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Default Get off the street, punk!!   #1  
News Flash:

There has been an act of vandalism at the bank of Trisphee. Police reports no missing items so far. According to surveillance video tapes, the culprit was wearing a bear mask. Current investigations shall uncover whether there is a relation to the jailbreak of a notorious criminal named "The Rogue" several months earlier. So far however all signs lead to suspect an adolescent prank.

Man, these punks! Do kids these days have no hobbies?
Like... I don't know... embroidery? Underwater basket weaving?
Anyway, this is by no means an attempt to distract the police for the actual heist. So go away, nothing to see here.
I mean, if I was planning to nab a Street Punk, I wouldn't even publically mention it. Low profile and everything.
And I would rent a hearse.
Because no one ever suspects the guy in the hearse.
Do you see any? No? I told you. By no means is this an attempt to spread chaos, disorder and all the other awesome stuff. Did I say awesome? I meant terrible. Absolutely terrible. See, I'm a well-behaved citizen. I even recycle my tea bags. If any monthly items disappear, it is clearly not my fault. Speaking of it, do you have any monthly items? Just a theoretical question, I swear!

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Default   #2   mdom mdom is offline
Psst. Come here...Not here in the open! In the back.
Yeah, we can talk... you send a trade, I might have what you want.
But you didn't get from me, you never saw me ok.
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You never saw me either.
There was no suspicious activity going on here.
And it had absolutely nothing to do with vandalism, heists or hearses.
= AnArcHy RuLEz =
Recycle your tea bags.
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