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Default Seasonal Set: Tundra Terror!   #1  
Good Evening, Trisphites!

It's the time again for those lovely little bundles of wallet-draining trouble known as Seasonals! This season, we've got something way worse than the Krampus to muck up your holiday fun! Or jazz it up - your choice of terms.

Regardless of whether it's scary or sweet, your holidays will be filled with wonder with the Tundra Terror set. This set features the mythical [hopefully] being called the Wendigo, and goes just peachy with the Cold-Hide set released earlier this week. The set contains 15 items, and stocks in Archaic Antiquities!

Tundra Terror

Designs - Den, Panda, Glitch
Pixels - Glitch
Recolors - Gallagher
Previews Gallagher

The whole bundle will run you 150 Runes, 10 individual items cost 10 Runes each, and there are 5 items costing 5000 Aurum for those a little more cost-conscious. All of them are great additions to a terrifying lineup of items!

Seasonals will rotate out of the shops every 4 months giving you until March 10th to pick up your copies!

Get them all, get a few, or get just one - but get them while they're... ah... hot? Just don't freeze up, and be sure to dress warmly! Winter is here!
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