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The Illusionist
Default Help I'm addicted to Sims 4   #1  
And I'm torturing my families....

Killing family members, letting kids get taken for neglect, trapping humans in cages as my vampire food, starting cults started by some old white guy and sending unbelievers into a rocket ship to the moon.

... I don't have a problem.

Lil' Illu
My #1 Fan For Life!!!
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Default   #2   Yokuutsu Yokuutsu is offline
Mother Ship
I see no problem.

Torture those that are not real, long as you do not do it to me or mine...well, I'll be watching -narrows eyes-

I wish I could play the sims .-.
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The Illusionist
Default   #3  
My current household is the cult guy, he got a nice young wife and now has two teenagers who were born to all wear white, be preppy, a little brainwashed, but they all have the goal to help their families cult. They live in some gothic house and in the backyard there is a staircase hidden that leads to a basement full of cages with unlockable doors fully equipped with everything a human needs to live.

Non believers are sent to a rocket ship, the believers stay forever.

Lil' Illu
My #1 Fan For Life!!!
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Default   #4   Yokuutsu Yokuutsu is offline
Mother Ship
I wanna go on the rocket ship....I want off this planet lol
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Barrel of Monkeys
Default   #5  
Heh heh. My current family is a tennager named Abby McKenzie who ran away from home and became a freelance painter and call girl. She became best friends with Caleb and Lillith as they always came over when she was up. She was in love and engaged to Malcolm Landgrab. Caleb professes his love for her and gets her to break up with Malcolm, then Caleb moves in. Malcolm never moves out and things are akward between them all until Caleb starts to talk to Malcolm and then begins to feed off him and use him for all his vampire whims. Caleb and Abby elope and instead of keeping the Vatore name he takes on Abby's last name, and decides it time to change the way he dresses to fit in better. A bit later Caleb and Abby find out they are pregnant and have twin girls, Burma and Barley(don't ask). The Twins aren't even toddlers yet and Caleb gets Abby pregnant yet again... and soon a baby boy named Cujo is born. Meanwhile Malcolm is a straight A student, vampire food, and is having relations against Caleb's wishes with Abby and Caleb's Nanny.
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Default   #6   Illusion Illusion is offline
The Illusionist
I have a family that lives in a small 300x300ft house (or so) with a bed, toilet, and shower.

Their live's are poor and awful. They keep having babies only to have them taken by social security. The one child that manages to stay around the family only does so because she's out of the house and uses her neighbor's resources to study and get by.

Lil' Illu
My #1 Fan For Life!!!
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Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is online now
Default   #7  
Not Sims 4 but 3: one of my favorite families consists of a drunkard who lives on a house boat and doesn't give shit about his two daughters. The older one is a teenager who tries to look after her kid sister. Both get frequently locked out of the house, spend the night somewhere outside camping and making plans to build their own small cabin to live independently from toper dad. It's a small (custom) island neighbourhood too, so once the sisters grow up there won't be many jobs around and it pays off to be self sufficient.
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Default   #8   Claptrap Claptrap is offline
The Sims 4 doesn't run on my laptop anymore, but I have a that and a few of my favourite expansions on the PS4 just so I can still play when the urge arises. In general, I think 4 is the weakest sims game, with 2 taking the top spot. I also play my ganes very differently to you, I like my sims to live happy and prosperous lives. That being said, in 4 I tend to be more experimental than in 2 or 3 just because the nature of the game. I feel like with the previous two gens there was a lot to do so gameplay never really felt boring and you could transition quite nicely from one point to another. However I find 4 pretty lacking, especially now that I'm reduced to only Get to Work and Parenthood that I have to kind of invent my own stories because the game just doesn't support the kind of gameplay that I typically enjoy. I've found with 4 that I've tried out a lot of the fan made challenges to try and spice up gameplay, because they're ways that I never would have played before. My particular favourite was the Asylum challenge. I think the next one I want to try though is the Animal Crossing themed one, but since console doesn't support the gallery yet I'd need to build my own lot for it rather than just download the premade one. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a little clunkier with a controller rather than keyboard and mouse. Also another thing I really want to do is make my own neighbourhood. With Newcrest it's a blank slate so I'd quite like to make my own families and houses and community lots and things so I could kind of take my sims 2 rotational play to the sims 4. We'll see if I ever get round to that though haha!
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Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is online now
Default   #9  
Yeah, I agree Sims 4 is the weakest game so far. Personally I'm back to playing 2 and 3.

By the way, do you know Mr. Sausages? It's twisted, dark, and absolutely hilarious!
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Default   #10   Claptrap Claptrap is offline
Yeah I'm pretty involved in my sims 2 saves. I play rotationally with each premade family and do a generation at a time working my way through the different EA neighbourhoods. I think I've been working with the same save files in 2 for about 8 years now.

I've never seen that before but I absolutely love it! I only read the first part so far but I have it bookmarked so I can go back to it
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