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Woven Nights of Nox 2022
Gallagher Gallagher

Inexplicably, we're going to appreciate spiders because they help get rid of the flies.

Woven Nights of Nox now exists, and we've set up some games for the festivities in which we will be celebrating spiders. We're also celebrating bats as well, despite them being rabies vectors. They're too cute for us to resist celebrating them.

The event forum is over here: [LINK]

The selection of games is in these few links below.
Colouring Page (one of them): [LINK]
Word Search (regrettably not Charlotte's Web): [LINK]
Feed The Beast!: [LINK]
Storytime With Galla: [LINK]

Enjoy the event's festivities and cosmetic items! Most of them are based on spiderwebs. And we also have a currency, which is spiderwebs. We also have items that are based on bats. Collect Webs by posting, or by doing some festive games. This event will run until November 14th.

(Also, congratulations to Stabbsworth for his first event set and announcement write-up, and thanks to nearthefireplace for making our currency this event! Everyone should give our new artists some praise!)
The Avatar Closet
Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga
Hi Trisphites! I hope you're doing well this most strange of holiday seasons.

We've been working on some site features, and today I've got an expansion to an existing feature...hopefully one you've been wanting for:

You can now get additional slots in your avatar closet! You can buy up to 8 slots using Aurum (the price increases with each slot), and you can additionally buy as many slots as you want using Runes at a fixed price.

In case you haven't used the Avatar Closet in the past, you can find it in the (perhaps ill-fitting) folder button in the Avatar Editor:

Server Maintenance Tonight
Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga
Server maintenance was completed successfully! Have a wonderful day! ❤

Just a quick heads up, I will be temporarily bringing the site down to do some important server-side updates.

The site will be down from Midnight US-East (7 hours and 45 minutes from this post) until 12:30am at the latest, although most likely will be back up by 12:10.

There shouldn't be any huge differences in site experience, but if you notice any strange issues afterward, please let us know in Help & Support!
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