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Default Buying 2 Guardian Plates   #1  
I decided i really like this di so I am looking to buy at least two more of them. I'll pay up to 3.7k for each of them. My girlfriend is on here too so she will help me keep track of this post.
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Default   #2   Dawn Dawn is offline
Morbidly Obsessed
-does a quick check-
I have two guardian plates just sitting in my invo that I can sell you for 3.7 each..
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Default   #3  
I'll let him know when he gets off work. Thanks Dawn!
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Default   #4   Ae86 Ae86 is offline
I only have enough for 1 right now. Would you be able to hold on to the other one for a little while?
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Dawn Dawn is offline
Morbidly Obsessed
Default   #5  
I don't see me offering the second to anyone else so sure..
Old Posted 11-04-2012, 06:34 AM Reply With Quote  
Default   #6   Ae86 Ae86 is offline
I have aurum for both of them now. Sorry it took so long my work schedule has been late shifts mixed in with early mornings.
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