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A fresh cup of ice coffee was in Bale's hands he had added creme earlier and just finished stirring it taking a gulp Bale felt his voice healing from his 'events' last night. His Dark Artichoke eyes had looked over to his sketch-book and he smiled. And mentally gave himself a 'Way To Go' High Five. Bale had been researching these eldritch crystals. He had a couple friends that practiced crystal magic and they told him about their strange dreams.

Bale was looking through his illustrations and notes he had taken down the name and shade of the crystal and had written down what he had felt their energy was unlike the original crystals his friends could buy at a witchcraft (even a clothing) store...It all soon became. Horrifying these new crystals had looked exactly the same as the original crystals the town had shipped, the only difference was their energy. Bale had read his most recent note. Again.

Getting up from his kitchen table Bale had chucked his cup into the sink and took out his wallet from his left leg pocket. Counting his money and cards he had enough for a crystal and a snack. It was time he experienced these One of these Strange Rocks for himself and do more than, record their energy. Bale made his way to a clothing store witchcraft items were much cheaper in these quote on quote normal shops.

A mirror in the store showed Bale his reflection. Milk Chocolate hair, dark artichoke round eyes, his fit physique, and brown skin, and his clothing: a white and green V-neck and light red skinny jeans. Bale had been looking good despite his uncombed yet washed hair, he had been testing people's reactions to his messy haircut to see if he'd be sexier in their eyes or ugly. Coming out of his thoughts Bale had began looking for the eldritch crystals, when he had found a swirly blue and grey one he liked. Bale had spoken too a cashier.
"I would like to by this and a bottle of peach tea, and a Left Twix." Said Bale as he waited around he had nothing planned today and could use someone new to talk to.
"Would you like a paper or plastic bag?" Bale was asked by a pretty male Dwaf Cashier.
"Paper." HE answered happily and looked away while his items were put in a paper small bag.

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Anuli Mazzi was nothing if not perseverant. She was an artist, and she was determined to make it – even landing herself a fully funded scholarship to attend the city's college. She was a freshman, and now only needed a job for living expenses, but, that was the problem. She didn't have a job yet. She'd managed to make ends meet by selling some of her paintings and working on some less than desirable commissions from forum boards she'd seen on the Internet, but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and she was making it.

Today was business casual, she wore a nice pair of flats, a pencil skirt, and a suit jacket. The flats needed to be comfortable because today she was going job hunting. Her make up she found was almost perfect and she nodded in the mirror. The problem wasn't her make up...or her clothes. Those were professional looking, her make up, actually satisfactory today. Soft, full lips and large chocolate eyes sitting above a narrow nose that widened at the end. She was pretty, at least, pretty enough to get by with few sideways glances. The problem was her hair. If it was straight, it would have been down her back and maybe she could have actually done something with it, but as it stood, well, it stood on end, kinky curls bringing her hair up into a near afro that she could only thank her ancestors for. As much as she loved her natural hair, on this day of all days, it stood in the way. There was still prejudice to overcome, and she needed this job.

So, she opted to pull it back into a ponytail, reining in the fluff to a ball that flounced above her shoulders. She nodded to the mirror deciding that this was the best it was ever going to get and she donned the last object of her outfit – a small crystal glinting in the morning's sunlight. It granted luck, supposedly, but she'd heard about specific crystals' power, and she wanted to give it a shot. She kissed the crystal, giving it its proper place dangling from her neck and went to the first place she would apply to – a small convenience store. She'd seen a “HELP WANTED” sign in their window the day before and figured her chances would be even higher there.

She stepped into line behind a man in a white and green v-neck with bright red skinny jeans, clutching her application in her arms. When it was her turn, she stepped forward, thrusting the application into the cashier's arms, “I'm...I'm looking for a job? If you'll have me.”

[[Hey doll, this is posted in the wrong spot, but I figured I'd write up a response and then we can copy and paste it to the right spot. What you'll want to do is this: Creative Corner>Roleplayer's Realm>Private Roleplay. Then we can copy and paste our responses there and just continue on as a normal. ^w^]]
All that is empty in the drawing should be filled in, the teacher said to us kids. First you sharpen the pencil to fill in the thin whiskers, then you use the thick crayon to fill in the wings with brown, meticulously and without letting the crayon leave the page. Six feet can be traced below the soft belly. Now, breathing is hard to detect on paper, the teacher said to me when I asked, but it is easier to feel it in real life.

Even insects breathe.

-Rawi Hage, Cockroach
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