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It Won't Stop
Default New Commons - TOO MANY HAIRS Edition!   #1  
Tis Friday Eve Trisphites and we have a boat load of hairs for you to keep you up from sunrise to midnight!

What midnight and sunrise you may ask? Well the new Sunrise and Midnight Ombre colorations for the Lily hair, Twila extensions, and Ermine extensions. If you wouldn't mind joining us in the Salon we can give you some new Pop or Punk hairstyles to keep the party going even longer. We have the Streaked Spunky Hair, Bangs, and Fringe along with Streaked Moony Hair for some interesting twists to the classics.

Or if you want to twist things up you are destined to enjoy the Destined Hair, Braided Ponytail and Side Braid. For the younger crowd we have the Cassie Hair, Bangs and Pigtails to keep your youth alive while Abby's coming in from all side with her Ponytail, Hair, Fringe and Bangs. Now once you finish coming down you may look a bit winded to let the Windsor Curls suit your 'I rolled out of bed like this' appearance either with the Cut or Fringe Styles.

And I would be lying if I said I didnt forget about Lila, but no one puts baby in a corner for long. So here is the Lila Hair, Split Style, and Fringe.
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