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If anyone is coming in and reading this part here's a new thing to add.

Are you from Sapherna Online? Have you stopped going onto Sapherna Online? Well this might be your last chance to go back to Sapherna Online. The owners are shutting the site down for good in October.

Might as well start off this site like a regular human by making one of these. Haven't been making "newbie" posts for a lot of the previous sites I've waddled about. But other sites never had events going on that rewarded posts with potential event items.

My name is Ok. The site did not let me use my name, so I had to angrily add in another ok. What should have happened was a whole bunch of OK's added after the first, but I didn't want to be annoying from the get go. This might change in the future. Who knows!

As a lazy newbie I have questions with answers that are easily located. But being lazy, I will ask here. (Pretty much like other newbies have done so in the past. It's a tradition really. Can't start by breaking traditions.)
  • Does posting generate a random amount of cash for posters?
  • Is posting the only way to earn cash monies?
  • Where is this crane game?
  • Are you my mother?
  • How much do you need to earn to buy all the common items?
  • Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they are stalking mdom across all these sites?
  • Did I miss a lot of the event?
  • Are there any question's you would like to ask, but feel silly to because you've been on here for a while.
  • Any advice on how to survive and save cash money on this site?
  • Name the biters on this site.
  • Did you know Ok was not, in fact, my real name.
  • What is my real name?
  • Is this a list of questions, or just me typing random stuff out?
  • Uhh...

Feel free to answer any questions, even those I may not have asking. I'll be here. Semi lurking.

Just kidding I might have to go and do real world things.
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Default   #2   Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga is online now
Forward Thinker
Welcome! I shall answer for you. :)
  • Posts earn a random amount that is influenced by the length of the post.
  • You can also get cash monies by trading with people or using the Crane Game.
  • Crane Game's in the game tab.
  • I am incapable of being your mother.
  • I'm gonna go with A lot.
  • mdom is everywhere.
  • The event started 4 days ago, you've got plenty of time. :)
  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  • Talking to people nets a pretty high quantity of moneys, all told.
  • Biter information is classified
  • Pseudonyms! I should have known.
  • Your name must be Alright Okay.
  • Yes.
  • Uhh...
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Espy Espy is offline
Default   #3  
What the FRICK I thought the elephant hat was 10k, not 100k.

Also, biter information definitely IS classified.
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Default   #4   Burnt Rice Burnt Rice is offline
Ah! Wonderful. Thank you for answering those questions.
I did manage to find the crane game after posting. Who would have ever thought to look for a game in the Games category? Not me!

You just got to believe in yourself! I'm sure you would make a wonderful mother if you wished to. Just got to say motherly things. Like, "wash behind your ears," and, "you're not coming in here with that! You'll track mud through the house! And we also have a strict 'no bears in the house' rule." Or something like that. The 'no bears in the house' rule could always just... be forgotten though.

mdom is ever where and it's slightly frightening. Could she also be at my job? o: Probably, because I check some sites at work. Therefor I bring her into my work place.

Did you know, a woodchuck can chuck wood. They just don't want to chuck wood so they don't and go around telling people they can't. So the answer is an unlimited amount of wood, they just like to buy their wood pre-chucked at the local Walmart. It's cheapest there.

If biter information is classified, then I will make sure my name is classified too. :l

Oh, I do have a question. Is pinging, mentioning, dragging people back into on going conversations, not a thing on this site? Or is that what the "quick reply" under user posts is?
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Espy Espy is offline
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We don't have a ping system, no.

Quick reply just brings you to the quick reply box at the bottom of the page. If you want to quote someone, you'd use Quote, and you can quote multiple people (up to three, I think) by selecting Multi-quote on the messages, and then Quote on the last one you want to select.

...That was a lot of words.
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Default   #6   Voidbarker Voidbarker is offline
IIRC, Coda's probably working on a ping and daily reward system. Also, welcome to layering hell, enjoy your stay.
percival is busy being queer as hell. he was also here.
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Burnt Rice Burnt Rice is offline
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Ah. Good to know there is a limit to quotes. Will have to play around with it to figure how it works tho.

But yeah. Gotcha, no pings.
Call me back when pings are a thing. >:l

Just kidding. But this does mean less notifications, which is nice! Especially since some notifications just lead you back to the same pages.

I'm sure the laying system is fine here. I looked and y'all get a little arrow that let's you move things around instead of dragging and hoping for the best while dropping. Plus, a little pain is worth it to get a nice look!
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Default   #8   Espy Espy is offline
You can both use the arrows, AND drag.
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Burnt Rice Burnt Rice is offline
Default   #9  
Wild. But the dragging did nothing for me. The shirt my avatar is wearing in the closet stayed over the scarf when dragging. It was mocking me.
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Default   #10   Espy Espy is offline
Huhhh. Are you on mobile?
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Burnt Rice Burnt Rice is offline
Default   #11  
Nope. But there's this sneaking suspicion that I'm just dumb. Used the "Below Base" items to test the drag and drop to not success. Don't even know what that means!
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Default   #12   Espy Espy is offline
Some items are above your base, and some are below. Some items have both layers above the base, and laters below it. You can rearrange layers within their columns, but you can’t put an above-base layer below the base, and vice versa.

Unless you’re using a Second Skin, which is a whole other story.
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Burnt Rice Burnt Rice is offline
Default   #13  
That just sounds like more reason to stick with a cake avatar until I reach 20k Aurum! Really like those splices, but oh lord the cost.

If an item is both below and above the base, does that someone help layering? Or is the item in the wrong area for a category?
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Default   #14   Espy Espy is offline
Wh... what do you mean by the second part?
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Burnt Rice Burnt Rice is offline
Default   #15  
I... I don't know. Let me take a look at the layering thing.
Ok so the items Striped Loony Scarf and Silk Eggplant Tanktop are in both Above and Below base categories. But when moving the two items around on the below base, nothing happens! Is this just a weird "glitch," or are the items supposed to be in both categories?
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Default   #16   Espy Espy is offline
Mhh okay, so I can’t check right now, but I *think* the below base layer for the Scarf is, well, the back of the scarf, and the one for the tanktop is the back of the tanktop.

It could be that the behind base layers don’t overlap each other, so moving one above the other doesn’t actually make a difference.

Messing around with below base layers becomes really useful when, for example, you have two partial backgrounds, and you want to layer one over the other. Or you have, say, a coat with a below base layer (aka the back of the coat), but you don’t want to show that — you can hide the back of the coat behind a background.
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