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Default Questing All Items on Trisphee   #1  
I am questing all items on this site. My goal is to own one of every item in every color!!

All donations are wecome & most appreciated!

Feel free to stay & chat :D

Thank you!

List Of Items Sent:

Thank You Rainbow

Thank You Death by Mirrors

Thank You

Thank You

Thank You
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Default   #2   Espy Espy is offline
That's ambitious, I'll give you that.

Are you questing DIs and beta items as well?
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Default   #3  
Good luck with your quest! I think it's good if you list the items you already have, that way people are sending you different ones, instead of the same ones.

You joined on 8/9/2019!
I joined 9/9/2009

I will see if I can send some more things your way. :D
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Default   #4   Gogandantes Gogandantes is offline
Barrel of Monkeys
Thank you so much for:

12:48, 14th Sep 2019
Send Items Immediately
A Visit With Darla
A Visit With Stubby
Abandoned Doll Arm
Abandoned Doll Arm
Abandoned Doll Head
Abandoned Doll Leg
Abandoned Doll Leg
Abandoned Doll Torso
Albert's Book
Albert's Crop
Ashley's Boots
Ashley's Seat
Baby Chad
Chad the Snowman
Dogged On
Drider Cave
Drinks Are On Me
Food On A Stick
Forgotten Flower
Jello's Collar
Jello's Shirt
Kaiya's Accessories
Kaiya's Antlers
Kaiya's Casual Outfit
Kaiya's Formal Outfit
Kaiya's Party Outfit
Kaiya's Skin
Kenni's Hair
Koni & Vera
Little Lamb Lenard
Little Lamb Poncho
Pro Chef Apron
Pro Chef Hat
Pro Chef Mixy Bit
Snowfall Style Legs
Starry Skies
Strider's Gem
Strider's Hair
Strider's Legs
Strider's Warm Legs
Stubby And Friends
The Great Gravy Boat
The Littlest Hen
Tissue of Sorrow
To Go Swan
Toby the Cat
Tomato Face
Trisangle7 Ultimate Gaming System
Ultimate Gaming Controller
Warm Fuzzies

Thank you Rainbow!
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Gogandantes Gogandantes is offline
Barrel of Monkeys
Default   #5  
11:11, 17th Aug 2019
Send Items Immediately
Death by Mirrors:
Button Dress
Cloudy Skies
Deer Me Doe Do
Deer Me Garter
Love Balloon
Starry Skies
Vayne's Belt
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