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Default February DI Release! [Everything's out!]   #1  
Discussion Thread: http://trisphee.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11672

It was a chilly day out and Sebastian was pacing around his shop, wearing a hole in the floor as he impatiently continued the wait for his new shipment to arrive. He had received a short message a couple days ago stating that due to the inclement weather, the new shipment may be late a day or two. Grabbing his mug of coffee, he took a slow sip, allowing the caffeine to gently soothe his nerves. Just then, he heard a honk outside and eagerly rushed out, ignoring the frosty air nipping at his furry skin, ecstatic that the shipment had finally arrived!

After a brief chat with the delivery man who told him that the last item would arrive a little later on, he decided to release the two items that had arrived first. Quickly, he bustled about, getting the new items set up, saving room for the last item whenever it may arrive. Once everything was all ready, he went outside, grinning amiably at the awaiting crowd, the atmosphere heavily palpable with excitement and anticipation, as he began. “Hello, hello, everyone! Many apologies for the slight delay, the recent cold and icy weather has made it difficult for the shipment to make it here on time, including the third item of the shipment.

“This time around, we’ve a variety of selection! From the chilly north, hails this adorable, abominable amigo who has been slain so you may wear its jaws and claws or perhaps deck out in soft, luscious clothes made from its fur with Tundra Troll. If fuzzy clothes aren’t your thing, then perhaps some lusty lingerie, a sexy sheer sash, and wondrous wings with Requiro will stir your desires. Last but not least, the third item which will arrive later, takes across the pond as we make some splashes using this gorgeous set of sleek armour, gently flowing robes and a pair of fishes with Fisherking.”

So let’s move onto the goods! My new collection includes:

Tundra Troll
Designs - Poggio
Pixels - Fenris, Monmon
Recolors - Gallagher
Previews - Arikana

Designs - Fenris, Batty
Pixels - Fenris
Recolors - Gallagher, Arikana
Previews - Arikana

Designs - Poggio
Pixels - Fenris, Monmon
Recolors - Gallagher
Previews - Arikana

“C’mon everyone. Time to buy my new goods! The rune items will remain available until March 2nd, while the aurum item will stay in stock until March 7th. So get them while you can!!

“Also, as a reminder, because my January selection of items were released late, they will be available till February 8th, exactly a month after they were released.”
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Delightfully Overcaffeinated Rodent
A few minutes ago, the trunk coming with the last of the month’s shipment had arrived! After a quick round of formalities exchanged, the truck left as Sebastian quickly set up the new item in the spot he had reserved for it. He then took off, running through the streets, amid a flurry of people doing some late night shopping. Sebastian eagerly proclaimed, “Everyone! The last item of my monthly shipment has arrived! So come on over to Archaic Antiquities and check it out!”

Another quick lap of the shopping square completed, his announcement spread to all he could reach, he made haste toward his shop, eager to serve the awaiting customers he hoped would be there.
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