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It's over 9000!
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I had to google that and it said something about natural phenomena. x'D

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Default   #18   Okirin Okirin is offline
I said I was happy to have this meal with my parents and my brother's family, but I lied to them. I'm sorry, I don't feel good about speaking with my brother, although I'd love to see my little niece.

I'm tired of beeing a target for him, never good enough, I can't take it and smile as if I don't care. Still, I know I'll force myself to be nice and I'll just feel like sh*t as soon as they'll be gone. I hope sunday will be over fast.
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Awen Moonshine Awen Moonshine is offline
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I had my second session of physio for my back today, but I lied about doing my stretches... I know that I should do them but there is no space in this house to do anything and most of my time is eaten by looking after the little one or going out to do something... What spare time I do have I want to spend relaxing on the sofa rather than doing something that I feel uncomfortable and stupid doing...

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Default   #20   CycloneKira CycloneKira is offline
Two Fish
I love you but you're taking up too much brain space. Get out. Now.
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an evil, possessed, psycho doll
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I was asked earlier if I was feeling well today after looking pale, I lied to the person. I was feeling light headed, my joints hurt, my stomach hurt, my back hurt, my kidneys felt like they where being jabbed, my lungs felt like they where being squeezed and my heart felt like it was ready to explode.

I lied, because I didn't want the person to worry to much and know even now if they knew how I was really feeling it would hurt them and worry them.
Originally Posted by Trakadon
I give you the right to yell at anyone that breaks my RP rules >:U
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Default   #22   CycloneKira CycloneKira is offline
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My brother is so dense, yet he realizes I'm spending too much time thinking about you. Do you realize how serious that is? And the worst part, you're completely oblivious to how I feel. Acting like a little kid, what are you thinking? I can't do this anymore. I'm almost reaching breaking point right now. There's only little more of this that I can tolerate. After that Ill snap. Will you realize then?
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Problem to the Solution
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It's taken me years to step out of the Roleplayers' thread because I have a fear of posting in main areas on forum sites, mostly because I feel like the lack of tone in text makes what I say come off as offensive or hostile.
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Default   #24   KytchynWitche KytchynWitche is offline
Gastromage First Class
I know I'm not, that is, we're not ready for kids, but I'm secretly a little disappointed that I'm not pregnant after all.

The Trisphite formerly known as Apagracia
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Chloe Chloe is offline
Gothic Princess
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I don't understand why my mom and grandfather are so negative about the job I got, it's money coming in which I can use to take the college course I want next year and it's get me out of the house 2 hours for five days a week.

Also I keep questioning if a relationship I am in is really working out. I have someone else I would like to get serious with but I am hesitant. I just don't want a repeat of the last time I thought I had something with someone, it hurts when the person poofs on you and you have no clue what is going on.

edit: I feel like the same thing is happening again as on another game, I will be pushed to the back burner again. Makes me wonder if it's worth trying anymore when in truth I get ignored more and more over other people these days... or maybe my interest is just no longer there.

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Please let me know on here if adding to Discord. It's probably the best way to get in touch with me - it's on my systems and phone. :)

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Default   #26   Awen Moonshine Awen Moonshine is offline
Double Rainbow
I made my second sale yesterday, so why don't I feel happier...?

In memory of Dorian Floyd Corkin 18/04/2007 - 31/07/2007

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Lucifox Lucifox is offline
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It's been five years since you told me you loved me. Since then you've done nothing but lie, cheat, steal, and abandon me over and over again. Even after all of that I'm willing to give you another chance and that kills me inside. So you don't know yet but I'm looking at other states to move to, I can't handle the pain you bring me much longer.
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Default   #28   Espy Espy is offline
I wish I could come out to you, but....that seems like an utterly horrible idea, and you'll likely just dismiss it as a phase or something anyways.
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Karastorm Karastorm is offline
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worried sick that m Diagnoses of a Vitamin D defecinty is related to a bowl disorder. It sounds horrible but I don't want to be as ill as my brother, I feel sorry for him as there's so little we can do to help and just watch him suffer on a bad day.Since I have simular pains when I go for a number two I'm now scared it's the same fate for my self. I can't even begin to think what if anything a child of mine would end up with medical wise when t omes to problems as so many run in m family.
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Default   #30   Den Den is offline
I’m just really tired, okay?
I don't want to do this job anymore. I hate how my creativity and desire to make things has nosedived since starting, and I hate how stressful it is, but I'm trapped until I can land a different job.
I use They/Them pronouns.

Originally Posted by Gallagher
i'm not being biased, den just speaks my language
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It's over 9000!
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My mom is getting really annoying today in regards to me. My brother is selling his old desk top to my dad and building himself a new one, and my dad is going to give me this one to use. Well my mom is b**ching about how my dad said he wouldn't buy us anymore computers but yet my dad is giving me a computer he'll have no more use for. My mom has said numerous times that she's not going to stick her nose in deals and stuff we make with our dad, yet here she is f**king b**ching about it and trying to make me feel bad when all she's doing is p***ing me off because I wasn't even the one making this deal with my dad! It was my brother making the deal with him, so her b**ching about it to me is null and void and just plain stupid. She's trying to make it seem like I'm making out like a bandit because of it when the entire time I've had a computer shoved in my room on MY desk regardless of whether I wanted it in my room or not, and restricted so that I basically can't do a d**n thing with it! But she just thinks my dad is spoiling me when my dad sees it as a why of recycling the d**n thing instead of just getting rid of it. And then as soon as my dad gets home she's all 'Well I have nothing to do with this so I'm not going to say anything'. BULL SH**!!!!! Not to mention she thinks its all fine and dandy when she can spend thousands of dollars on her kids and grandkids because my dad is nice like that, but throws a f**king sh** fit any time we get a hand me down item from our dad or he buys something less than thirty f**king dollars for us. Hypocrite much? My friend calling her a couch whale is very fitting, that's all she does all day is sit on the d**n couch watching tv, yet thinks she has the right to tell people how to use or spend their money when she can't even do f**king addition! >.<

Oh and one time she threw a f**king fit when my dad gave me his old iPod for my birthday. FOR MY F**KING BIRTHDAY! How much more f**king selfish can a person get? My dad had already bought himself a new one, my mom doesn't even use her d**n MP3 player and my dad knows I'll at least use it, so he gave it to me for my birthday since I asked for a MP3 player that was bigger then my 200 something megabyte one.

Okay, rant over. >>; I tried to sensor everything as best I could. Yes, this is built up stress. =.=;

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Default   #32   Prince Fawn Prince Fawn is offline
Fresh meat :D
i am very jealous often times and i constantly worry that i will end up alone and lonely because i am never good enough nor am i a very likeable person. im afraid that all my friends simply tolerate me and that if i dont make an extra effort to be with them they will abandon me. i fear that my family is just burdened to put up with me and even if they say they care about me its just because they have to. i am not the way people see me and im scared that if theyd learn who and how i really am they will toss me aside. i can joke about things that bother me or that are very important to me and i do because im afraid to be resigned for them. sometimes i think about who i am as a person and wonder if i really am me or maybe i just imagine all my problems in order to make me feel special in some way.
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