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Post Back from the dead. (Open RP Thread, feel free to join.)   #1  
V opened his eyes amidst his little blacksmiths shop.
It had been years since the incident and so the first thing he did was wipe the dust and rubble off of himself.

He however quickly found that things and he himself had changed a lot.

In his passive state he hadn't maintained his body, a process he had always figured to be automatic. He found himself to be but bones, held together by the silver material that made up his main body as a symbiotic entity.

He tried to remember what had happened, and judging by the giant hole in the ceiling of the earthen mound he had called home for so many years, it had to have been severe.

Memories flashed through his hivemind. Bright lights, a loud crackle and a mind-numbing boom. Electricity. A natural disaster called in with pinpoint accuracy targeting him directly.
It couldn't have been normal magic that had been unleashed onto him, he would've been able to resist that much.

He noticed how the minute particles that made up his body had changed from their permanent liquid state into floating solidified form. Still, he could control it.

He experimented with his new form and eventually shed his bones.
His new form felt liberating and free, yet he chose to build himself a suitable human form, part fog part solid. Yet all with a fluidity of motion. Most of his clothing hadnt survived the test of time. Moths and other insects had gotten a hold of his fabrics, water had damaged most of his leather. And various small animals had chosen his belongings as their new homes.

The choice was easy, scrounge what he could find and forgo this place. It was time for a new life, a new story. And he wondered what the world would bring him.

Finally he was happy with his looks. Leathers bound with dyed rope, adorned with jewelry he had made that had survived the test of time. His eye-less face bound with a blindfold, and topped off with a hair ornament that was supported by his gaseous form.

A semblance of a human form, a living negative space. Speech was however something he had to ajust to. He had trained hiimself to manipulate the vocal cords of the body he had symbiotically maintained for so long, yet soon e found himself able to speak once again.

He was ready.

He stood silently in front of the remnant of his past and gave it a small and meaningful nod.

"Yhou serfved mhe whell."

Practice would make things perfect. But for now the world would have to make do with what he could give it. So V started his trek to a new place beyond the horizons.

While travelling he saw that kingdoms had crumbled, towns had become cities, magic had evolved and technology had risen high. There was much he would have to learn in this new world, and was secretly hoping that now that he had reappeared in it... That it would supply him with the interactions he craved for.
He was a relic of the past, and only through others would he be able to adapt.
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V has grown quite fond of drifting across uncharted terrain and encountering various oddities along his journey. From rubles to runes, danger and pleasure, there was no knowing what fate had in store for him. However, the life of a wanderer was rather lonely. He needed some sort of companionship to be his guide, and ultimately his friend. V smiles at the exciting prospect that lies before him. Now, he has a goal he'd like to accomplish.
take me with a grain of salt <3
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(psst. if you couldn't tell already, i'm not much of a competent writer lol. even though it looks to be a bit of a dry season for the forums, hopefully someone can continue this tale. there is a vision here. i can smell it, and yes i can smell by sight. because... i have a very good sense of smell. anyways, i encourage some kind of closure to this thread sometime!)

edit: it has been brought to my attention that rps don't necessarily need closure. also this post is most definitely bumping so yikes. i'll keep this in mind for future posts
take me with a grain of salt <3
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