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New Commons - Junk Drawer Edition!
Gallagher Gallagher
Well, what do we have here? It's another Tuesday commons update!

Do you like themes? You do?

Well, too bad! This week we've got all sorts of assorted stuff! We have two new mouths to feed in the Body Shop, new hair in the Salon, two new bows to go anywhere but your hair in Trinkets, ruffled armwarmers at Lavish Luxuries, and a new criss-cross tank at Eclectic Trends.

We're just making you run all over the place!
New Commons - Scarred Rogue Edition!
Gallagher Gallagher
I heard Tiva was trying to tell y'all Saturday's commons were this week's commons.

Joke's on her, I take that as A CHALLENGE!

Check Eclectic Trends for the following items:
Picaroon CoatCold-Blooded Picaroon CoatHot-Tempered Picaroon Coat

Check The Body Shop for the following items:
Temple Bite ScarStomach Bite ScarShoulder Bite Scar
Thigh Claw ScarShin Claw ScarOcular Claw ScarForearm Claw ScarChest Claw Scar
Gouged Left ShinGouged Right Thigh
New commons - Hand Made for you!
Tiva Tiva
For once we are giving you something a bit early, it isn't Tuesday but we just couldn't wait to share this with you!

Look out for those needles because we have the Hand Stitched Set in the Body Shop, go be whatever color your <3 desires! Be every Color! With the option to split colors on all four body parts; Head, Body, Arms, and Legs, you can show off up to eight colors at once. Dont forget to add on your Hand Stitched Mouth, Hand Stitched Button Eyes, and Hand Stitched Cross Eyes.

Dont forget about the other extra important parts like your Hand Stitched <3 in Trinkets. Or your tiny lock of Hand Stitched Hair in the Salon, Ethically Sourced!
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