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Seasonal Set: Clockwork Spring!
Gallagher Gallagher
What time is it?? Why it is new seasonals time!

It is time to spring ahead with our new Clockwork Spring Set! The set contains 11 items, and stocks in Archaic Antiquities!

Designs - Rainbowfox Ari
Pixels - Glitch
Recolors - Gallagher
Previews - Gallagher

The whole bundle will run you 110 Runes, 7 individual items cost 10 Runes each, and there are 4 items costing 5000 Aurum for those a little more cost-conscious.

Seasonals will rotate out of the shops every 4 months giving you until July 10th to pick up your copies!
New Commons - Nightowl Ballerina Edition!
Insomniak Insomniak
Good evening/morning everybody! Here we are again with another Commons Tuesday Wednesday! You can't rush perfection.

You know what else probably took hours to get just right? These two new hairstyles, consisting of the Sweetiebird Pigtails and Sweetiebird Hair, as well as the Tasty Maid Pigtails, Tasty Maid Fringe, and Tasty Maid Hair! Perfect for mixing and matching and whatnot. Don't forget to consider the Sweetiebird Flowers to top them all off!

But that leaves the rest of your person, and for that we have the new Tutu, Tasty Maid Stockings, Tasty Maid Skirt, and Tasty Maid Dress. On the other end of the fanciness spectrum, we have the Hooty Tank.

That's it for this week, and hopefully it'll be on Tuesday next week, take it easy.
New Commons - Spellbound Apprentice Edition!
Gallagher Gallagher
Good evening/morning, Trisphites! I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still technically Tuesday, right?

It's your weekly commons post, at any rate!

This week, we've got some quite magical items in the Body Shop and Trinkets!

First up, attune yourself to the magical energies of the universe, or at least look like you have with the Not So Magical Beard, Wizard Beard, Sorcerer Beard, or Mage Beard!

Or maybe you're just an Apprentice, in which case, the Apprentice Beard is for you!

Next, arm yourself for a proper duel with the Apprentice Sleeve, with accompanying Apprentice Arm, Sorcerer Arm, Wizard Arm, or Mage Arm! If you're a wandless type, there's the Sorcerer Spellbound Arms as well!

And finally, wrap up your new look with the Apprentice Scarf, Wizard Scarf, Sorcerer Scarf, Draped Shawl, Headscarf, Tucked Headscarf or Undercap! Or mix and match!

-Body Shop-
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