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Default New Commons - User Party Edition!   #1  
Morning, Trisphites! We have some fun items for you today if you like getting your fur wet!

In the Body Shop we have not one but four sets of Animal Cutie ears for you! You can now place Bunny Ears, Kitten Ears, Puppy Ears, or Cub Ears to rock the animal look. Each ear comes in pairs or independent so you can switch colors or species on each side.

Trinkets has a few items this week that need a gander. First up is the Sports Towel, which comes in five poses to cover all of your drying needs but none of your modesty. The Round Thin Framed Glasses don't look like they will actually help you see better but up your cool rating by at least +5. They come in sunglass and faux variants along with the normal ones. There is also the new Pocket Watch for all of your timely needs, or the Steampunk Pocket watch for your more eclectic needs. If you animal side is a bit wild don't forget the Party Panties because I am pretty sure they aren't yours but where did they come from?
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