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Default What was the last movie you saw?   #1  
As the title says.. Ready GO! ;D
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Default   #2   Ginger Ginger is offline
Wedding Crashers!
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RedWineDrinker RedWineDrinker is offline
Ho! Miscreant!
Default   #3  
The Ninja Scrolls
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Default   #4   Kasolyna Kasolyna is offline
7 Year Itch, definitely hilarious with a sweet ending.
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Lucid: Lucid: is offline
The ever amazing cap'n obvious
Default   #5  
I saw The Hunger Games last night. 8D
It was most excellent.

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Default   #6   Quiet Man Cometh Quiet Man Cometh is offline
We're all mad here.
Black Death.

Sean Bean appears to be the go-to guy for burly knight guys.
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Reyoki Reyoki is offline
Best thing since cheese-in-a-can!
Default   #7  
Harold and Maude!

Oh, wait... did you mean in a theater?

The Woman in Black

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Default   #8   Quiet Man Cometh Quiet Man Cometh is offline
We're all mad here.
If it's theater, then I think it was Watchmen.
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NikkoGallarado NikkoGallarado is offline
Capitan Marvelous~!
Default   #9  

I saw Tin Tin XD;;;

I am the manry-est of men!

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Default   #10   Crevan Crevan is offline
The Elusive Fox
The Hunger Games..

Totally awesome..
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** For the next week to two weeks, my random disappearing may also be do to me having to take out our new dog. She is not house trained yet and Hubby isn't home to help.
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XAllurcore XAllurcore is offline
Two Fish
Default   #11  

Happy Feet 2. :D
Old Posted 03-27-2012, 12:01 AM Reply With Quote  
Default   #12   Ginger Ginger is offline
Nanny McPhee Returns.. it was on tv and turned out better than I thought it would
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HABIT HABIT is offline
More Magic
Default   #13  
Whisper of the Heart I believe was the last movie I saw.
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Default   #14   Zach Zach is offline
Dirty Hobo
The Hunger games it wasn't to bad.
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momo the peachy momo the peachy is offline
Default   #15  
One I saw was a Japanese movie called Higanjima (I think?) It was about these group of high school friends who get trapped on this mysterious island, where all the inhabitants are vampires. Hungry vampires. Lols. The lead vampire looked like a Japanese Lady Gaga :D It's an awesome movie, if you like vampires.
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Default   #16   Permafrost Permafrost is offline
Fresh meat :D
Whisper of the Heart, though I think I may before going to sleep today watch See No Evil again. That's the movie with the wrestler Kane.
Massy Deacon Mule
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