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Heavenly Angel
Default Death   #1  
Urgg! It's one of those days again...thinking about death and dying one day. It's horrifying, and even thinking about living forever is also horrifying. Like there's nothing you can do!

I literally freak out every time I think about it, since I am not a religious person, I kinda know how it goes. I really don't want to think about it, but it's hard sometimes not to let it pop in my head.

How do you cope thinking about this kind of stuff?
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Default   #2   Espy Espy is offline
Simple answer: Poorly.

Longer answer: -shrug- I’ll live on in my characters and the people I’ve talked out of killing themselves.

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Default   #3  
When I worked in the hospice part of the nursing home I had to confront death pretty much every day. I think most people in a modern sense don't really understand what will happen to them and it scares them. Obviously I don't know dip about what happens after that last breath, but after observing a lot of natural deaths (non-traumatic like in a fire or car wreck) over the years, I've decided it doesn't scare me anymore.

Death is a natural part of the life cycle. The body has ways of coping with your impending doom to make it easier on you when it does start to happen. Your senses dull and then shut down one by one. Your hearing is the last thing to go so if you're ever visiting someone in hospice and they seem unresponsive, please talk to them and tell them how much you love them and that it is okay to go, they can most likely still hear you even if they no longer have the energy to respond.

As your organs begin to shut down you will lose your ability to feel hunger and many times the nerves for sensing temperature will go so you're not actually cold when you're actively dying.

It's incredibly peaceful to me. Usually when people die, unless it is in an accident or from some other surprising and traumatic event, they're ready. Often times the body is worn out and it is painful to continue living on anyway, so death can seem a welcome relief to that.

As for what happens afterward, I like to believe in an afterlife, if only because it makes it seem like perhaps that last breath isn't an end. I personally would just filter through some belief systems until you find an afterlife that is most rewarding sounding to you and believe in that. Reincarnation is an iteresting one. I'm a Norse pagan so I like to believe I will end up in one of those afterlifes, though I really don't wanna go to Valhalla.. I'm not much of a fighter.
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Default   #4   mdom mdom is offline
I was like WHO DIED!!! You're gonna give me a heart attack, Panda =///
Anyway most days I wish I was dead and not a burden on everyone I know so I'm not scared of death... but I'm scared of not having lived.

Espy you're a fucking hero, literally saving lives out there!!!
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Default   #5  
...least I could do.

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Default   #6   Mekatra Mekatra is offline
Speaking as someone that has been talked down from suicide by someone, it is miracle work and you have done the universe a boon.
Answer my riddle to earn a prize!

You'll always feel it, but can never see it. It's strong but shatters easily. You can give it away but never hold it. What is it?

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Heavenly Angel
Default   #7  
Mekatra, very well explained! I'm more scare of losing everything throughout my life, my families, my friends, and disappearing from this world. Everything you known and achieved during your life time, all will be gone when you are gone. D: Like it's so depressing to think about it, and I would love to believe in afterlife too, that would make things a bit less scary when it comes to death.

Mdom, sorry sweetie D: Don't say that! You are precious and amazing.

Espy, Awww, I totally relate to that. D:
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Default   #8   Panda Panda is offline
Heavenly Angel
I've talked to some people as well when they were feeling suicidal. I kinda have an idea of what they are going through because I've been in the same situations myself. I also had people talk to me, which helped me stay away from doing anything stupid. It doesn't make the pain go away, but it's nice to know that there's someone there for you. Little things can mean a lot! ♥
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Default   #9  
it... it’s not a big deal really

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Default   #10   Ava Ava is offline
Double Rainbow
It's been a hot minute since I've been actively suicidal...

I understand how that feels, though.
It's a very very sh*tty feeling, indeed.
Likely I wouldn't even be here today if there weren't kind people in the world...
(Or if I hadn't been hospitalized)

I've been feeling that way a bit too, but not really like, "I wish I was dead", more like, "I don't know if I can keep on living like this".

For what it's worth, you've been very kind to me, Panda.
Kinder than most. I would be devastated if you died. I know it probably isn't that reassuring, but it's true.
<3 Take care of yourself
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Mekatra Mekatra is offline
Default   #11  
So neaarly a year ago a friend of mine decided to end his life.

His memory lives on in strange ways. It's his sister posting a collection of his art to his Facebook page. It;s how sometimes I find myself thinking of him when I hear a particular note in a David Bowie song. We talk about him. I talk about him a lot, especially to other people I know are dealing with depression and suicidal ideation.

We live on through the people we love and the things we leave behind.
Answer my riddle to earn a prize!

You'll always feel it, but can never see it. It's strong but shatters easily. You can give it away but never hold it. What is it?

Pm me the answer, no cheating please!
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Default   #12   Espy Espy is offline
been dealing w shitty ideation lately

not actively suicidal but

“what if i could just cease to exist for two months”

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bluebird bluebird is offline
Default i want to get off mr.life's wild ride   #13  
i don't i just
internalize it and let it subconsciously bleed into my avis

a more serious answer i guess: to me, death is more comforting than scary. life has a lot of unknowns, but death is certain. just like the how the sun rises and sets every day. it's one less thing to worry about (compared to living forever). it's going to happen, so you can plan around it accordingly. what do you want in life? what do you want to experience at least once? life is like a long fill-in-the-blank sentence with death as the period.

dec 14
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Default   #14   Merskelly Metalien Merskelly Metalien is offline
Icy Footed
I'm with bluebird on that whole comforting aspect. <:] Death isn't so scary. Pain and suffering is...also dwelling on when it will come, only scares and worries you more. :c I figure it like a birthday, but as you get older and get used to birthdays, they become less happy and extravagant and lovely the older you get, but a deathday only comes once, and it's probably going to be like the happiest birthday you remember having. <:]
I'd want to celebrate someone's deathday, which you can't do for yourself the day you die, so you would have someone you love to remember you and maybe they continue the celebration after you're gone..that's what I'd want for me...
>->; The idea of death's eventual arrival is something deep and thought provoking. It's kind of distracting from the thoughts that you could be thinking about in the time you have left to live your life. I would just set the thought aside for later, when I'm aging and know I am slowly inching closer and closer toward death. Where I can think about it with more peace, melancholy and clarity.

(And maybe watch The Twilight Zone episode, Nothing in the Dark, which pretty much sums up the fear of mortality and how the inevitable doesn't have to be dreaded. >w> Like, see it, please. It's really sweet and interesting. For serious, one of my favorites!)

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littl3chocobo littl3chocobo is offline
isn't that funny
Default   #15  
well, i'm not really scared of death. it is natural and inevitable and it brings your body back into the natural world(if you aren't like embalmed or crammed into a mausoleum or something. your body is just kind of wasted then) though i recently found i was still afraid of dying alone x''D to be fair i dont remember a whole lot of it but even so

but that is aside from it all. i cope with it by letting myself actually think about and come to terms with it. if you avoid something difficult you will grow to fear it and that is not healthy in many instances, death included. i suppose this could almost pass as shilling but i reccomend watching this lady's stuff;


she tries to demystify and destigmatize death for people in an easily digestible manner without being patronizing
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Default   #16   Burnt Rice Burnt Rice is offline
Ho! Miscreant!
Honestly? I'm super excited to die! I can't wait to see what does happen after, even if it means nothing does happen. Will we even remember our current lives if something does happen after? Only one way to find out. *That being said I've only considered ending things seriously one... twice in my life. But those were not good days and I'm glad it's the past. Right? Right.

Like others have said here, death is certain and just one of the things most living (if not all) go through. It's like you're part of this club where everyone is invited to. It's a two part club really. One part is where all the people are survivors of someone else's death. This is the club no one wants to be in because of the pain and hurt. The other part is the one where you're dead. Not everyone wants to be part of this club. Yet when we reluctantly join, things will most likely be ok or at the least, just be.

I guess the only way to "deal" with the thought of death is to feel your emotions. Stay with each emotion that flows through you with the thoughts, and let them go when you've had enough. Who knows, maybe you'll find out your stress/emotions over the death topic is stress/emotions being redirected from another aspect in your life.
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