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You're overthinking a little, yes ^^ but also sheets certainly look overwhelming for a beginner.

I will cover the basic look of a filled character sheet in spoilers, so you get an idea of what to put where. For now, let's look at your rolls. Again, lowest value is discarded, so your stats are 16, 17, 13, 11, 15, 12. Assign them to the six stats however you imagine your character. As a wizard it's probably a good idea to make INT your highest stat (this is the one you'll be using for your spells). Second highest maybe CON or DEX. Of course if you prefer you can also be the strong wizard who gained muscle from carrying around heavy books instead, or the pretty yet shy student hiding in the library. There are many different ways to be a wizard.

As a human you're considered an adult at 18 and have an average life span of 90 years. Other than dwarfs (who tend to be lawful and to some extent good) and orcs (who tend to be chaotic and to some extent evil), you can freely choose your alignment. Do you believe in the law and the leaders of your land, or will you do whatever you deem right, even if it's against the rules? Do you help others or are you first and foremost working towards your own interests? Or do you prefer not to take sides at all?

Your base walking speed is 30. This means you can outrun mdom's character, should you ever wish to do so. You know how to speak a foreign language of your choice. It can be something you encounter in your day to day life (eg. dwarven or elvish), or since you read a lot of books it may also be something exotic like the language of dragons or elementals. You have normal vision, without a torch you can't see very far at night. Since you are a human, you get +1 to all six of your stats (but no other perks like darkvision or resilience).

Even though you have rolled some dice, the creature doesn't look satisfied yet. "Pardon me, I don't think we have even been properly introduced each other. My name is Pelimestari, and you are...?" (reveal your character's name, or state you want to play under your own name)
Even though the conversation seems rather polite, an inexplicable shiver runs down your spine. The dice feel cold in your hand, and as you look at them you notice they have begun to glow. Did your name evoke this magic?
"You shouldn't keep them idle between your fingers like that", Pelimestari remarks. "Better assign them to your six abilities to be safe."
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Ok, now that the event is more or less over - want to continue here? And if so: Small bits like before or a whole instruction how to build everything at once?
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Fook. 100% forgot about this. Will find my character sheet tonight and make sure I got stuff filled out properly so far.
Also, I like the fewer things at a time (small bits) because you can kind of explain what it is on the sheet without it being a huge tedious text wall that I have to read on my tiny phone screen.
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Hehe, it's okay.
Other people were busy writing in the RP section and so Dungeons&Derpy lost its prime spot of being the visible topic in overview. It just seemed odd both of you rolled your stats yet neither decided how to assign them to STR, DEX, INT, CHA, WIS and CON.
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I am... mildly interested in this? Have you guys started?

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Default   #22   Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
Not yet. So far mdom and Kaderin have only rolled their stat points, we're in the middle of character creation. If you want to jump in, you can go to https://rolz.org/dr?room=Trisphee and roll four six sided dice, 6 times.

/nick Espy is the command to change your username from the random designated Alric
#4d6 is the command to roll dice
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Kaderin Triste Kaderin Triste is offline
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Ah....I should find my character sheet again (or just re-print and start all over even though I think I had pretty good rolls...). Honestly don't remember where I put it.
Pretty sure I had filled out my stats on it, just hadn't stated in here what they were.

Also, had kind of forgotten about this entirely and got a good giggle out of the thread/game/rp title again.
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Isn't it nice what you can find on the forums if you dig deep enough? XP
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Kaderin Triste Kaderin Triste is offline
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Sooo....having watched a lot more d&d stuff on youtube since we started this (and since we're still a pretty disorganized lot), I'm hoping it's okay that I re-rolled my stats and am changing my character from what I initially said I was gonna do?
...assuming we ever successfully get this group off the ground that is.

I mean, I'll probably make the character up anyway in the hopes of getting this going again.

For what I was thinking, can I be a Tabaxi? Or would you prefer we stick with the more standard races for now?

Edit: Also, fun fact: Roll 20 is finally able to be accessed via mobile so, while the layout is cramped and less than ideal, if it works better for everyone else, I could (finally) use that as well/instead for dice rolls and whatever else it was going to be used for.
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