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Hakuna matata
Default Pessi's Questies   #1  

Welcome to my quest thread.
I will be using this to keep track of items that spark my interest.
Feel free to donate to my cause and/or stick around and chat!

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Hakuna matata

Quests & Wishlist
Things I want & Things I am actively trying to get.
Feel free to donate items/currency to help me reach my goals!

Current Aurum: 7,516.40
Current Anka Tokens: 685
Current Pandora Tokens: 3
Current Runes: 10

Token Shop:


Lavish Luxuries:

Eclectic Trends:

Yearly Shop:

Archaic Antiques:

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Hakuna matata
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Thank You!
A list of my donators & what they donated!
Currently super poor and do not have items/money to give away to those who have helped me, but I will update this list so if I ever reach the point where I can give back I will! :)






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