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Lightbulb Master Attendants Unite! {Food Fantasy}   #1  
Food Fantasy!

Anyone here play the mobile game Food Fantasy?
Want to talk about your favourite Food Souls?
Have Questions about a Recipe?
No matter what it is, this is the place for all things Food Fantasy Related!

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Default   #2   SeaCaptainGray SeaCaptainGray is offline
Chaotic Good
All I want is more UR souls but here I am with 2 Bamboo Rice and a whole lot of nothing.
Old Posted 01-24-2019, 10:25 PM Reply With Quote  
PartySkeleton PartySkeleton is offline
Default   #3  
On my main account I only have B-52 and Peking Duck for URs
They are very hard to acquire XD
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Default food souls screeching "master attendant!" is still such a meme   #4   bluebird bluebird is offline
i,,went on hiatus for several months after the notorious pizza event XD
came back to it recently, and a bunch of new features/arenas(?) were added, and strengthening a food soul seems to be getting more convoluted. i'm whelmed.
game looks pretty as ever tho!

dec 14
「art by mdom」
Old Posted 07-24-2019, 09:50 AM Reply With Quote  

discussion, fantasy, food, foodfantasy, mobilegame

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