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Conversation Between littl3chocobo and Kmuney Samuto
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  1. 's Avatar
    01-25-2017 07:36 PM
    Kmuney Samuto
    I know right? Freakin' stupid people.
  2. 's Avatar
    01-25-2017 07:32 PM
  3. 's Avatar
    01-25-2017 07:31 PM
    Kmuney Samuto
    Yeah, I mean they even got my name wrong when they saw me. I was like: "No, my name is Gloria. I'm the one you asked to come in at 9am."
  4. 's Avatar
    01-25-2017 07:09 PM
    not going to lie, it sounds like they would have been horrible employers
  5. 's Avatar
    01-25-2017 07:06 PM
    Kmuney Samuto
    Exactly. They could have and they never did. :/
  6. 's Avatar
    01-25-2017 06:55 PM
    or called x____x
  7. 's Avatar
    01-25-2017 06:23 PM
    Kmuney Samuto
    Thanks, it's okay though. I mean, the people clearly are unprofessional. If they wanted to cancel they could have emailed me. I always check my email.
  8. 's Avatar
    01-25-2017 06:05 PM
    that is really crappy x_____x i am sorry
  9. 's Avatar
    01-25-2017 05:57 PM
    Kmuney Samuto
    I think it's the second one. They told me they filled up all the spots but would call me back if someone didn't show up.
  10. 's Avatar
    01-25-2017 05:47 PM
    the fuck?? did it get rescheduled or were they just being jerks and not keeping up with things?
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