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Oh, there ARE colored bases. Search for "Second Skin" in the Body Shop.

You might be interested in Puppet Master. It's a...very...old item. "Bloody" is a lot more common. If you've money to spend, you might be able to get someone to part with a Sa'riel, Abyssal Angel or a Wicked Abomination. The first is an old DI and the second's an old yearly. There should also be a Nosebleed item somewhere in the shops, as well as an old event item, Faust's Gouged Eyes.

I'm sure there's more; that's just stuff I could remember off the top of my head.

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On in to the future
I meant to reply but I was drooling over all these wonderful things. Puppet Master and Wicked Abomination are exactly the type of items I'm after. Faust's Gauged Eyes would certainly not go amiss. I like the angel, but it pales in comparison with these others. Now to search for Second Skins!!!
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Btw, noticed you were eyeing Bakeneko in another thread. Would've commented on your profile, but the item tag is being weird.

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petite fantaisiste
I remember seeing someone with "Puppet Master" before...hmm, -goes to search market thread-

Edit: http://trisphee.com/forums/showthread.php?t=21645
Look under donation items, Sai has one!

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On in to the future
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I was looking at it, yeah. It's a cute little thing. Don't think I want it enough to make it an actual quest, though. Thank you for thinking of me. Please feel free to continue to suggest items, I appreciate it so much.

Ah! Thank you and updated.
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