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New Commons - Tower Maiden Edition!
Gallagher Gallagher
Did someone misplace a tower? Or some insanely long hair?

Anyone? Well okay then. I guess then we have some new items for sale!

Up first on the chopping block is this hair, beautifully plaited and lustrous, some would even say it is made of gold! Now it is a bit long, so there is a few different ways to chop it. The Blissful Tower Maiden Braid is our longest tail with thankfully no split ends for you to trip over. While the Blissful Tower Maiden Bun keeps all that hair securely up giving you one big headache. To keep every strand firmly grounded the Blissful Tower Maiden Hair is split with the Fringe so you can keep those hair loops in tiptop shape.

Now if you canít handle the length you donít need the scissors! We already made up a short style for you that is available in four stackable parts! The Grim Tower Maiden Cut Hair is short enough to keep your migraines away, while you can add bits of color with the Fringe and Bangs. If you ever start missing some length then just add on the Grim Tower Maiden Hair and relive a small portion of your glory days! These two hairstyles and all of their parts can be found in the Salon.

But wait, after scaling this tower we have found even more treasures! Available in Lavish Luxuries is the Tower Maiden Top to go with an astounding array of skirts! Doesnít matter if you are Grim or Blissful the Tower Maiden Skirt is there for you, at least until those pumpkin seeds you are start expanding. Then you will need the Tower Maiden Expectant Skirt hopefully it will be a Blissful occasion and not a Grim day for you. Keep your tummy sucked in with the Blissful or Grim Tower Maiden Bustier and your arms warm with the Grim and Blissful Hanging Sleeves or Blissful and Grim Poof Sleeves. To keep your feet warm on those cold stone floors use the Blissful and Grim Tower Maiden Slippers.

If you need to avert your eyes from this awe inspiring design then head over to the Body Shop for the Tower Maiden Eyes. Keep them closed with Blissful or cry your eyes out with Grim, either way be sure not to fall too hard for the Tower Maiden Sets!
New Commons - The Eggcellent Easter Caper
Tiva Tiva
Happy Tuesday Trisphites!

While the fur is flying down in Petapolooza someone has been using the chaos to hide eggs! We have found their backpack that they were using to keep the eggs in, and while all the eggs have disappeared we have found several copies of the disguise they used!

It seems like the culprit was a Fuzzy Bunny! They used Fuzzy Bunny Ears to hide in a crowd of bunnies, without a second glance. And while they had to be a bit cold in the Fuzzy Bunny Suit it had the cottontail attached so they could make sure no one questioned them while their partner in crime hid the eggs.

Their warmer counterpart was even better disguised in the Warm Fuzzy Bunny Sweater covering them from eared head to knees. Over it they must have decided to be a long haired rabbit otherwise why would they have the Warm Fuzzy Bunny Vest? Even on the coldest nights you don’t need that with your Warm Fuzzy Bunny Legwarmers! Keeping with a bunny’s favorite food were armed with a Warm Fuzzy Bunny Carrot Belt and Warm Fuzzy Bunny Carrot Slippers to hide their lack of big feet.

And after looking in the Fuzzy Bunny Backpack one last time we have discovered that the mastermind of this caper was none other than Fauxreal! We have been careful the preserve and reproduce the evidence in The Token Shop so everyone can recreate this mystery!

To keep the troops mobile while hunting down these rogue eggs, you can dress up to the nines with some new dresses in Lavish Luxuries! The Light Floral Print Dress is perfect to dye some eggs in with out making a huge mess. While the Dark Floral Print Dress makes for a perfect sunny day romp through the fields of flowers!

If you take the sport of egg hunting seriously and don’t have time to fight some silly dress then Eclectic Trends has what you need to Kick Butt! Knickerbockers are made to be extremely mobile and come in some crazy patterns! Like the Striped Capris or the Spotted Capris, so you can be sure to be as swift as a tiger or a leopard! Paired with a Light Punky Top or a Dark Punky Top and you will be sure to stand out even more than the eggs you are finding! Incase you need a place to hide a few more eggs we also have the Newsie Cap for you, big enough to hide all of your secrets!
Petapalooza 2017
Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga
Hamsters, Foxes, and Wolves, Oh My!

The menagerie that is Petapalooza is here! Find some old favorites as well as new friends in the Event Shop. Who knows we might just even pull the rabbit out of the hat before the final act, or maybe just hang out with Sir Reginald?

Put on your finest feathers and furs and join us down in the Petapalooza forum to find out.
Donít stray too long though; Petapalooza is stampeding off the forums on April 28th!

For your enjoyment we have more games going on than a three-ring circus and are tossing out Pet Treats to both the acts and the audience! So gobble them up and stuff your belly with at least 120 treats before you burst!

Design a Pet Contest
Go hang out with Glitch in her resident creature morph chamber and try to create your own pet!

Guess the Breed Pet Contest
Try your hand at guessing what ever is coming out of Rainbowfox Ariís hat before it is too late!

Pet Pix Contest
Bring your own talent to add to our show and let us decide which ones we are taking on the road with us.

Whats in the Net!
Fill in the grids and find out which pet is hiding under the net with the not so great lion tamer Tiva!

Fur Today Gone Tomorrow (Avatar Contest)
And Finally make sure that you are blending in with the newest exhibits!

Remember, Petapalooza goes from now through Friday, April 28, so don't miss it!

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