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Remember reading a manga a while back and feel like reading it again? Oh wait! You can't remember that mangas name!

This thread will be dedicated (hopefully) to helping you remember the Manga Title. If you remember who write the story and or art that will be helpful!

Remember this thread will be full of manga spoilers.


I believe this manga one shot was written by Naono Bohra. I am VERY Sure... though Chitose Piyoko could be another possibility. I can't seem the title of the oneshot or the title of the manga it is in.

if I find it I'll update this post.

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This is a great idea! I'll ask you about it if I remember a manga but can't remember the name.
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I'm looking for a one-shot too. It's about this girl called Chibiya who is a teenage mangaka who draws ecchi manga and lives alone. She has this boyfriend who she loves but every time they go on a date they go to the park and he keeps looking at the sky and doesn't talk. And one day, she is dropped back home by her boss and when she gets off, he either kisses her or almost kisses her(I can't remember)and this boyfriend sees them and breaks up with her.

That's not the end of the story of course. I'm pretty sure it's written by Ikeyamada Go?
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There is one manga I started to read then lost track of but it was about this girl who had all these siblings and no parents and she had to marry a rich man to help her family because her older brother having debts. And like I thought it was called Happy Marriage but I've looked it up and I am horribly wrong..

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