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Default [Spidey + Sunshine] Spacepunk Odyssey [M]   #1  
--Moving to here from other site. If we get any readers, be warned. This is R rated.--

Rosalind had a small smile on her face, when eyes still closed she said, “Wll, ah'm not too keen on losin' those. Hyun seems fond o' thel ass. I doubt she'll let anythin' 'appen t'er...so ah'm apt t'believe that yer right. Nose is stayin' in m'own business.” She gave his hand a gentle squeeze, just enjoying being in his presence. He'd gone through his own share of shit, and she was sure her exhaustion wasn't helping him out.

Mendez shot Riola a grin, “I figured. I don't think I'm going anywhere, amigo. Not if I can help it.” Atrix was doing the blinking thing again that he found so adorable and his grin grew to a full-blown smile. “No, no, no. I'll take you in the bedroom....She is fine out here, I think. I was just...unaware that I had to pay for it with random assaults on my collarbone.” The laugh that proceeded was clipped, nervous, but he kept his smile as he scratched the back of his head head, just wanting to keep Atrix happy with him if no one else. When she pulled her hand away, Magali couldn't hide her disappointment, though she was thankful for what she did get, so her ears were perked again a steady smile on her face. Pleasant optimism. That was what she had been trained to convey and it was what was on her face now.

Rosalind's eyes opened again, “That may be, but ah wouldn't put it past Hyun t' 'unt ye down for 'er, even if she is mad at the lass right now. She strikes me as the type t' protect what she sees as 'ers.” Not bothering to lift her head from Riola's shoulder, she slightly shifted her gaze to look at the bar where the princess was sitting. Shaldag had apparently come from nowhere, but if Atrix was planning on taking her herself, she'd have a fight to have. It'd be an interesting fight to watch, albeit one that she didn't want to see. “Ah wouldn't. The girl is too...innocent. Eager t'get away from that place. All the wealth in the world couldn't make up fer the guilt ah'd feel.”

Fikri, noting Nokra's silence, sighed with relief. “No. I wouldn't. I live a content enough life. Well. Maybe under one condition, but that condition is...well? It's impossible....” His voice trailed off here and he glanced at Ashi. The girl was sweet, true, and he would never trade her for wealth. But if it were possible to make a trade for Vail back? He'd do it in a heartbeat.
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"For real hermana. Get to your ship. You're passing out on all of us. Last thing we need is our pilot dying of exhaustion in the middle of like, a pirate raid. I doubt any one of could probably steer the thing either. Considering your kind and all." Riola teased, tapping her head with a finger to try and keep her awake. At the very best he could try and coerce her at least into the ship if needed because Rosa looked like death turned over.

With Atrix's focus back on Mendez, Nokra's silence was short lived and his head shot in the direction of the girl that they were all talking about; the Felis inching back towards Magali and making sure the spider-like woman didn't do anything to try and suck her brains out or poison her. Paranoia took over of course and Nokra raised a brow; his tail swishing back and forth slowly. "Your head okay? Just making sure. And making sure those drugs are clearing out of your system too." A small pause. "I say sell out the chick. Buy someplace nice on a paradise world. Live out hour life." Nokra said, putting in his two cents and receiving a small grunt from Atrix, who shrugged her shoulder.

"The fact we're having this conversation as well tells us a lot about ourselves." Atrix chimed, continuing the physical assaults on Mendez in the form of pinches and idles rubs; the Terskix resuming her blinking go keep the half-Edensian enthralled in her web. "The bedroom it'll have to be then." She added, using her fourth hand to pinch Mendez's face together and plant a little peck on his lips; Riola looking towards the two, then towards Rosalind. He was rather grateful they were...Normal? Seems like the word for this at least.

The door to Hyun's office slammed open and the Chuzizian was in sight once more, the magenta-colored woman storming down towards the bar with a small entourage of purple-inked gangers, the crew behind her snickering and causing all manners of mischief. A few of them slamming drinks from patrons onto the ground and picking fights (or at least trying to.) One of the rougher looking gangers even shot a venomous leer towards the group of Hyun's guests (Eyes locked on the three Felis of course.) It was a small trip down and when they approached the bar, a few of them circled around Ashi and Shaldag.

"Oi dipshits. Hyun wants words. From both of you."

Hyun looked less than pleased. In one hand a bottle with a quarter left of whatever alcohol was in it swished and swirled in a circle, and in the other hand was a some sort of metal pole, Hyun flicking her wrists to spur a small pike of energy from the tip, which crackled and hummed.

Shaldag looked towards Ashi for a moment with a quirked brow. "...You must have said something really stupid if she's planning on what I think she's doing."
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“Oh, we're goin' t'the ship now?” Rosalind blinked up at Riola, eyes crossing for a moment to look at his finger. “D'ye think Hyun'll be upset if we 'ead out without sayin' somethin'?' She shrugged, lifting her head from Riola's reluctantly. “Mmm, no modifications yet. Ah think anyone can fly it as it 'tis. Ah need t'teach someone else so ah can rest once in a while.” She yawned and stretched, walking to the door.

Magali's chest was still warm from the drugs, but her mind was slowly returning back to normal. She wass able to focus on Nokra's face as he inched closer to her, giving him a smile. “I'm feeling...a lot less groggy. I think the water Fikri gave me helped tremendously.” She glanced at Atrix, keeping that same derpy, half-drug-induced smile, “I think her ear scratching helped too. My goodness, that felt wonderful.” The woman had excellent posture, apparently even while drugged as she stood up straight, hands clasped neatly in front of her. It was the effect of years with her former master, who had capitalized on unquestioning obedience in selling her.

Now aware of the conversation around her, her brows furrowed as she glanced over at the bar, “You'd really do that? She hasn't done anything to you...She seems nice.”

“Well, that, and, she's kinda here with Hyun. You tried anything, Hyun would kill you. Or, y'know, since you care about Magali, probably actually her,” Fikri said with a toss of his head and a sideways glare at the man. Of all of the people on this ship that deserved being stabbed in the back, Ashi was probably the last one. She generally tried to keep her head out of trouble and when she did get into trouble, she'd willingly gone to make amends with both he and Vail. The woman was alright in his book, and it didn't feel right that so many in her party were actually talking about stabbing her in the back. “I'm with Atrix. I'd say it speaks volumes about your character...”

“I-I-I...I didn't,” Ashi stammered, staring with wide eyes at the purple-inked gangers as they drew near. “I just...I just asked a question...” Her hand trembled as she held onto her drink, which she promptly tossed back into her mouth just in time to seen Hyun herself appear. The metal pole didn't go unnoticed and she gulped getting to her feet. “Oh no, oh no, oh no...”
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"Don't look at me for training. Atrix let me steer her ship once and I threw us in an asteroid belt." Riola laughed, hiking himself up for a moment and draping an arm around Rosalind so he could half-carry her. The Edensian looked over towards the bar and frowned for a moment, noting the group of people. "I think we don't have a choice in the matter. Might as well just sneak out before this turns into a huge brawl, hermana..." Riola swallowed for a moment and began looking towards the closest exit. He couldn't raise a hand to defend himself or Rosa in their condition. Retreat if shit hit the fan was the best choice. Besides, it wasn't like Hyun wouldn't have known where to look for them if they were needed.

Nokra gave Magali a small nod and itched his own head at the mention of head scratches, before offering the girl his own glass of water. "Keep drinking up. Lets get that crud flushed out of you as fast as we can. No sense in keeping you drugged up anymore if freedom is calling." The Felis said, offering her a small smile, before it turned into a frown at the mention of selling Ashi out. "...What did she do for us, Mags? People like her are the kinda people that buy us and make us do all those things we hate doing." Fikri's voice made him shoot a look at the man, and soon enough Nokra was right up in the other male Felis' face. "Fuck off. You don't know shit about my character and keep being an asshole. See what happens."

Atrix looked between all three Felis and clicked her mandibles a few times before shaking her head and draping herself along Mendez, cooing and clicking to herself in annoyed-sounding Terskixian. The male bravado was growing old and if Nokra was looking for a fight, she'd be more than willing to use him as a punching bag. She felt the ping of the fear of weakness taking over. When had she last sparred? Cleaned her guns? Not soon enough. She was too busy hunched on top of Mendez...

Hyun was quick in raising up the electrical prod in her hand and jabbing it into Shaldag, the Ogrunu howling and spasming on the bar counter while she yawned and flicked the dial up to a stronger setting. "See this? This is what I do to people I feel ticked at. Not that I hate you, or anything, Shaldag. I just needed an example to use." Hyun began, a few of the more vicious members in her gang snickering and talking among each other. One last push of the prod into Shaldag's chest and she eased up; the scent of burning cloth and flesh permeating the air. "If you need another example of what I do to people I don't like, or I'm actually pissed off at, feel free to ask. Other than that, stop assuming that me scowling and storming off is mad. You ain't seem shit yet."

Shaldag wheezed and slammed a fist in anger down on the counter, putting the lump of metal through it and leering at both Hyun and Ashi.

"Speaking of those fists, Shaldag. Initiation time. Right here. Might as well beat her in. The boys were wondering if they could do it instead, but the last thing I need is for them to put her in a permanent coma..." Hyun shrugged and looked towards the now-standing Ashi. "I'd recommend one last drink to be on the safe side too. Alcohol absorbs a shitload of fuckin' pain."
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“Well, Fikri knows quite a bit jes' from watchin' me. Ah wonder if ah can train the lad t' 'elp out,” Rosalind said simply. The idea of having a second pilot was tantalizing. She'd get rest and paid. Shit, they could even hire a third pilot and allow for actual days of rest. Soon, her eyes followed Riola's and she gave a low whistle. “Looks like she's gonna experience some shit. Ah think et's not our business...they know where the ship is t'find us, right?” The sleep-deprived side of her was showing through. Thoughts of sleep permeated through her body, and she was starting to get tunnel-vision.

Sleep Mode: Engaged.

Magali took the glass, color rising to her cheeks, “Thank you but...shouldn't you be getting water in your system too?” She was still attuned to slavery, memories of a beaten and bloodied Nokra returning all too fresh in her mind. She'd always worried for him then. Her job wasn't fun, but Nokra's was simply dangerous. He risked death every time he was forced to fight. “But she hasn't done anything like that to us. She never hurt me...” Her ears drooped as she saw the terrified blue-haired woman shrink against the bar. “I hope she makes it...”

Fikri took Nokra's threat and dropped it, only to roll his eyes and turning to see the shit that Ashi was in. At this point, she would have been better off in Tysix, Daowei, or literally anywhere but here. “So...we have a choice. Get to the ship and rest, I can show you to your rooms...or we sit through what will probably end up as a murder and whatever after effects that might entail. Which do you choose?”

Mendez placed his hands over one of her pairs and sighed content. This was probably the closest they'd come to a cuddle since they'd met; he was going to enjoy it. “Yeah, Atrix. Kitty boy makes a good point. Which do you wanna do, amiga?”

The second the electrical prod hit Shaldag, Ashi cried out, jumping up from her stool immediately, then thinking better of getting between the rod and him. The chances of Hyun being even more upset would heighten exponentially, and that was something Ashi was not willing to test. Instead, she gasped and winced again as it once again went into her friend. She assumed that that was the same punishment that awaited her.

Ashi gulped, slamming the rest of the drink and motioning for another. A shaking hand spilled the top of the drink on the floor, but soon, that drink was gone too. She attempted a smile but the result was little more one corner of her lips rising every so slightly.
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"Explosives training and learning to pilot? Gato is gonna be one helluva force to reckon with when we et him all set up properly." Riola snickered, watching the two male Felis go at it for a moment before shaking his head, then turning towards what Riola could only imagine as an incoming baseball bat orgy heading towards Ashi. The poor Daoweian girl. Even Riola was starting to feel a bit on the sad side, but Rosalind's own confirmation of staying neutral was sounding like the best option at the moment. "Siiiiii. I'm not quite comfortable getting in that." Riola said, yawning and finally coaxing Rosalind outwards towards the door. Sleep was paramount at this rate.

"I can get some water soon enough Magali. The important one is you, not me." Nokra flashed a smile, and wished that he had kept that bit of water for himself. His throat was parched, and he could feel the dizziness of dehydration sinking in. He had been deprived a bit of water and food to make him appear a little more gaunt and agile. But even in his state of being, Mags came first. It was what kept him alive fight after fight. The sheer thought of her having to deal with the outside world alone. "A lot of people didn't hurt you in the beginning. But then they do in the long run. She'd do the same to us." Nokra replied, sounding more like he was trying to convince himself of the fact. At Fikri, Nokra just shrugged. "No preference. Was gonna assume you wanted to go back to your ship. You're not the fighting type. You have thin-ass arms and you looked like you'd shit your pants if I actually went through with a threat."

Atrix turned towards the gangers circling Ashi and Hyun like. Vultures and frowned: a set of hands squeezing Mendez's own gently. "Go to the ship Mendez. I'm gonna stay here to see if they need someone else. At least to carry injured. I owe them that much I suppose." Atrix mused with a small bit of ennui flowing out of her mouth.

With Shaldag regaining his composure, the Ogrunu watched Ashi take a drink and then grunted and leered at Hyun with a venom that put Hyun a bit on the wary side. She had never seen him this ticked at her before, and the magenta colored woman cocked her head to the side. "Got a problem, big boy? Beat her in or we do it." She said, before, the Ogrunu lashed out with a hand to rip the rod out of her hands and bend it i to a knot.

"Shut up. You. Ashi. Front and center." Shaldag boomed, one of the chemical vials pumping and injecting fluid into his neck. If he was going to do this, he knew he would have to do it properly. And combat drugs were something he couldn't fake at the very least. "Hit me again with a prod, and your next prospect for the gang gets smeared along your office walls, Hyun."

Hyun laughed and swished her head tendrils. Before clicking her tongue. "Not killing a prospect, you're killing my girlfriend if you beat Ashi to death. Then I gotta make sure I stab someone you love."

Shaldag rolled his eyes at Hyun. "At least Ashi beats your last lover."
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“Eh. The lad needs t'keep busy,” Rosalind demurred. “If ah know 'im, an' trust me ah do, 'e needs to.” It occurred to Rosalind just then that she and Riola were going to be the primary caregivers to the mourning felis. He'd been her best friend and he needed her now, but he was doing exactly what he needed—to be kept busy. The other two felis were doing an excellent job at just that, at least, until they got to the ship. Then they'd probably be getting settled in their new rooms, once again leaving Fikri to his own devices. There was no telling what he'd do when alone. As they were making their retreat, Rosalind couldn't help but feel a little guilty leaving Ashi there to struggle alone. But then, the princess didn't really have much bearing on her life. She was one of the drifters, one of many customers. What happened after transport was none of her business.

“And so can I,” Magali said, handing the glass back to him without her ever having sipped from it. She'd drank plenty, and there would be more on the ship. There would be food too, and...dare she dream it?...freedom. Sweet, sweet freedom. Unless that was just a part of some drug induced fantasy, she could have sworn she heard their new felis friend, and Nokra too, say that they were now free. She felt like she was riding in a cloud. To what Nokra was saying, she could do little but look down and nod. It was true that everyone had let her down in the end. Everyone but Nokra. But, she couldn't help but wonder when the exception would come along.

Fikri glared daggers at Nokra, “No. I'm not the fighting type, but not because I'm weak. It's because I'm smart enough to get out when I see I need to get out. I'm going with them, you can come or you can stay. I don't give a shit anymore.” Fikri rolled his eyes and turned to follow Rosalind and Riola.

Magali's ears drooped and she looked at Nokra imploringly, “I think we should go with them...”

Mendez furrowed his brow, disappointed that she wouldn't be joining them on the ship, but hesitantly, he smiled, “Alright, amiga. I'll see you when uh.. they're done. Let me know what happens to the princess, si? I can't help but feel a bit bad for her.” He cringed hearing Shaldag's voice calling out for the princess. “I'll uh... see you on the ship,” he muttered scooching over to the two felis. “C'mon then, we'll figure out living situations when we get there.”

With that, the group made their way to Rosalind's brand spanking new ship.

Ashi cringed and half stumbled out to the center. She could feel all the eyes of the club on her and the music faded completely in the background. This was the main event, after all. The crowd had cleared for the beat in and with Shaldag's threat, Ashi shrunk back, once again confused as to the man's feelings for her. Girlfriend? So we are official then? Her eyes widened and she grinned with the realization before she remembered she was about to get beat in, and with Shaldag's anger, she wasn't sure she'd make it out alive. Someone you love? Who else does he love besides Hyun? Toka? But she couldn't really be stabbed, could she? Wait a minute...last lover?

Her mind was doing a bang up job of distracting her, the din of the crowd pulling her back. She was trembling, a visible cue indicitative of her preemptive fear. Despite all this, she mustered a smile. She was getting beat in, yes, but she was getting beat in as Hyun's girlfriend. She had a girlfriend! She almost couldn't believe it.
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"I'm sure we can get other people to keep him busy as well. I mean, I am sure we can convince Aranea and Mendez to keep an eye on him as well." Riola offered, the same feeling Rosalind got about taking.p care of him sinking into his mind. Not that Riola had any objections. That bullet that stripped away the life of his lover was meant for the Edensian after all. And it still plagued him each time he brought it up in his head. Casting one last look over towards the gangers who enveloped Ashi, Riola let out a deep whistle and frowned. Poor chica.

"Listen, I'm fine. I can get more water if I need to. Just keep drinking up." Nokra retorted, pushing the glass back into Magali's hand. He narrowed his eyes at her for a moment, before sighing and dropping his ears at her. "Just drink up for me, please? You drink half, and I'll drink the other half if you're so worried." The male Felis said, trying to appease the female into drinking just a little bit more. Watching Fikri storm out like a petulant little kitten, Nokra rolled his eyes and looked down towards a clench fist, before Magali's voice caught his attention, Nokra frowning and nodding a few times. "Sure. That other Felis tries anything I'm gonna pay the Terskix to rip him apart and make soup out of him."

"You couldn't afford me, little kitten. I'd have to take your friend as payment." Atrix chimed offhandedly with a shrug of her shoulder, prompting Nokra to glower at her, and the Terskix to snicker and crack her lower hands. It was too easy to spur him into anger. What a liability if they did came along. Towards Mendez, Atrix turned to face him and gave him a small, gentle squeeze and leaning in to give him a quick goodbye kiss (Nokra: "fucking gross.") "I'll keep you updated, Mendez. I assume we're dragging her back if she's alive. Or not. Doubt Hyun keeps bodies. I could turn it in for a profit." Pragmatism was the name of the game it seemed.

Once the gang was starting to head out, Nokra looked at Mendez, and then Magali, before shadowing the half-edensian. "Not meant to sound like am asshole, man, but I didn't expect to see a Terskix groping on someone that didn't have four arms...Its kinda odd."


Hyun seemed to have cut the pleasantries the moment initiation came into focus. The Chuzizian's glare was emotionless and ice-cold, and it even put Shaldag into a bit of unease. Shaldag hated to admit it. But when Hyun got like this, it even worried him. On her own she had a habit of being violent and criminal. Here, in her gang of people who spurred her on? It sometimes had a habit of taking her penchant for violence into new heights. "Assuming its the normal routine? One minute, she gets to cover to vitals?" Shaldag asked, breathing a bit heavier as chemicals began to flow through his veins.

Hyun looked towards Ashi as she slugged down her last drink, and then towards her rabid cult of gangers, the looks of bloodlust on their face all too apparent to behold. The Chuzizian yawned and itched a spot on her chest and nodded. "Starts when the first punch lands. I see you or think you're holding back, and everyone else gets to get involved as well." She said, quirking a brow at the smile on Ashi's face. Crazy bitch is probably a masochist, the way she is grinning.

Shaldag returned with a grunt of his own and muscled his way up to Ashi, cracking his neck and leering at her with sunken, angry eyes. "Protect your organs. And your head. Tell me when you're good to go." A small pause.

"Don't die either. Shit is boring without another noble to talk to"
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“Ye think Atrix'd be up for that? I know she and Fiks 'ave 'ad their problems...Mendez might. Ah'm not so sure on Atrix. Ah'll talk to 'er once she gets t'the ship,” Rosalind mused. Of course, this was all assuming she wasn't going to be dead to the world by the time she came back. She heard that she was going to stick around for Ashi's initiation. Under other circumstances, Rosalind herself might have considered staying, but the way she saw it, she probably wouldn't want her friends sticking around with the sole purpose of watching her get beat up. If needed, she'd help with the aftermath.

Magali scowled at Nokra's stubbornness but put down half the water anyway. It really was helping, but the influx of liquids made the poor girl have to pee. “I think...I think we should get to the ship sooner rather than later,” she said, glancing at pilot and her lover disappearing through the door. She didn't know the way, and she highly suspected that Nokra also didn't, so following them was their best bet. That, and if she could help never stepping foot in the club again, she wouldn't. “What would he try?” she asked, tilting her head, slightly confused. He seemed nice enough, and, if it wasn't for him, freedom would just be a distant dream of hers. Now, she could actually experience it. She squeaked when Atrix mentioned taking her as payment, but thought about those lovely head scratches. If having the spider lady as a master consisted of that every day, she'd take it with joy.

Mendez nodded and grinned. Nokra was a firecracker, and he wasn't entirely sure how well that would mesh with both Hyun and Atrix around. They didn't take well to snarkiness and the male felis seemed as though he were made of it. Perhaps it had something to do with his function as a slave. He hadn't been forced to beds as the other two had been. He was a fighter through and through. Technically, he probably shouldn't even be alive right now. He stood on his tiptoes to return the kiss and beamed up at her, “Most likely. Let's...just hope it doesn't come to that, si?”

He turned to acknowledge the male felis now, “Well, from what I've seen of your kind, they rarely sleep with others with cat ears. Different strokes, si? I guess you could say our relationship isn't normal...but that's alright. I enjoy her presence, and she seems to enjoy mine. It works, yeah? Let's get to the ship before they leave us.”

With that, the group did all eventually make it to the ship. The ship was significantly larger than her last one. None of them would have to share rooms if they didn't want to. Of course, Rosalind claimed the room closest to the cockpit, as would make sense for the pilot and owner of the ship. Fikri slunk into one of the rooms closest to the kitchen, shut the door, and began unpacking. Among his artifacts were a few changes of clothes, hygiene supplies, mountains of notebooks, some canvases, art supplies. He could still feel the small pyramid in his pocket, and now being alone, he took it out, twisted the top and closed his eyes.

Ashi's smile disipated as she looked up at her girlfriend's ice-cold glare and she gulped looking for a face among the crowd that might be the least bit sympathetic. There were none. In all of this, she was alone. But then, she always had been, hadn't she? She took a deep shaky breath, straightening her posture. If she was going to go down, she wasn't going to go down like a coward. She was going to face this head on.

She nodded in understanding with Shaldag, taking one last look at the faces that wanted to see nothing more than a bleeding, broken princess and clenched her jaw, resolute. “I'm ready.”
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It wasn't the first time that Nokra had ever been on a ship before. It was the fact he wasn't locked in a crate with Magali that made him stare and glance around the ship jn wonder, the Felis looking around for a moment and frowning. There were rooms, but was he allowed to have one for the trip? Did he have to share one with anyone here? If that was the case he would take literally anybody else than Fikri, the little pot of moaning and pissing. What even was the dude's damage? Regardless the Felis shuffled his hair and looked towards Magali for a moment, and then pursing his lips. "I guess you find a room you like for yourself? I'm open to sharing one but we don't have to anymore. Seeing as how we're free and all now." Nokra said, half-hoping they weren't just being led on.

Riola was right behind Rosalind when she chose a room, the Edensian letting out a small whistle and running his hands through his hair, wincing then fingers tickled a large lump on his head from Shaldag giving him a concussion. "Shit, hermana. This is definitely a step up from the other ship, si?" He said, before letting out a yawn and slumping to the ground and shutting his eyes. At least he could rest now. Still, something pinged in his chest, and despite how tired he was, he couldn't close his eyes. "...You ever get bad feelings in your gut, Rosalind? Mine has been in knots since we arrived."


The crowd cheered and whooped when Ashi said she was ready, Shaldag looking towards the woman and chuckling softly to himself. She looked less like a frightened girl this time. The moment she sorted her emotions and approached him with a bit more regality made Shaldag swell up a moment with pride, before he offered Hyun one last look. "You can always have someone else do it, considering my track record." He offered clenching a fist and taking a breath, before Hyun-chu shook her head and adjusted her belt, the resting bitch face along her features resolute and unmoving. "Just fucking beat her in, Shaldag. I'm busy and I don't have all fuckin' night."

Shaldag nodded and once he felt ready himself, raised his fist and finally swung; metal fist careening towards Ashi like an anvil and aimed right for her torso. The Ogrunu seemed focused, like he was choosing points where his fists would do the least bit of damage, and he could probably get away with hitting the princess in the head if he could help it. If anything he could just press a booted foot down on it instead of just doing what he did to the Edensian. An not one of the gangers seemed to notice the other minor details he did to try and stifle his blows for the princess...

..Save for the spider looking behind and watching like the predatory being she was. Atrix smiled to herself and crossed her upper arms, the lower ones fidgeting with the various weapons strapped to her hips, and double checking for any idle hands trying to pilfer something from her person. Shaldag's footing was reversed. He wasn't stepping into his punches. The Terskix could have made a list of the minor quirks that were showing he wasn't giving his all. She could have brought it up to Hyun, who stopped to look towards the spider, and then back towards the initiation.

Atrix kept her mouth shut. A bounty that was alive was better than a corpse. If she did decide on turning Ashi in.

The Terskix didn't know anymore.
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The second they were in the ship, Fikri was in his room. The others, following him, would have been able to see the tip of his tail disappearing through the crack before the door clicked shut. Mendez looked around the ship and gave a low whistle. “Oh Rosie, you really got yourself a good catch,” he muttered under his breath, not really to the pyra who was already entering her own room with Riola. He sighed, the poor pilot was probably exhausted, it was no wonder she disappeared right away, but Fikri too? The lad really wasn't acting like himself at all since Vail died. He was more himself around others, it wasn't normal for him to be secluding himself.

He turned to Nokra and grinned, “Just pick one. Atrix and I will be sharing, most likely, so there's plenty of space. You two don't have to share either. This place is a lot more spacious than the last one.” Magali beamed. She'd never had a room before. There was never a space that Magali could call her own, and now one was just handed to her without her having so much as to say 'please.'

“Thank you! You're uh... Mendez, right? I'm sorry...I'm starting to come down and uh, a lot of my memories are hazy,” Magali said, voice soft and timid.

Mendez gave her a smile, his own small attempt to let her know that it was okay, that she could speak freely here, “Yeah. Jorge Mendez, but everyone calls me Mendez. Anyway, you two can share a room if you want, but if you don't have that kind of relationship, you can always have separate too.” He sighed, turning to Nokra, “Hey amigo, I'm sorry if Fikri has been on your ass. He's...he's been having a shitty time recently. He's not himself. Just...just give him time, si? He's really likeable when he's not...this...” He shook his head. “Listen, I'm gonna make food, so why don't you two pick out rooms and come to the kitchen when you're done? I'm gonna make some traditional Edensian. Pretty good shit, but I get it if you need to rest.”

Magali looked to Nokra after Mendez departed and bit her lip as if to stave off some of her excitement, “So do you want to share a room or be neighbors?!”

Rosalind plopped down on her bed, looking up at Riola just grateful for his presence. “Ah'd say it's defint'ly a step up,” her green eyes looked at the master bedroom that she and Riola would be sharing next to the cockpit. “Ah've...ah've felt it,” she murmured, but, the gnawing in her gut came second to the clouded haziness that accompanied her exhaustion. She was simply too tired to worry, regardless of whether she thought it was a good idea or not. “Ah 'ope we're wrong. Ah can't do shit when ah'm like this. Ah jes' need...sleep. If only for a little while.”

The crowd's reaction was tantalizing, even if they were cheering for her blood. The corners of her lips upturned slightly, but she kept her eyes on Shaldag. She straightened herself, arms lifted only slightly as if to determine where his fist was going to land first. She moved her arms in front of herself just in time to hear the sickening crack of one of the bones in her forearm cracking or breaking. She didn't care, she didn't look. She cried out for a moment, stumbling back.

Others in the crowd could see that her arm was now completely broken, it bending it ways that it should not have been. Ashi didn't look. She couldn't, lest she passed out. She sucked in through her teeth, making sure to keep her eyes on Shaldag as he moved. His fists kept coming, and each time he made a connection. Until finally, she was on the ground, red leaking from various parts of her body. Her body flashed in and out of visibility as new waves of pain crashed over it. Despite this, she grinned. The worst was almost over and she was still alive. “Y-you...you p-punch like a...like a..b-bitch.”
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It took Nokra a few moments to truly realize he had no masters, the Felis waiting for instructions or orders, only to receive none. It was a weird feeling. A lack of structure that made the Felis frown for a moment, before he itched his head and watched the others turn tail and head into their prospective rooms. The two redheads went off towards the room near the cockpit; Nokra snorting and assuming (correctly) the two were in some form of relationship. Fikri of course was moping about and locked himself away, much to Nokra’s lack of surprise, and when he started thinking on rooms, the third redhead began to speak to him – Nokra cocking his head in the man’s direction and shrugging.

“I mean, it’s a lot for me to take in. I kinda have a choice now, and it’s weird. I don’t know what room I wanna take, or which ones I can steal without offending anyone. Assumed you and the Spider would be sharing a room, you’re really close.” Nokra said with a dull tone to his voice, his eyes peeking over towards Magali, and watching both her and Mendez as they talked. Once Mendez addressed him about Fikri, Nokra snorted and rolled his eyes. “We’ve all gone through some horrible shit. I understand it sucks, but he doesn’t have to mope around over it.” Nokra bit his tongue for a second, venom overtaking and consuming it, but he managed to keep himself lidded better than before. “He’s gotta learn to persevere. That’s how I lived. That’s how we both lived.” Nokra added, pointing fingers between himself and Magalli.

“As for sleeping, uh, Mags. I don’t mind if you want your own space. I’m gonna take up a room near the back. You’re welcomed to join me, or not. I dunno.” Nokra said, ears wilting a bit, and the Felis kicking at the ground before her forced a small grin along his features. Now that the drugs were wearing off, she was starting to return to her normal…Cute? Definitely cute, self. “Just remember, Mags. We’re free now. You can tell people ‘No’ and shit.”

Riola sighed and rubbed his face, then ran hands through his already tussled and messy hair. He didn’t have the urge or the effort to really try and make himself look a bit tidier. Sleepiness was consuming him, and sure enough the Edensian was forcing himself over towards the bed, and used the last bit of reserve energy to flomp right onto the mattress; the Edensian curling up and resting heavy lids. “We’ll…Be fine. Just need a bit of sleep, hermana. Do me a favor, si? Make sure I…Just…Wake up next to you.” He muttered, before his breathing slowed and soft, gentle snores escaped his body.


The crowd roared with delight with Ashi’s taunts, Shaldag himself chuckling among each wave of punches he threw at her. Granted, he was being a little bit on the gentle side, but he assumed that’s what Hyun wanted. Killing her prized little girlfriend, even by accident, was probably grounds for the two having a nuclear-level falling out. Something Shaldag or Hyun could have wanted to deal with. “Well, if you want me to step my assault up, Ashi…” Shaldag replied nonchalantly – A slurry of chemicals from another tube emptying into his veins, and making what little of his flesh remained bulge and swell.

“Ten seconds left, Shaldag. You gonna sock, you might make this one your best shot.” Hyun-chu said, glancing for a brief moment towards her watch, then towards Ashi’s beatdown; a few of the other gangers crowding around her and placing bets in alien tongues with the magenta-colored woman; Hyun snorting and snarling back in Chuzizian, only to make the couple talking towards her bellow in laughter, and then point at the princess. Whatever conversation they were having? It seemed more or less like the group was just mocking the princess while she was bleeding and battered.

With the last bit of time left on the clock, Shaldag decided that his final punch was gonna be at least one she was gonna remember. A flood of adrenaline, and other chemicals flowed through his veins, and hefting and readying his fist one last time, aimed this one with the actual intent of hurting Ashi. Not that he wished to really do lasting harm, but pride had gotten in the way for his last stretch. It was all muscle and pour anger guiding his hand, though Shaldag made sure not to aim it somewhere -too- vital. A kneecap would cause just as much pain as his anvil of clenched hand colliding into her stomach.

Atrix winced as Shaldag wound up that punch, and snuck in to tap Hyun on the shoulder, the Chuzizian looking behind her and raising bit of browflesh as she noticed the Terskix. “Holy shit, Atrix. You could have told me you were still around. Figured you were off binding up your sperm donor in silk, and hanging him from the ceiling. The fuck you want?”

Atrix shrugged a shoulder. “The relationship isn’t serious enough for him to dangle from a ceiling when I need him. The debate on whether to keep him for a brood or two, or eat him is still being weighed. I wanted to watch Ashi get beaten in.” The Terskix said, clicking her mandibles a few times. The lack of infighting and bloodshed that was common for her people? It was taking its toll on Atrix. The Edensians. The Pyra. All of the Felis. They had a habit of talking things out, and it left a sour taste in Atrix’s mouth sometimes. Just once she’d like to see them settle things like this on the ship.

Humanoid customs were dull sometimes. It was something Atrix still had trouble dealing with….
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Magali inhaled deep through her nose, taking it this new olfactory scent of freedom. It smelled like one of the cleaner of the ships she'd been rented off to, but in this one she would never have to spread her legs for another unless she chose to. She watched the pilot and the other nice redhead disappear into their own rooms with a small smile. They were a cute couple, really, and one she was thankful for. The way she saw it, Fikri had saved them, and Rosalind provided the means for him to do it. She, like Fikri, was a hero. The latter of which disappeared as soon as they entered the ship. Her ears drooped again as she wondered at his story.

“Honestly, amigo? Our crew isn't that big, and this is a new ship. There's enough space for everyone to have their own rooms, but a few of us are coupling up, so there's even more room. It's a new ship, so few have claimed their rooms. Far as I can tell, any of these are ripe for the taking. You won't offend anyone,” Mendez shrugged, exuding the usual air of simply rolling with the punches and leaned against the wall. He wasn't going to retreat to his own room until the guests have been taken care of and settled. “Yes, we have, but his wound is fresh. Let him mourn in peace. I'll probably check up on the gato later, but for now I assume he just wants to be alone. I know we've all seen some shit. I wake up every day just thankful for the fact that I haven't been devoured yet. Trust me, I get it. But everyone has their own story, their own experiences, si? And everyone handles those experiences differently. Nokra, lemme ask you something, you ever been in love? I mean...really, really in love? Well, Fikri has. And that love is dead.” He shuddered, remembering the sight of the woman bleeding purple. There was still some purple in the old ship that just...wouldn't come up.

“Well, uh. Anyway, that being said, I'm not leaving the two of you to flounder just yet, however, I'll be in the kitchen and I'll make enough for three. Just pop in whenever you're hungry, si?” With that, Mendez did make his way over to the kitchen, leaving the two felis to decide where they wanted to stay. To him, it wasn't that much of a big deal. Aside from the big room that Riola and Rosalind rightfully claimed, the rest of the rooms were uniform. It wouldn't matter at all which they chose. To Magali though, this decision was huge. She had the opportunity for her own room, a thought terrifying in and of itself. Of all of those terrible nights being a slave, she knew she could always come home to Nokra. He'd always been there. There wasn't a night that she had spent alone since she was kitten.

“If-if-if you don't mind...could we...could we share?” she squeaked, looking up at Nokra through the tops of sheepish eyes. “I've...I've never slept on my own before...”

Rosalind offered her partner a sleepy smile. The man looked as ragged as she felt, and she was glad that the day was now finally winding to a close. She'd spent three cycles awake, and through all of it troubles threatened, or did, come. Now, she was just going to pray nothing knew they were on Hazoo, and if they did, not knowing about her brand new ship. She clambered into bed beside the Edensian and stroked his cheek just before planting a kiss in that spot, “Ah'll be 'ere when ye wake, love.”

Now alone, Fikri looked at his bags on the floors and sighed. It seemed he would be carrying baggage from here on out, the baggage of the one surviving lover being the heaviest to carry around. A sour metallic taste lingered on his tongue as he bit back tears. This would be the room that he'd be able to share with Vail had she still been with them. He could imagine her sitting on his bed in meditation, silently, as he himself worked noiselessly on a painting or sketch. One of the canvases that sat propped up in the corner was done in that exact same scenario, and it was one that Fikri hoped never to forget. She was so beautiful, peaceful, wise. Far from perfect, she'd learned from her mistakes. He only hoped he could do the same.

He sat back against the door, fumbling for the pyramid. Almost dropping it once, he corrected himself and twisted the top. He leaned back letting the feeling of love wash over him. It was warm, enveloping, and all he could see as he closed his eyes was Vail's face, smiling back at him. He could almost reach out and touch those smooth cheeks. This was where he could meet her again, if only in his dreams.

The bags could wait.

Ashi was, at this point, a bloodied mess. Her arms no longer did any measure for protection, at least one of them mangled beyond any movement. She'd taken hits to almost every part of her body and she could see the lights of the club swirling about behind her cloudy vision. Perhaps her taunt was ill-placed, but the crowd certainly seemed to enjoy it. She couldn't find it in her to answer Shaldag's question, any words she would have tried to muster came out in a strangled choke.

The crowd turned into an amorphous mass surrounding her, alien tongues and Galactic Common coming together in a blur of unintelligible noise. If they were taking bets on her survival, she no longer cared. Tenn seconds left, Shaldag. You gonna sock, you might make this one your best shot, were the only words Ashi could make out. The end was near, but the worst was coming.

When his fist made connection with her kneecap, she instantly sat up screaming, tears running down her face. Pain coursed through her entire body as her eyes snapped open with sudden clarity. Her leg was now as useless as her arm, and any other wounds that she'd received now faded into the background. Please let it be over, please, please, please...
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Nokra flinched for a moment when it came to the point Mendez had tried to make to the Felis. Fikri had lost a lover, and not some sorta random fling. Someone more akin towards a soulmate. It was something that made him instantly look over towards Magali while she looked around and came to from her daze. The thought of her being dead or dying made his blood boil and his hair on her ears stood on end while his tail twitched back and forth. "You take the risk of getting eaten though. Thats...Love I guess. But it's still no excuse for Fikri. He should be happy she's at least at rest, and not enduring shit like we've dealt with." He said, lashing a bit of his anger out. Sure, the felis he loved, Mags, was alive. But to spend almost every night standing guard...Watching...Having to smile and be pleasant to the men and women who used Magali?

He would have rather have been blind.

"Whatever though. I can't bring him out of his misery. And I'm pretty sure he wants to fucking hit me." A small pause. "I'll be easier on him, fine. I'll break his neck if he tried anything funny with Mags anywho." He said as Mendez retreated off towards the kitchen, Nokra craning his head towards Magali as she squeaked out her question. "You know I'd never say no, Mags. Bunk mates and such for life, right?" He said, trying to force an ounce of chipperness in his voice. "We can share a bed too, or if you want your own, I can bunk on the floor. It's what you want now, Mags. Promise." The girl had a chance now. Something he was left without. Her manners and her training? At the very least she could own and build something beautiful. Nokra? He was a gladiator. The only thing he was thought was to ruin everything...

"Hey, Mags. I know we're free and all. But I wanna ask. You still wanna..uh, like..Be friends and such?" He asked, the Felis rubbing his neck. "Just scared of losing the only constant now in my life considering we can. Do whatever, I guess."


"Holy shit, the bitch did it!"

The crowd whooped and cheered and they moved over to help Ashi and try their best to tend to any sort of cuts and wounds, only for Shaldag to shove a few away, and pull one of the intravenous lines from his own neck, and plunge it into Ashi's arm. If there was something invented to stem the flow of pain for someone as diminutive as Ashi, it was painkillers that put an Ogrunu at ease. The large, behemoth of a man soon scooped her up in arms that had brought about beating she endured, and Shaldag raised a brow. "Welcome to the gang, Ashi. Guess I'm soft in my old age. You're still alive." He teased.

Hyun and Atrix were soon looming over her; Hyun's deathglare morphed into a sign of relief and tired worry. "Holy shit, Ashi. Thought you were fuckin' gone when he did that last one. Was worried I'd have to feed you to the eight-armed cunt next to me." Atrix shot a side glare at Hyun, before tapping and rubbing Ashi's temples with her upper limbs. "Well, if you die you're already tenderized, I suppose."
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Mendez smirked, shaking his head as he disappeared into the kitchen. Fikri wouldn't do a damn thing Magali, and he doubted that he'd even try to hurt Nokra. After all, he'd acted rather...out of character when freeing the two. Generally, he was one to shrink to the sidelines, acting only when prompted. But, he'd freed two slaves. He had to hand it to the guy, it took guts. Guts that Mendez wasn't sure he had until he remembered who he was courting. The thought in and of itself caused a sense of nervousness.

He let the debate rage on in his head as he opened cupboards trying to figure out just where everything was, grunting with satisfaction when he came across ingredients that Fikri no doubt had grabbed before going to the club. Amazingly, he had everything he needed to make one his favorite meals that his mother used to make him, but now he'd be making it for three rather than just himself.

Magali shook her head, “You're not a slave anymore, right? We both are free? Neither of us will sleep on the floor. I won't...I won't accept that. If-if we can share the bed, I think I would like that. At least, until we get used to being free.” Now she was looking up at him, a small but hopeful smile on her face. The pair could hear Mendez doing whatever he was doing in the kitchen, but save for that, there was silence. It was the stillest Magali could remember her surroundings being since her first owner. After that, it was the club life. If she wasn't stationed with her pricetag prominently displayed in front of her amidst the sweat and noise of the club, she was being led towards one of the private rooms where there was often some other music designed to mask any groans from neighboring rooms. It was...peaceful.

Now, however, the felis' brow furrowed and her ears wilted. As if not being friends had ever crossed her mind. “Nokra, if I can help it, I don't ever want to be away from you. You've been there for me from the beginning. You've been...you've been my...my everything through all of this. I'm here because of you. It was looking forward to seeing you that got me through Master's most difficult clients...” She bowed her head and sniffled, hurt by the fact that he would think she would even consider abandoning him. Her eyes were still on the ground when she said, “I don't want to do whatever unless it's with you..”

Ashi gasped as the liquid gushed into her veins, sending instant relief across her body. The waves of pain ceased immediately, her shattered kneecap and broken arm fading into the background and all she could see was the face of the man that had beaten her to a bloody pulp—and also ensured her survival in the gang. She managed a smile, “Thank you, Shaldag. For...for everything.” The pain was gone, but she could feel the warmth from the bit of flesh that was left on the man, and the cold of his metal arms swaddling her like an infant. She tried to stay focused on his face to keep from looking down at her own broken body. If there was anything she didn't want, it was for the members of her new gang to see her crying.

She blinked up keeping the smile on her face when she saw her girlfriend. Despite the fact that it was her, technically, that ordered this kind of beat down, the word still held its due. She was no longer single. Further, she was taken by a woman of her choosing. “I'd rather not be eaten...if...if that's okay with you,” Ashi murmured, closing her eyes for a bit longer than a standard blink and sighing, letting the Terskix rub her temples. If she was being honest, it felt nice, though she would have preferred those hands to be Hyun's. She didn't bother trying to move though, which was good as she probably wouldn't be able to much if she did.

“Do I...Do I even want to know how bad the damage is?”
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"Not a slave, but there's no harm in sleeping on the floor. I'm accustomed to it." Nokra replied with a shrug of his shoulders. The sudden burst of reality hit him. They were free, but now came the burden of having to pay for things. Glancing around the silent, dead ship all he saw was the sudden financial burden. Were they gonna have to pay the redheaded pilot? Did they have to pay for food? How were they gonna get money? All those worries faded for a moment when he saw Magali's wilted demeanor and sudden brow-furrowing. She didn't look happy. " No no, I know what you mean. I just...I dunno. I worried that us hanging together was just convenience. It's weird being free. With you. I didn't think it would ever happen. I don't know what exactly to say to stay together or anything, haha. " Nokra stammered, before moving over to her and pulling her into a hug. "If you wanna stay together...I'll stay. After all, Mags. Can't have you running around with people who'd wanna snatch you up again. Especially now that you and me are free.

"Look, let's go pick ourselves a good room then. Lets nab a room with a big window, do we can look out at all the space we can explore when we want now." Nokra offered, beaming at her and wriggling an errant an ear to try and make her snicker. "Who knows, we can be neighbors with the spider who was petting you and her boyfriend or something." The thought of being neighbors with Atrix and Mendez made him sour up inside. The last thing he needed to hear was the duo going at it. Or the day he'd walk into Atrix nibbling on Fillet of Mendez.


With the crowd starting to disperse a little after the rounds of celebration, Hyun moved over towards Ashi and took over Atrix's rubbing, the Chuzizian making sure her little Daoweian girl was getting the attention she so deserved, and leaned in to flash Ashi. Spot of cleavage while she planted a smooch on the girl's head. "Trust me. You talked shit and Shaldag made sure to leave a lasting impression on your body. You're not gonna be walking or fuckin' yourself with your arm anytime soon." Taking hold of the broken arm, Hyun dangled it a little to show Ashi, Atrix shaking her head and fighting back a bit of snorting and snickering.

Shaldag took a deep, slow breath and hefted the girl gently in his arms. "Don't thank me. This was the easy part. Once we get you inked and people know you're a ganger? Shit is gonna be rough. You're gonna get looks now. And maybe a few rivals might jump you. Gonna have to watch your back a little better." It was blunt honestly that he wanted the girl to understand before she even took a step outside. You could hide royalty. You couldn't hide the fact you were essentially Hyun's goon anymore. I also broke your leg with that last punch. Don't call me a bitch."

Atrix offered to take the girl, Shaldag declining. "Rosa and everyone else bunkered in the ship for tonight. I am more inclined to stay here for now. A break from other humanoids is a nice change." She said, glancing over to the tiny conclave of other Terskixians in one of the darker lit tables. Hyun shrugged at the spider. "Find a room here and take it. Don't eat my boys and we're good too. I can send one of the Falsheen girls in there if you're hungry. They piss me off."


-----3 hours from Hazoo-----

Viora looked towards the being clad in a blackened suit as it drifted dormant in the vat of chemicals in a medtube. It had taken so long. And days of nonstop work and. Unscrupulous Edensian medical science. But another weapon was formed and ready for prototype field testing. Viora sighed and finished a dataslate of paperwork she designated for herself, before shipping it off with the Daoweians. She was alone once more, left with a sudden, splitting headache that she could only assume came from her new project.

"Calm down. The pain will subside. We have come to an arrangement. You make my problems disappear, the slaving implants get removed." Viora spoke, looking towards the tube, only for the reply to be a streak of white hot pain that nearly made the blue-haired Edensian fall out of her chair. There were no words that filled her head, as the Onovoze she had brought back was want to do for communication. Something had taken hold of whatever grasp of sanity she had left when Viora restored her.

Whatever bit of good left in the woman known as Vail, was left to rot away when Viora brought her back. The only emotions that escaped that tube were rage and a malevolent streak that made even the Edensian question just how much of a liability she would be if she decided on going through with all the anger Nu-Vail exuded.

"We're going to be arriving soon. People will expect you to let you examine them before you can finalize our deal with a bit of field testing." Came Viora's next statement, the Edensian quirking her brow with no response. "...The renegades you followed might be there."

That was the trigger that caused the entirety of the ship to quake for a few seconds, and the medtube to crack and shatter, leaving the black-clad girl on her knees and wheezing through a mask. Viora looked down towards the creeping medical fluid, and crossed a leg over the other, so only one of her boots would be soaked. "Restore the lab, Vail. We both will be punished for breaking equipment..."

Nu-Vail let out a small, high-pitched howl before the glass sizzled and reformed back on the medtube; purple eking out from two slits where eyes should have been in her mask as she did so.

"...Good girl."
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