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Default New Commons - Cold-Hide Edition!   #1  
Good Evening, Trisphites! Or, wait... Morning. Huh? Okay, apparently we ARE able to do this early? Who knew! It's a happy surprise!

-Looks at Commons-

... Okay, maybe not so happy? Wow, these things are kinda dark now, aren't they? The Cold-Hide set merges an urban legend with some frankly terrifying imagery. All of this set can be found in the Body Shop, but I wouldn't go looking for it unless you want to get eaten by the We-... Actually, maybe it's better not to say it. The set will run you 300 Aurum for the Starvation and Fatigue; 400 Aurum for the Ears, Arms, and Legs; and 500 for the Cranium and Carcass... Although why you'd want to look like this is anyone's guess. Get this set of items [or not, your choice] to look your spookiest and have every person around you want to call a nutritionist.

Warning for the faint of heart: DO NOT LOOK AT FLESHY. DO NOT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
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