

Designs: Fenris
Pixels: Fenris, Glitch
Recolors: Gallagher
Previews: Gallagher
We got you un-stuck!
Coda Coda
If you were logged on at all yesterday, um... sorry about the animal heads thing.

We don't know how they got there, but we managed to get them un-stuck. If you had one, it's in your inventory now.

I guess you could put it back on... if you dare to try.
Browse the Lovely Library!
Coda Coda
Good morning, Trisphee!

We're throwing open the doors to the Lovely Library as we celebrate the season of love. And just like a used bookstore, the shelves are overflowing with every imaginable romance novel (and probably a few unimaginable ones, for the people who are into those kinds of things).

What's that? There aren't enough romance novels on the shelves? I guess there are a lot of lost books that you're going to have to find. The librarian will be happy to reward you for anything you bring back.

So take a trip over to the Lovely Library and... check it out!

The Lovely Library event will run through February 28th, 2020.
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