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We're all mad here.
Default Battlgrounds: Quiet vs. Behemoth   #1  
With a name too long and awkard to pronounce for most people, she went simply by 'Quiet,' and she stood now in the too often deserted arena where the rebels trained and sparred with each other.

The ground was dry and the grains of sand rolled under her sandles as she slid her feet back and forth, moving from position to position as she swing her sword in exagerrated arcs, occasionally punctuated with sharp thrusts and the occasional shouted syllable.

Soon enough there would be more who came to practice, or so she hoped, but for the time being she was alone.
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'And it was the greatest of parties until they ruined it all,' thought the yellow-eyed Tangi as he trudged towards the sparring arena, dragging his sword behind him like a child's toy.

It's not that he disliked battle; perhaps he didn't dedicate his sole purpose in life to killing like so many of these aliens seemed to. It's just that he'd found himself, yet again, dragged kicking and screaming into a war he didn't quite understand on a planet he didn't quite care about and he didn't even pick the side that looked the best. At least things would probably turn out okay. Probably. If the revolution failed, he'd just hide out back home for awhile. If Behel was good at anything, it was hiding.

Not that you'd know it if you looked at him. A string of coral beads and the occasional masquerade pearl glimmered against his sleek, dark hair and elaborately painted face, helping to hold up a rather impressive pair of horns taken from a beast from his homeland. More gemstones shone from his many rings, necklaces, and earrings; he'd even found a way to decorate his many buckles -Behel thought more buckles on his boots made him more important- with them, though some strands of pearls had been cut in recent skirmishes. Why not? The Queen had that handsome guard who shone like a thousand suns, so he decided that if the rebels had any hope of winning the war, they needed someone twice as handsome.

Of course, despite the fixation with shiny rocks and hair product, there was evidence that he was a warrior after all. The hilt of his short sword was battered and worn with age, wrapped with scraps of cloth for a more secure grip and a trio of small skulls -a treasured trophy from his earliest hunts- hung from his belt. If one looked close, they'd realize that no amount of polishing his scales would hide the wayward scars that dotted his body; an old animal bite here, a few scales torn in a fight fight, the place on his shoulder where he'd taken a sword during the last disaster of a war. You couldn't grow up in the fiercest wilderness in Deivai and not learn a thing or two about defense, often the hard way.

Before long, Behel found himself at the arena and, finally holding his sword like a proper warrior and not a boy pouting over the premature end of the best party he'd been to on this miserable planet, sauntered inside. The first thing he noticed wasn't the woman herself but rather, the large wings she sported. Despite being and living amongst the beastmen of his world, he hadn't yet run into that many winged creatures, though as he understood, this planet was crawling with them. Ascent Arco, if he recalled correctly, one of the creatures that this planet's queen enslaved. Perhaps she'd let him examine her wings, strictly for science, of course. He had so many questions.

"If I may say without interrupting," said Behel, striding closer. "because I do so hate to interrupt anything, you have lovely form, though I do so wonder if your wings ever get in the way of combat. Do they? I admit that though I am a rebel -tried and true to the cause, trust me!- I lack familiarity with the creatures of this world. But lovely form, really. Do you ever spar? Because I do."
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We're all mad here.
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"That you do," Quiet stated without turning, and instead finished her combination of movments, pausing to take a breath before standing straight again and holding the sword to her side where a sheath might have been if she were wearing one.

"Lack familiarity I mean. I am not of this planet either. My home is Kalin."

Quiet looked the man up and down, curious about his notable -and rather obvious- animalian features. Such people did not exist on her own planet, and his admission of not being familiar with the people of Quesaria ruled out that he might be one of the feryxonis she had heard talk of. She had even seen a few, but none yet with painted faces.

Most of them she had left bleeding.

"Thank you for the compliment," she continued, before her staring would become rude, "and yes I do spar. Are you looking for a partner?"

She lifted her feathered wings slightly, in something equivalent to a shrug that was mimiced by the much smaller pair that sprouted from her sandaled feet.
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Someone from Kalin! That ruled out Arco then; as little as he actually knew about the species, he did know that they were native to Quesaria. Behel had spent two weeks on Kalin once and it was something he'd never forget. Miserable little mud hole with hardly a place to swim without one's gills shriveling from all the pollution in the water. He left just as soon as he acquired his patron's guns and vowed never to return. Still, though he hardly spent anytime outside of his apartment while on the planet, he hadn't seen anything but completely uninteresting humans without a single claw or wing to call their own.

"Really, Kalin? Fancy that, meeting an alien on an alien world. Of course, I've visited it a fair amount in my time; wonderfully trendy fashion, fantastic technology, but it's a pity about the pollution."

A pity indeed but a planet he'd only ever visited once was the furthest thing from Behel's mind right now. The woman's gaze wasn't lost on him and if he lived for anything, it was for other people's attention. He smiled, revealing teeth far too sharp to be in anyone's mouth and much too numerous too.

"Oh yes, if you will have me. I've been looking forever to get in some decent practice before I head back out into the fray, you see," said the man said. His voice was quiet and lacked the overt bravado that so many other rebels seemed to have, but there was something very eager about it, as if he was waiting for an excuse to go for the neck.

"It seems like half the rebels are in the infirmary, a quarter are off fighting the good fight, and the rest...well, I am from the badlands of Deivai, likely the only one here -if you don't count those infernal Deathless but no one ever does- and my people are accustomed to fighting creatures that are far less, ah, what is the word in this language? Oh yes, far less delicate. Well, shall the honor of first move go to you?"
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We're all mad here.
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"Then it's alien meeting alien then, since you are not from this planet either."

Quiet noticed his smile, and wasn't sure if it was intended to show off his teeth or if he genuinely found her attentions something to smile about. She brushed it off. She knew next to nothing about Devai, beyond the name, and even that was new information.

Accepting his offer of a spar, she moved her sword arm in front of her and regarded the blade for a moment.

"Valyarin technology is something my people do quite happily without, and we live cleaner lives for it."

She flipped the sword so that she held it backwards in her grip, the point extending just past her left hip, almost paralell with the arm that held it. She set her feet in the ground of the arena and looked the man squarely in the eyes.

"So, do aliens have names or is that a formality to be reserved for after our best attempts at not killing each other?" She folded her wings tightly to her back, leaving what looked like an extra pair of white shoulders, before kicking off the ground in direct line for the standing man.
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"I suppose that would be so, wouldn't it?"

Oh, so she was one of those. The not-quite-a-smile deflated into something that was most-definitely-a-frown as his gills reflexively flared out in irritation, straining against the collar he insisted on wearing. He didn't know anything about her people -he didn't really even know what her people were- but his people hadn't the luxury of dismissing technology.

"Funny, that. My people go without Valyarin technology too and we lead much shorter, dirtier lives for it."

His blade was drawn but rather than take her head on -better to be on the defensive than offensive so early in a match, that's what he thought- he side-stepped at nearly the last moment. However, he wasn't quite fast enough -the difference in gravity between his homeland and here was slight but enough to bother him- to move wholly out of the way in time, earning him a graze along the hip. He growled something in his native language that was by no means polite or anatomically possible and slashed his blade in an arc towards her chest.

"We do, in fact, have names. I am Behemoth of the Eastern Badlands, called Behel."

Well, that was as best as it translated, anyway, and he doubted she'd have the patience or he the breath at the moment for how it went in his native tongue.

"Of course, my whole planet is badlands, you see, in every sense of the word."
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We're all mad here.
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Expecting the side-step, Quiet still had to kick off hard from the ground to dodge Behemoth's blade. The tangi got a facefull of white feathers as Quiet managed a tight somersault over his swinging blade, at the cost of a few feather-tips.

She hissed at the minute contact, not injured but already aware of the shift in the air currents around her wings. She skidded to a stop a few feet away, turning fast and tucking her wings back into place behind her back, minus two small pieces that were floating by Behel's feet.

"You say you've been to Kalin. Would you call what they have a good thing?" She raised on eyebrow, her sword still held infront of her. "You can call me Quiet. That is all I use here. Shall the next step be yours?"
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Behel recoiled back, more out of surprise that she could move like that than anything else, and then cursed himself for not expecting it. Of course she could move like that; he only had to look to the skies to see the swiftness of the creatures of air. Of course, he didn't look the skies very often, preferring a much more aquatic climate.

Well, he'd just have to factor in that she wasn't bound to the earth like most others. One always had time for reassessment, at least in battle.

"What the humans have is their own doing and I have neither sympathy nor pity for those who would make such egregious mistakes," he said bluntly. Of course, he never had either for anyone in the first place, but no one needed to know that.

"But they have wondrous injections that stave off disease and machines powered off nothing but crystals and the means to produce food in the harshest of conditions, so, Madame Quiet -is that really your name?- I do hope you'd forgive a lowly alien for being a bit envious. And yes, if you don't mind."

Though they had scarcely begun to exchange blows in earnest yet, he lunged with just a hint of a hiss, staying low and every bit as quick as the predator he so resembled. His blade flashed bright as he lashed out and though he knew she'd likely parry it before it met flesh, he did so like a flashy display every now and then.
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We're all mad here.
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"My name is real enough," She parried the direct attack, but the force behind Behel's moves was enough to make her arm shake, "unless you'd like lessons in the intricacies of my language." Deftly, she switched hands, the blade practially leaping from her left hand to her right as she swung in a downward arc, hoping to take advantage of Behel's sudden and close proximity. She could dodge a quick blow when she needed to: how fast could the tangi move?
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"Were it any other time, it'd take you up on that offer."

And while he had been irritated before -the Tangi had feelings on technology and they were all very strong- he was completely in earnest. As mercurial and xenophobic as he could be, he was a scholar-philosopher in addition to a hunter. Of course, he had enough trouble with this language and since most were geared towards those who spent most of their time breathing air and never had to worry about stabbing their tongues with their teeth, he doubted he could speak whatever her native language was with any degree of accuracy. But as for now, he had very different things to worry about.

He met her blade with his, but the angle was awkward, likely due to the unexpected change in hand position, and he couldn't maintain it for long without slipping. Panting slightly, gills fluttering to the beat of his pulse as they tried to take in water that wasn't there, he stopped fighting her blade, but instead of rearing back for another swipe, he kicked. Though small -he never failed to curse the fact that Tangi women of his kind tended to be bigger- years of swimming left him with powerful limbs.

Was the same true for those of the air?
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