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The dawn's light was steadily warming the cool grass in the small glade. Each dew beaded tip glistened in the early spring morning as if it had been too long since it had last seen the sun. In the distance a soft gleeful giggle flowed and ebed it's sound mocking the sky larks that would come later in the year. Each foot step the songtress took brought snowdrops rising form the soil her shining white dress triling behind her, rousing the sleeping daffodil's and crocasis from their winter slumber. She smiles softly her lips like soft rose pettels upon her porcelain like skin. Her eyes shone like sapphires rimed gently with gold. Upon her head sat a delicate golden crown sprawled with leaves of ivy that trailed into her lighting blond hair. She smiled as she moved across spreading her laced wings outwards catching the first signs of heat.
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Blinking idily, she fluttered her wings letting them strech for a while as she padded across the earth bare footed. Her toes gently curing into the soft clay soil as she raised her arms high above her head saluting the sun. Her voice sweet as honyed wine rasped "Welcome old freind" as she tilted her head letiing the sun catch the delicte gold of her crown.

She felt as if winter had gone on for too long this past year, as she called for a staff of earth and stone from the ground. Peering around her and into the distance she still could feel the earth slumber.
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