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Basie Basie is offline
Fresh meat :D
Default Hi everybody   #1  
Hi, it's my first time here and all

This site looks pretty fun though. I liked the claw game, cool items already!

I was looking around the forums too and you guys seem really nice :D
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Default   #2   Ultima Ultima is offline
Lurker of Lurkiness
Hello there! As a mod, of course I should tell you to read and familiarize yourself with the site and forum rules.

But of course, have fun! And if you have any questions about the site, I'm here to help you
As fabulous and pretty as they are, Ulti's avatars are always male~

Please use "he"/"him" or "they"/"them" pronouns when referring to me please <3

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I love it when people use my Sinopa emotes~ <3
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Vincent Vincent is offline
Seeker of Souls
Default   #3  
Welcome to Trisphee, Basie. 8D
And yes, we're all pretty darn nice here I think. XD

Nice to see you already got the Crane (claw) game handled. x3 Another interesting source of items is using Tokens in the token shop. :3 You can see achievements right below the 'trade' button at the top of the screen. x3 when you get a nice amount of tokens you can view 'shops' then 'token shop' and get some nice stuff there as well. :3

I hope to see you around the forums~ 8D
If you ever want a place to hangout or talk or such as you get oriented, the 'Clubhouses' forum has 'Lawtan's Library' and 'Vincent's Hangout' you can go to. x3 I can always use more people to talk to. x3 haha.
Hey, hey you! I have places that need visiting! XD
My Hangout

My Quest Thread
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Default   #4   Lawtan Lawtan is offline
Dragon Storm
*Gives a hug before passing out*
Trisphee Talk has an item guide (or go to the Archive for the monthly DI discussiond - they have images if items)
The Priceguide of Doom is in the Merchant's Square. We have charities and you can set up a quest to obtain items (And some items are being recolored and rereleased as different sets) :D
Lawtan: A chaotic dragoness with issues.

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Science, horror, folklore, and cuteness incoming!
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Espy Espy is offline
Default   #5  
Hey, welcome to Tris.

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Default   #6   Him Him is offline
Lil' Inkling
Hello Hello Hello! Welcome to Tris! Good to see some more new people coming in.
It's me.
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Kilala Mikal Kilala Mikal is offline
On in to the future
Default   #7  
*waves* Hello there! Welcome to Tris!
World's worst for poofing during a conversation. Sorry.
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Default   #8   Arikana Arikana is offline
Don't Poke The Tiger!
Hey there, welcome to Tris. :)
I hope you enjoy yourself here.

I'm blunt and direct.
I like to lurk and observe.
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