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The Avatar Closet
Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga
Hi Trisphites! I hope you're doing well this most strange of holiday seasons.

We've been working on some site features, and today I've got an expansion to an existing feature...hopefully one you've been wanting for:

You can now get additional slots in your avatar closet! You can buy up to 8 slots using Aurum (the price increases with each slot), and you can additionally buy as many slots as you want using Runes at a fixed price.

In case you haven't used the Avatar Closet in the past, you can find it in the (perhaps ill-fitting) folder button in the Avatar Editor:

Server Maintenance Tonight
Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga
Server maintenance was completed successfully! Have a wonderful day! ❤

Just a quick heads up, I will be temporarily bringing the site down to do some important server-side updates.

The site will be down from Midnight US-East (7 hours and 45 minutes from this post) until 12:30am at the latest, although most likely will be back up by 12:10.

There shouldn't be any huge differences in site experience, but if you notice any strange issues afterward, please let us know in Help & Support!
Starter Items Update
Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga
Hey everybody!

We've got a couple new updates for you today:

First, we've made some adjustments to the freebie starter items Pandora Pants and Pandora Skirts, to make both work correctly with either avatar gender. Now you can strut your stuff how ever you want! :D

Bigger news, though, is a new update to all of the freebie starter items! Effective immediately, they've been removed from the shops, and now you can automatically find them in your items list in the Avatar Editor. Should hopefully make it much easier to get going with customizing your looks! :)

An option has also been added to the editor (under the ... menu) to hide Starter Items from your inventory if you don't want to see them while working on your latest style.

If you run into any issues with this, or want to provide some feedback, head on over to Avatar Editor Discussion & Updates, and I'll address any concerns!
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