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Heavenly Angel
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I'm good and you?
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Icy Footed
Originally Posted by Mekatra View Post
I kind of thought that book was a fever dream...holy crap
You're not alone there. <x'D
You're welcome for me helping you recall it's existence in this realm of reality.

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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I Am Tam
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I've had half memories like that. It's trippy. Nowadays though, I'm lucky if I remember why I just lifted my hand toward my face.
I'm not very active right now, because of stuff. If you don't see me around and you really need to get hold of me, you can yell at me over at one of these places?

My blog.




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More More More Magic
xux I feel mentally tired when I can't be mentally tired
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you... what?
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Icy Footed
I'm hungry more often,
:[ buhcuz I'm actually slowly leaving my sedentary lifestyle.
>:{ and I must be fed,
or I will go in-sane! > 8{

((Sketch art by Voidbarker!))
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