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User Appreciation Event 2018
Tiva Tiva
Who said you had to color inside the lines?

For this event we are once again turning over the power to you, the users, you make the events and we will be sure to give you plenty of crayons to color it in.

Head over to the Craft Bank to stock up on your supplies or cash out on your beautiful crafts. Just remember you can only get a 64 crayon set from submitting your own crafts, but we promise to post your creations on the fridge wall.

Also you can spam Gallagher with color combination requests for these beautiful event items, or even suggest a few items to get the new Unicorn palate. We even set up it's own thread, Recolors Everywhere!, so we can try to be organized and such. However you can never tell how long a craft will take to make.

All of this is yours to make with what you please until August 27th, when the little kindergarteners need their crayons back.
New Commons - A hatless Hatter
Tiva Tiva
It's Thursday Triphites!

Do not fear the man in the hood, for it is just the Hatter looking for his hat. Maybe you can find it for him because all I can seem to find is some beads for him.

Edged Hood - Hood -Bead Necklace

Hatter Hair

Lavish Luxuries
Long Delicate Skirt - Hatter Blouse
August DIs Released!
Gallagher Gallagher
How do you do Trisphites, I'm just going to sneak this right in here… nothing to see.

Well, maybe there is something to see... see, we got lost in Wonderland and made a wrong turn with the druid only to run into a tea party. You know how those parties go on, seems like a minute but really an hour. And we stayed for like 3 hours…. but we brought the fun of the party back with us so you can get some cool new duds. Have fun blasting some magic around to help out the ever falling dormouse or reveal the smiling cat wherever he is hiding.

As always, you can find the new monthlies in Archaic Antiquities for 20 Runes each. But since our delayed arrival the party will be going on until Sept 7th, so you guys don't have to worry about being late for this party.

Dragonsong Druid
Designs - Monmon
Pixels - Glitch
Recolors - Gallagher
Previews - Gallagher

Mad Tea Party
Designs - Glitch, Rainbowfox Ari
Pixels - Glitch
Recolors - Gallagher
Previews - Gallagher
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