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Trisphee Terms of Service

By registering here at Trisphee, you agree to the terms found within and are bound by these terms. It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand these terms. The Terms of Service is a legally binding document. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please terminate your usage immediately.


Trisphee reserves the right to modify these terms at any time with or without prior notice. Your continued use of the services at Trisphee after the posting of these new terms constitutes your acceptance of these terms. Any and all changes to the terms will be effective immediately.


Your privacy here at Trisphee is important to us. Trisphee's privacy policy implemented here is to protect your privacy. Please be sure to read this notice carefully for details regarding to use/collection/disclosure of your personal information.

General Use:

By agreeing to these terms, you also agree to abide by any additional rules posted within the site and amendments to those rules likewise posted. Failure to abide by such rules will result in disciplinary actions taken against your account.


Upon registration, you will be asked to provide a password. As a user here at Trisphee, you are responsible for all activities that occur within your account. You should keep your password confidential at all times and are solely responsible for maintaining that confidentiality. You agree to accept responsibility for all actions and behaviors that occur using your account or password. If you believe that your password has been compromised, please change it immediately. In the event of a loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of your password, or unauthorized credit/debit charges, please notify Trisphee. You may be liable for the losses incurred by Trisphee or others due to any unauthorized use of your account.

Account Sharing:

Account sharing is prohibited by the Trisphee rules without prior approval by an administrator. In the case of a shared account, whether authorized or unauthorized, all users using the account are responsible for the activities of the account. Trisphee is neither responsible nor can be held accountable for any losses incurred on the account in the event of any of the user disagreements. Should any user remove items/currency from the account due to having access to the account, Trisphee will not reverse such actions.

Prohibited Actions:

Prohibited actions are anything against Trisphee Rules. As such, all such actions will result in appropriate disciplinary actions. More information about the rules and disciplinary actions is available in the Trisphee Forum Rules.

By using Trisphee.com you agree to NOT:
  • share passwords or other account-sensitive information
  • stalk, threaten, harass, flame, or otherwise provoke any other person
  • send, request, post, upload, download, or otherwise share or make available any pornographic material
  • post embarrasing, hateful, derogatory, racial, slanderous, deceptive, tortious, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate material or offensive content
  • fail to deliver promised payment to Trisphee
  • misrepresent yourself or impersonate or pretend to be a member of Trisphee staff
  • discuss, promote, or depict any form of child sexuality, abuse, exploitation, or related topics that may be harmful to or threaten the security of a child or minor
  • solicit, advertise or otherwise attempt to make users join sites or services for commercial use and or consumption
  • utilize Trisphee for any illegal activities or interfere with the security of Trisphee.com or any of its members
  • utilize bots, programs, or people to use, find, take advantage of any glitches, bugs, or loopholes
  • tamper with any coding, software, or other implementation details
  • interfere with the enjoyment of Trisphee for any and all
  • scam, defraud, or otherwise take unfair advantage of the current market or userbase


You agree that Trisphee, in its sole discretion, for any reason, may limit or terminate your account at any time. Any secondary accounts ("mules") you may have may also be removed. Failure to abide by these Terms of Service and all applicable Site Rules can and will result in termination of your account(s). You agree that any and all items or currency may be stripped from your account at any time should you violate the Terms or Rules, including items or currency that may have been purchased using donation currency or received as a donation incentive.

Eligibility/Account Information:

Trisphee is not available to members of the community below the age of 13. Members below the age of 17 should be monitored by parents at all times as content posted within Trisphee is not guaranteed to be age-appropriate. Trisphee is focused towards a community of age 17 and older. Please keep this in mind when registering an account. Accounts made by users younger than 13 years of age may be suspended or removed. Any suspected cases will be investigated.


Unless otherwise attributed, all content contained on trisphee.com belongs to Trisphee, including any and all intellectual property, trade names, designs, and patents. Trisphee accounts and user ID's are also owned by Trisphee. By agreeing to these terms you agree to respect the ownership of Trisphee and will not utilize any content posted within of which is not of your own creation for your own purposes. This includes downloading, reproducing, reprinting, transmitting, publishing, uploading, or any other unauthorized use of the materials. All rights reserved.

External Links:

Staff and users at Trisphee, including third parties, may post links at any time. Trisphee is not responsible for the content of these links, nor is Trisphee liable for any difficulties, problems, or damages related to these links. Links posted do not represent the thoughts and opinions of Trisphee and users are responsible for protecting themselves against any repercussions from clicking those links. Click at your own risk.


You are welcome to post, transmit, and/or submit messages within Trisphee. Trisphee is not responsible for material posted by users. Thoughts and opinions expressed within messages do not reflect the opinions and thoughts of Trisphee in any way. Trisphee is not liable and does not hold any responsibility for content posted. Trisphee assumes no responsibility for actively monitoring forums for inappropriate messages. In submitting messages to forums, you agree that Trisphee accepts no liability whatsoever if your messages are edited, restricted, removed, or otherwise prevented or altered.


All items and currency, including currency and items received by donating money, are the property of Trisphee. These items and currency may not be traded for real or virtual items or currencies outside of Trisphee. Trisphee reserves the right to remove items from accounts at any time.


Throughout your continued use of Trisphee's services you may accumulate Aurum, Runes and other forms of currency which constitutes a limited license to use a feature of Trisphee when allowed by Trisphee. Aurum is the primary Virtual Currency, hereafter referred to VC, used in the online world of Trisphee. It may be used to purchase virtual goods or services from Trisphee shops or from other members which are stored within their accounts and can be used to enhance the look of your avatar. Runes are a Virtual Currency granted to users as prizes or as a reward for monetary donations. Runes may be used, bought, or sold in the same fashion as Aurum. Trisphee may reserve the right to charge fees for the use of the VC, or may distribute VC without charge, at its sole discretion. Regardless of terminology used, Aurum and Runes represent a limited license right governed solely under these Terms. Virtual Currencies have no real value and are not transferable or redeemable for any sum of money or monetary value at any time. You agree that Trisphee holds and maintains the right to limit, alter, manage, or control the use of this service at any time and that Trisphee will have no liability to you based on its exercise of such rights. In cases of actual or suspected fraud, violations of these Terms or other laws or regulations, or deliberate disruptions to or interference with Trisphee, Trisphee may halt, suspend, discontinue, or reverse any Aurum or Rune transaction, whether proposed, pending, or past. Payments made to Trisphee to receive Virtual Currency or items are considered donations and Runes and items received are considered gifts and as such are non-refundable.


Should you purchase a Donation item, or use Aurum, Runes, or any other virtual currency to purchase virtual merchandise or services, or otherwise buy products or services from Trisphee, you agree to pay for any such purchases, products, and services and we may charge your selected payment method to collect any such payments. You are required to keep your billing information current, complete, and accurate (such as a change in billing address, credit card number or expiration date) and notify Trisphee if your selected payment method is cancelled (e.g., due to loss or theft).

You are responsible for all charges incurred under your account made by you or anyone who uses your account (including your children, family, or friends). If your payment method fails or your account is past due, we may collect fees owed using other collection mechanisms. Your account may be deactivated without notice to you if payment is past due, regardless of the dollar amount. You are also responsible for paying any governmental taxes imposed on your purchase from or use Trisphee, including, but not limited to, sales, use or value-added taxes.

Retracting a completed, authorized transaction is strictly prohibited. Your account may be deactivated without notice, forfeiting any items or virtual currency, if you attempt to issue a chargeback to Trisphee or otherwise dispute charges. In case of unauthorized purchases, contact a Trisphee administrator or send an e-mail to admin@trisphee.com to seek resolution.


Trisphee may, at any time and in its sole discretion, terminate usage or access to Trisphee, with or without prior notice. You agree that your access to Trisphee and any account or part thereof you may have with Trisphee may be affected without prior notice. You agree that Trisphee may remove and discard all or any part of your account including Virtual Currency or virtual items. You agree that Trisphee is not responsible to you or any other party for termination of any kind. Any fees paid or donations given hereunder are non-refundable.


In order to utilize the services of Trisphee, you must agree to indemnify and hold harmless Trisphee and its owners against any and all claims, liability, losses, costs and expenses including lawyers' fees on a solicitor and client basis.

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