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Default Kano&Rose Spirits of Misfortune   #1  

Name: Razira
Gender: Female
Origin: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Silver white hair with turquoise eyes. Pale complexion with soft pink lips. Plain white robes. Her hair is in one big braid that runs down to her ankles with white flowers intertwined. Slender long limbs and she stands about 8ft tall.
Background: Although not much is known about her past, she is known throughout the heavens and world as the creator. Though she has not been seen for over a thousand years since The Great Calamity.

Name: Thorvos
Gender: Male
Origin: Human
Age: 25
Appearance: Always has that five o'clock shadow. His eyes are a faded blue with heavy eye lids, yet there always seemed to be a distant spark in his eyes. His facial features however were open like a book. He has shaggy brown hair cut short. He was a slender man yet he had not an ounce of fat on him. You could tell he was solid as a rock. He preferred wearing his traveling cloak and garb. A scar resides on his left check from his dark past.
Background: An orphan and an ex-thief, he has made his way through the land living off the land and working odd jobs in the cities he's come across. At his age, he has probably experienced more than what most would in their lifetime. He keeps rather to himself since his scar across his cheek gave him the appearance of being a very scary individual.
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Thorns and Claws
Name: Valadol
Gender: Male
Origin: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Choppy yet neatly kept shadow black hair with crimson red eyes. His expression seems to keep a rather smug grin on his face. He has a darker skin tone being a dark tan in coloration.
Background: More is known about the dark lord then about his counter part on the other side. Common knowledge is that the demon races worship him as their chosen god. Though his last appearance in the planets mortal realm has been some time ago now. His main goals of him and his followers is to destroy the mortal beings and turn the planet itself into a wasteland of death and destruction.

Name: Shia
Gender: Female
Origin: Wood Elf
Age: 23
Appearance: Stands about 5'5, she's a little short for her kind. Her hair is a dark red that stays pulled back in some manner or another, normally into a simple tail or if she feels up to it braided as it falls to her lower back. Her eyes are a soft green, and show a hidden sorrow behind her smiles. She's rather lean yet fit looking, she can hold her own in a fight if need be.
Background: She was a outcast of her clan due to her abnormal hair color, they called her demon and shunned her to the wilds. Never to return to the clan,she managed to survive this way for years, but only due to a elderly druid that crossed her path when she was crying and alone among the endless sea of trees. Taking her under his wing the elder also taught her how to fend for herself in the wilds and how to use the green magics of the planet. A art long lost to most that walked it's surface.

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The quiet footsteps echoed throughout the columns of the temple. Razira slowly walked through the quiet morning's rays. Her pure white robes billowing behind her. She was making her way to the Gate of Uzulna. With a wave of her hand, the gates slowly opened as she approached. A bright light filled the heavens and as it disappeared, she did as well.

The bark pressed hard against his jerkin as he pressed against the tree. The mist clung to him as Thorvos panted the cool morning's air. He drew his bow string back quietly trying to stay hidden. He closed his eyes and let a long slow breath to calm himself. He quickly turned around the tree while drawing back his bow.

The arrow pierced the side of the deer, which started trying to limp off. Thorvos quickly dashed forward and ended the deer's life with a quick and clean stab into its heart. This would make a fine meal for his father. Smiling to himself, he slung the body over his shoulders and started off towards his father's cottage. With each step he took, the mist started to melt from the rising sun's rays. Though because it was autumn, the chill stuck to him and the fresh fallen leaves crunched beneath his boots.
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Thorns and Claws
They had traveled for days tracking a evil presence her mentor had sensed. They knew little of this forest, though it oddly looked untouched by human hands, there was only signed of natural life here. This was a rare site indeed. Shia followed close to the hooded figure that walked a few paces in front of her. Her ears alert for the slightest sound. She already had her bow drawn and poised for a strike as she walked as silently as she could mimicking her elder's steps. Though he was far more talented in his silent moments compared to her.

He seemed to pause a moment as he looked around, something wasn't right here. Surely his senses weren't wrong and there was a evil here that needed to be dealt with before it spread further. Though for the time being it seemed to be a hidden danger. He spoke softly saying they should keep moving, she agreed with him knowing it was for the best.

The old man was correct in his guesses of evil coming forth. The lord of darkness was looking for his resurrection, but this task could not yet be accomplished. About five lowly ranked demons seemed to crawl forth from the earth's surface, the ground they touched instantly began to burn and char beneath their feet. They sought something.. They would need to hunt to find this person, though they could tell there were at least four beings to deal with in the near by area.

Out of the five only two stayed behind, one going towards the group of two as the other seemed to target the one that wasn't moving. A still target would be a easy one. Even knowing none of these were the object they sought to obtain, it was the fact that they needed the energy of the mortals to stay in this mortal plain.
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