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Smile [S] Ascen. Fenrir Bundle (inc.) + Incog. Dacorum Bundle (com.)   #1  
Selling Ascended Fenrirs Bundle and Incognito Dacorums Bundle.
Fenrirs Bundle is missing the Undershirt and Legtie.
Dacorums Bundle is complete.
I dont really know how much to sell them for so, offer~?
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Lynx Rufus
You need to change your selling titles... you are selling ascended fenrir's bundle and incognito Dacorum's bundle.

Fenrir's and Dacorum's bundles are from the Taskal war and are rare and valuable. You don't want accidentally mislead people and then end up with 2 disgruntled people (yourself and the buyer).
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Oh, I had no idea~
Thank you :)
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Lynx Rufus
Welcome, and typically you can times the cost of the bundle by 40 to 60 au per soul (going rate) then for incomplete bundles divide it by how many items are in it that it what a piece of the bundle goes for.
So your Fenrir costs 40 souls and has 16 pieces (i think i counted right) so on a 40 au value you would be selling it for 1.4k au..... I just realized how much math that is.. and that AFB has a lot of items.
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