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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
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@~<; "Wuhhuhuhhhhh." *rolls off and onto floor, dazed and amused* "Hwuhuhuhuh! That was awesome!" <xD "Let's do that again."
Merskelly brushes herself off and stumbles onto her feet a little dizzy. Her eye seems stuck in her skull as she gives it a few soft smacks until it dislodges and rolls back into one of her sockets. A cute beanie with the words "Save it" stitched into it is a little tilted on her head but she slides it off and places it inside her bag of nonsense and junk.
She turns to the CRT who is no longer an avatar. "Wewh. Thanks for that." <:} *cracks spine* "You've got quite the grip sir."
She looks at both the CRT and Barker, lifting both skelly feet off the ground in a quiet hover.
:o "You both okay?"

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Default   #34   Espy Espy is offline

Another exasperated buzzing sound, then, the blank face flickers off his screen and is replaced with words.

<I am used to traversing dimensions.>. He twists around, metal creaking against metal, and frowns at the sound.

<And before you ask, I’m not technically breaking any laws of physics.> Each sentence is followed by the next once CRT is sure the floating girl has had time to read it.

<You, however, are. I merely transported my physical body to where I exited the digital world, but... unless I am mistaken, your actual body was in the machine. That cannot have been... healthy.>

Glancing around, he finds what he is looking for, and stands up, absentmindedly giving the stuffed dragon a pat on the head, before walking over to a canister of WD-40.


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Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
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-w- "Psshawwh, I had a physical self outside the machine of courrrse." *waves skelly hand nonchalantly* "I think you might have pulled it briefly through planes, buhcuz I still had my simulated reality hat on." :] "Like I said: Quite a grip." =w= "Wish I had that kind of arm power." *stretches mechanical arm out and it makes a sad but weird wah-wah sound like that of an electric violin function*

Merskelly floats over to the aderpable Derpy. :[ "Sorry I couldn't send through any more cookies lil' bubble-bee. Would you turn down a spongey blanket?" <:3 *offers a pink and yellow blanket from pouch made out of soft sponge* ^-^ "It's really snuggly and feels good on the scales."

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Default   #36   8Nephila8 8Nephila8 is offline
THIS. IS. SPAR -shot- ... *gurgle*
* 8Nephila8 splashes content in her pool party of one. *

(I'll add my avatar to this post later as I think it'll help for cohesion later, also this thread needed to be revived.)
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Starlight Vivian Starlight Vivian is offline
Tasty Zucchini!
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*Star busts through into the whitespace, sailor moon power kicking into the ad above her. Tossing her right hand up to brush her hair up as it swayed coming back down.*

"I shall PUNISH you in the Name of the MOON!

Such a waste for an avatar to be posting junk."

(on a side note, looks like the account age is from 2010, most likely the account been hacked or something since last post was 2017 and suddenly this year)
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collaborative writing, rp shenanigans

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