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New Commons - Superior Dresses!
Glitch Glitch
(OMG I'm the worst and forgot to jump on and post this announcement! Please blame me for my failings)

Hey everybody! Dunno if you noticed but there are some super awesome new items in the shops!
I say the shops. It is one shop. Lavish Luxuries.

Here I am trying them on!

Links to the items so you can check them out!
Top of Superior Style
Top of Superior Netting
Top of Superior Sheer

Skirt of Superior Style

Dress of Superior Splatter
Dress of Superior Plaid
Dress of Superior Foliage
Dress of Superior Spooks

Go have a look for yourself and uh, maybe I dunno . . .try one on?
New Commons - Bits and Bobs Edition!
Insomniak Insomniak
Happy Tuesday Trisphites!

We have some adorable Techie Glasses for you available in Trinkets so help you focus in on your screen. In the Salon we have Maitenence and Upgrade Techie Hair as well as Normal, these all come in the Hair, Bangs, and Ponytail.

In Lavish Luxuries you can finish off your awesome look with the Decora Skirt, with three different underskirt options, and the Decora Vest.

Thats all for this week! Enjoy those sweet pixels.
New Commons - Rabbit Season!
Tiva Tiva
Evening Trisphites, it's rabbit season here and we are hunting for some deals!

In Eclectic Trends we have the Redd Rabbit Set, including Tights Top and Briefs, to play our gorgeous prey for the week.

To hunt down this elusive prey you can suit up in the Salon with the Forester Braids, Hair and Fringe. To polish off this hairstyle you can grab the Forester Hair Sticks, Tipped or not, in Trinkets.

If you wish to capture the rarest prey of all though you have to head over to the Body Shop and check out our new Second Skin.
(Hint its rainbow!)
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