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Default A Stipend of Witchcraft   #1  
Have you dabbled in sorcery before?
Can you sing all 54 versions of "A Wizard's Staff Has A Knob On The End"?
Did you volunteer at an animal shelter each summer just to find the sick owl that unfortunately never brought you your Hogwarts letter?

The renowned Lyceum Solanum, School of the Arcane issues one 5000 aurum stipend to a Greenery Witch (m/f) for the upcoming trimester. Enroll in a private countryside college to master the art of magic. Meet students from all over the world who share a passion for herbs, mushrooms and incredibly thick books read by candle light.

Unique academy perks:
  • Enjoy studies of arithmancy instead of boring old arithmetic.
  • Practice to brew love potions in our all new domestic science class.
  • Adopt a familiar and even teach them to assist you with your homework.
  • Learn how to bind your own witches' broom under the supervision of our tutors.

Post your application here and with a bit of luck you could be the witch moving to school campus within a few days.

Not Hogwarts.
But we do magic.
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Default   #2   mdom mdom is offline
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Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
Default   #3  
Yep, looks totally legit.
We'll just say you're 11 years old for the records, and that's our official school admission form. We were... short on paper. Yes.
That, and we recently lost a few students in a freak magic accident. But all precautions have been taken for such an unfortunate event to never happen again.
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Default   #4   DreadedMartian DreadedMartian is offline
Do we have to use an application like Mdom did? Or do we make our own?
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Death by Mirrors Death by Mirrors is offline
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Be creative. That's what those threads are for.

(No, really. I mean, I could simply post "I'm looking to buy itemname" but I think it's more fun this way)
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