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Default Welcome Wagon: Rules and Guidelines   #1  

[top]Welcome to the Welcome Wagon Forum!

This forum is for those of you that might be new to the world of Trisphee. Here, you can post your introductions and be welcomed by Trisphites; you can find giveaways for newer users; and you can find mentors at various adoption threads. If you have a question, you can always check the Trisphee FAQ to see if there is an answer.

[top]Important Threads:


General Posting Guidelines
What Goes Where?
How do I know what colored name is which?
The Report System and You
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[top]General Posting Guidelines

For a more in depth explanation of the rules, please check Trisphee's official rules, here. All of these rules apply to this forum, and by posting, you agree to follow these rules.

Some general rules to follow in this forum are:


  • Multiple Posting: A user may not post more than twice in a row in a thread. The use of alternate accounts to appear to circumvent this rule will result in disciplinary action. If you accidentally triple-post, contact a moderator. Exceptions: The previous rule may be relaxed for shop threads, where the creator may make multiple posts at the beginning of the thread to reserve content, and for personal "hangout" or "blog" threads, where additional posts with sufficient content may be made after a reasonable amount of time has passed (generally a day).
  • "Bumping": It is not permitted to post in a thread only for the purposes of keeping it active. All posts are expected to have relevant content (see "Spam", below).
  • Duplicate Threads: Users intending to create a new thread are expected to look for other threads about the same topic. A thread duplicating an existing, active thread will be locked. An "active" thread is considered to be any thread that has been posted in during the previous week or remains on the front page of the forum's thread list.
  • "Necroposting": Trisphee does not prohibit posting in old, inactive threads, but new posts in these threads will be held to a higher standard of scrutiny when judging whether a post has sufficient content to be considered non-spam. For example, posting in an inactive thread to simply express agreement with the content is considered spam and the post may be deleted.
  • Duplicate Posts / Cross-Posting: No post may be made in multiple threads. Copying a post into another thread is considered spam and the post may be deleted.
  • Thread Ownership: The creator of a thread is only considered its owner for blog, hangout, shop, quest, charity, and similar threads. Threads about topics of public interest are for the use of all users and the original poster has no special privileges.
  • Permitted Language: Trisphee is primarily an English-language site and most moderators speak only English. Posting in foreign languages is permitted but the poster must ensure that moderators will be capable of understanding the content, either by confirming that the section moderator speaks the language or by posting an English-language translation. Foreign language posts without translation may be removed without warning.


All content rules apply to posts, signatures, private messages, and visitor messages.
  • "Spam": Posts in the Trisphee forums are expected to contain relevant content. Posts containing only single words or emoticons are prohibited. Advertising products or other websites in posts is prohibited. Posts that are meaningless/nonsensical, off-topic/irrelevant, or disruptive may be deleted and the offending poster may be disciplined.
  • Exception: Posts in sections designated as "game" forums may have less content as long as it participates in the thread's specified game.
  • External Links: Links to other sites are permitted but the linked site must comply with the content and behavior rules of Trisphee. Shock sites, pornography, advertising, illegal content, and other inappropriate sites may not be linked. All links must clearly and accurately state what is being linked to. Linking to the referral page of any site, including Trisphee, is prohibited.
  • Advertising: Advertising commercial products, other websites, or services is prohibited in posts. Advertising your own site or service in your signature is permitted within reason.
  • Copyright Infringement: All materials posted must be the property of the poster or must include proper attribution and credit. Plagiarism, "art theft", and other similar actions are prohibited.

[top]Post Formatting

  • Text Color and Size: For the sake of users with visual difficulties, all text must be readable. Using colors that contrast poorly with the background color or very small font sizes is prohibited for post body text. These colors and sizes are permitted for effect for small portions of text but may not be used to conceal content that would be otherwise prohibited.
  • Post "Flobs": Images and formatting applied before and/or after your posts for style reasons must be small and unobtrusive. The general rule of thumb is that the combined size of this post formatting with no content must not be larger than a completely empty post (that is, 350 pixels). The spirit of this rule is that the focus of a post should be on the content, not on the formatting around it.


  • Begging: Begging for items or currency is prohibited in posts, signatures, private messages, and visitor messages. Quests are permitted in the appropriate section. Linking to your quest thread in your signature is permitted.
  • "Phishing" or Scamming: Attempting to deceive other users for the purposes of acquiring items, currency, passwords, favors, etc. is explicitly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action.
  • Harassment: Harassment is explicitly prohibited. This includes posting of intentionally inflammatory messages in threads, private messages, visitor messages, or signatures, as well as stalking or persistently contacting another user against their will. Other behaviors may be deemed as harassment at the discretion of Trisphee staff. Harassment of any kind will result in disciplinary action.
  • "Name-dropping": As a special case of the previous rule, publicly criticizing other users by name is explicitly prohibited.
  • "Off-siting": Trading Trisphee items and/or currency for items and/or currency on another site or game is prohibited.
  • "Botting": Using any computer program or other automated means to perform actions on the Trisphee website is prohibited. All actions, including creating accounts, posting, trading, playing games provided by Trisphee, and buying and selling items or currency, must be done by a user.
  • Fraud and Hacking: Any attempts to acquire currency, items, or other account benefits in violation of the usual means are prohibited and will result in disciplinary action and possibly legal action.
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[top]What Goes Where?

If you're a new user, or just want a refresher course, you may be wondering where is the most appropriate place for you to make a thread. Here are some more common examples that should help you out:
  • New users can introduce themselves in the The Welcome Wagon.
  • For asking questions, giving feedback, or reporting errors, you would use the Help & Support forum.
  • To discuss the forms, techniques, materials for both art and writing, as well as get feedback on your own works, you would use the Art & Writing forum.
  • For talking about anything relating to technology (consoles, games, computers, digital media, etc.), you would use the Games & Tech forum.
  • To make a hang out thread for your friends or about a specific topic, you would use the Club House forum.
  • To create a charity or quest thread, you would use the Quests & Charities forum.
  • To discuss general topics, you would use the Central Square forum; to specifically talk about Trisphee-related topics, you would use then Trisphee Talk forum instead.
  • To make an art shop, a freebie thread, or host an art auction, you would use the Artist Alley forum.
  • To make a shop for buying or selling items, you would use the Want to Buy or Want to Sell forums.
  • To roleplay, you would use the Roleplayers' Realm forum; you can also use the Private Roleplay subforum to find something more invite-only.
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[top]How do I know what colored name is which?

The staff colors have recently been changed to the following: Admin, Admin Assistant, Coder, Moderator, Artist/Pixelist, and Writers.

So, who do I go to for...?
  • Admins are the heads of the site and can handle anything, but unless the issue is extremely urgent, you should contact a moderator first.
  • Admin Assistants assist the admins in day-to-day forum-related duties and oversee the various usergroups.
  • Coders are the ones who implement new features and take care of the site maintenance. Like admins, unless it is an emergency, please contact a moderator first.
  • Moderators are the staff that keep the forums organized and free of Terms of Service (ToS) violations. If you have a problem on the forums, a moderator should be the first step in contacting staff.
  • Artists/Pixelists are both pixelists and item/character designers. They are no longer moderators, however, so if you need assistance, please contact a moderator.
  • Writers are much like artists - they help create the plot of Trisphee. They are no longer moderators, however, so if you need assistance, please contact a moderator.
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[top]The Report System and You

As you spend time on Trisphee, you may run across something that is in the wrong place or that violates Trisphee's Rules and Guidelines or Terms of Service.

Where can I find the report button?
Reporting something is a simple process! On posts, the report button () is right next to the quote / multi-quote option. It's harder to find on private messages, but it appears right above the name when you read one.

So, how do I report a thread, post, or private message?
To report a post: simply click on the report button on the post you want to report. Enter the reason you're reporting the post and be as clear and concise as possible. Once you're finished, click the submit button.

To report a thread: simply report the first post and explain in the reason why the thread needs to be reported. Again, please be as clear and concise as possible. When finished, hit the submit button to send the report.

To report a PM: simply click on the report button while in the PM you're reporting. Enter an explanation and hit submit to send a report.
What about profile comments?
Profile comments are a little different, as they don't have a report icon like the others. Instead, it's just a text link that goes to the same report page. You can find it next to the 'View Conversation' link.

What does the report screen look like?
The screens all look similar, with minor differences. To see them in full, please click on the smaller images below:

What happens after I submit my report?
After you submit your report, it is sent to the assigned moderators (if it was a post or thread) or sent to all moderators if it was a profile comment or private message. From there, staff can review the report and take action if necessary.

* Keep in mind that just because you do not receive a reply that says they handled your report doesn't mean they haven't handled it. Moderator actions are private and between the user and the moderator.
What if I'm unsure whether or not this should be reported?
If you're unsure as to whether or not something should be reported, you can send a PM to any moderator or admin. We will get back to you and let you know.

Can I post an issue on a staff member's profile comments?
Absolutely not. Profile comments are not for staff-related business and should not be used for such. If you need to involve a moderator in something, send them a PM instead.

Who can I report things to?
Please report issues via the report system or send a private message to a moderator. If the issue needs the involvement of another group, it will be brought to their attention.

What if I have a problem with a moderator or member of staff?
If you have a problem with a member of staff, please bring it to the attention of an admin. They will handle the report and pass it on higher if need be.

Should I tell people that I've reported them?
When you report a user, you should then let the issue drop. If you need to add them to your ignorelist, then do so. Telling a user that they have been reported only leads to more conflict and does nothing to solve the problem.
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