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Default The Corn Maze Strikes Back (maze posted)   #1  

As you walk by the muddy field you notice a familiar thing you could've sworn wasn't around yesterday. Boy, did you already miss the corn maze - Nox just isn't the same without this tradition! Crystals illuminate the entrance, carnival music plays from the speakers, and a vendor even sells candy corn to the hungry scouts. Nevertheless something seems odd. Have you ever heard those rumors that sometimes, when they collect enough energy, inanimated objects or places acquire a life of their own? Is the maze really safe to explore? Only one way to find out!

How to Play:
  • Everyone who wants to play will be assigned a font color. I will list your names here on the front page in your color so you will be able to find responses to you.
  • This is going to be ran in a MUD style. To start playing say whatever you like so long as it contains the phrase "Enter the Haunted Corn Maze."
  • You will then be presented with options that will tell you what responses you may choose from. There is a physical map of the corn maze but you don't get to see it! You can try and draw it out if you like though. Be warned! There are spooks and traps of all kinds scattered in the maze and if you should be caught by one . . . it is game over!
  • You may retry the maze additional times when you spring a trap - unless you are killed.

Still unsure? It costs nothing to enter the maze, except some time. And maybe your soul.
But to make your decision easier, every explorer shall receive 10 tea lights upon entry to light up your way.

mdom - color: red. last seen on pg 19
bluebird - color: blue. last seen on pg 19
DreadedMartian - color: green. last seen on pg 7
Den - color: sienna. last seen on pg 19
KittyBeary - color: darkorange. last seen on pg 19
Merskelly Metalien - color: indigo. last seen on pg 16
Major - color: magenta. last seen on page 18
XoGizmooX - color: lime. last seen on page 19
Mekatra - color: darkslateblue. last seen on page 12

Old Posted 10-28-2019, 12:46 PM  
Default   #2   mdom mdom is offline
"Enter the Haunted Corn Maze."
Old Posted 10-28-2019, 01:01 PM  
Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
Default   #3  
It has been raining all day, but once you pass the muddy field, the sun comes out. Soon after a magnificent rainbow starts to form and is leading directly into the maze. You can't see where it ends, at least not yet. It just seems to vanish somewhere between the corn stalks. So you look around for your options instead. Apparently you could go straight ahead, or you could also take a turn to the left.

Go straight, or go left?
Old Posted 10-28-2019, 03:47 PM  
Default   #4   bluebird bluebird is offline

>Enter the Haunted Corn Maze.

dec 14
「art by mdom」
Old Posted 10-28-2019, 04:00 PM  
Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
Default   #5  
The sound of screams barely muffled through the corn stalks, one of the vendors starts to show a nervous appearance. He speaks into a walkie talkie, and after a couple minutes the carnival music plays even louder. You have entered the corn maze of mdom. No, wait. Doom. The corn maze of doom. But you see mdom standing right in front you, and obviously get the same choices offered as she does.

Go straight, or go left?
Old Posted 10-28-2019, 04:15 PM  
Default   #6   DreadedMartian DreadedMartian is offline

*Apprehensively Enters The Haunted Corn Maze*

“The Dreamer awakes
The shadow goes by
The tale I have told you,
That tale is a lie.
But listen to me,
Bright maiden, proud youth
The tale is a lie;
What it tells is the truth.”

― Traditional folktale ending

Last edited by DreadedMartian; 10-28-2019 at 10:04 PM.
Old Posted 10-28-2019, 05:15 PM  
mdom mdom is offline
Default   #7  
Go left!!
Old Posted 10-28-2019, 05:20 PM  
Default an epiphany   #8   bluebird bluebird is offline
mdom do u want to be my meat shield? |D
i'll just follow behind you, and if you run into a trap, i'll choose the other paths lmao. when u re-enter the maze again, u can retrace our steps, so u can end up behind me, and i'll be your meatshield this time.
the system is sort of like these pencils?

if we win, i'll hand the prize over to you. i just want closure from mazes because i never escaped Glitch's one.

also if anyone else wants to join this conga line, feel free too. idk how the prize (if any) will be split tho.

dec 14
「art by mdom」
Old Posted 10-28-2019, 05:34 PM  
mdom mdom is offline
Default   #9  
suydasjdajd FINE
but!! what if I die soon

then you're on your own
Old Posted 10-28-2019, 06:10 PM  
Default   #10   Den Den is offline
Tattooed & foul-mouthed
Enter the Haunted Corn Maze.
I use She/Her and They/Them pronouns.

Originally Posted by Gallagher
i'm not being biased, den just speaks my language
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Old Posted 10-28-2019, 07:14 PM  
bluebird bluebird is offline
Default   #11  
that's why u can't die mdom! XD

unless dreadedmartian and Den wants to team up too? :3c

dec 14
「art by mdom」
Old Posted 10-28-2019, 07:40 PM  
Default   #12   KittyBeary KittyBeary is offline
"Enter the Haunted Corn Maze."


ty bluebird for the art! :D
Old Posted 10-28-2019, 09:18 PM  
Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
Default   #13  
That corn maze sure looks scary. I mean, sure - on first glance it's merely the usual corn stalks you've already seen countless times in your life. And the spooky decorations can't be anything more than a nod to Nox, right? But did that tiny werewolf just... follow you with his eyes? Thankfully once you enter, the small figurine can't see you any more. (Unless maze decorations can move, but that would be ridiculous.) In front of you you can see mdom, bluebird and a tiny werewolf.

Go straight, or go left?
Old Posted 10-29-2019, 07:44 AM  
Default   #14   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
After what could only have been two or three steps, you see another path opening up to the right side. As it seems, you're currently the leading explorer, so you can't rely on anyone for hints - bluebird and DreadedMartian apparently still wait for your choice before they dare to walk any further into the maze. Is this your chance to become the first user in 2019's pit? Might even score a shiny trophy. But first, the usual tough decision.

Continue straight ahead, or go right?

You didn't post a specific choice, so I'm counting you as still standing at the entrance. Your options therefore are left (where mdom went), or straight. Right now she's not yet far away, and very much alive, if you want to follow through with that meat shield plan.

Go left, or go straight?
Old Posted 10-29-2019, 08:11 AM  
mdom mdom is offline
Default   #15  
Straight Ahead
Old Posted 10-29-2019, 08:19 AM  
Default   #16   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
You're an undead being with a weapon and an army full of candy corn. What could possibly go wrong? This maze poses no threat to a skeleton! Well, except maybe for that tiny werewolf figurine that seems to eye you hungrily. Eeek - whoever was in charge of the decorations sure knew how to do a realistic paint job. Suddenly you don't feel that comfortable here at the entrance and decide to move...

Go straight, or go left?

Excitedly you rush into the maze. Nox always is so much fun! The hayrides, the toffee apples, the games! In front of you you can see a few users. Bluebird is intensely staring at mdom's back for some reason, while DreadedMartian and Den are obviously more concerned with one of the corn maze's decorations. The carnival music still plays too loud to hear anyone else, and so you can't tell which way is the best to choose. Right now the corn maze offers you two possible paths you could take.

Go straight, or go left?
Old Posted 10-29-2019, 08:32 AM  

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