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Pixel Gremlin
Default Insomniak's Voxel Shop [Open]   #1  
Let's hope this is all okay...

Welcome to my shop!
Here I'll be taking commissions for my voxel art.
At the moment it's pay what you want, with a preference for items.

Rules and Guidelines:
- Follow the rules of Trisphee while you're here.
- Do not use any of my samples or other's orders for your own purposes.
- Do not claim any of my art as your own or repost it, even with credit.
- Please use the form for ordering so I can see it easily.
- These rules will be adjusted, added to, or removed as I see fit, at any time.

- When ordering, please be as specific as possible when describing what you want. Colors, lighting, angle(s) for screenshots, whatever you see in your vision of the finished piece. Reference photos are also a plus.
- After the piece is finished, I will make as many adjustments as needed to make it just the way you want. I will also take as many screenshots as you'd like at different angles and resolutions. All of this within reason of course, I'll put the limit somewhere at 15 screenshots due to rendering times.
- Keep in mind due to the nature of voxels, some fine details will be difficult to portray with exact accuracy. I will do my best, but I can't say that lace pattern will be perfectly detailed or every little dot on a shirt pattern will be accounted for.

More will be added over time.
x | x

Order Form:
I have an order!
Username: [your username]
Description: [a good description of what you'd like]
Payment: [the items/currency you're offering]
1. Open
2. Open
3. Open
Thanks for visiting!
Last edited by Francisco; 02-17-2018 at 05:37 PM.
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Default   #2   Espy Espy is online now
Holy shit. Might have to save up for this.

Old Posted 02-17-2018, 05:23 PM Reply With Quote  
Francisco Francisco is offline
Pixel Gremlin
Default   #3  
Hey, I'll take that as a compliment! Y'know, I'm not even sure how much my work is worth relative to the site's currency. Do you have any clue what price range would be reasonable? :o
Old Posted 02-17-2018, 05:28 PM Reply With Quote  
Default   #4   Espy Espy is online now
Mhh, you’re asking the wrong person. I can’t price for shit.

Old Posted 02-17-2018, 05:57 PM Reply With Quote  
Mekatra Mekatra is offline
Default   #5  
Well keep in mind that 10 Runes are equal to 1 USD, and that generally people price 10 Runes at oh... 5,000 or so Aurum?
Answer my riddle to earn a prize!

You'll always feel it, but can never see it. It's strong but shatters easily. You can give it away but never hold it. What is it?

Pm me the answer, no cheating please!
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Default   #6   Francisco Francisco is offline
Pixel Gremlin
@ Espy: Ah, that's fair! No problem.

@ Mekatra: Ooh, that's good info. :o
I'll probably keep doing offers for now, but that gives me a good reference point. Thanks!
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Gallagher Gallagher is offline
It Won't Stop
Default   #7  
well, 10 runes are generally between 2.5k and 5k to be specific. lots of users like to trade for items as well, so if that's something you're open to, you can always check the Item Guide for relative age/what kind of item it was originally and judge worth from there.

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Default   #8   Francisco Francisco is offline
Pixel Gremlin
Since I'm just getting started I'd probably prefer items atm, need to get some more to work with. And I'm a hoarder, what can I say. :') But that item guide is worth saving, thank you!
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