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Default Save me Coda! (Chromebook nao)   #1  
On a note: my digital camera works with this chromebook my friend got me.

I have a dell inspirion chromebook....I also have a bluetooth speaker that was working with it with random disconnects. That's fine. Now, a random disconnect happened, it did not reconnect, but bluetooth says the speaker is connected until you click the cog to see more settings. It says it isn't there and cannot find the device. My phone can see the device so I know the device is still broadcasting signal.

What do?

(Coda, you're the main person who replies so....yeah, plz save me. I can't adapt to technology...and google wants to only give me results on how to connect bluetooth)

Edit: Resetting like the people on chromebook forums helped for a few hours, but it has done it again.
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So... I don't have a lot of good news for you. Bluetooth is a messy thing in general. NOTHING has perfect Bluetooth support. Android phones have the best, Apple phones are in second place, and computers and laptops are hit and miss.

I'm not going to say it's hopeless, though, because there's stuff that can be tried.

Not tonight, though. I happened to check the forums right before I went to bed. I'll get back to you.
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I know it is, but part of it is the laptop, which it might be the bluetooth software or whatever handles it....and not the actual hardware...but idk

But if I restart it will show that the bluetooth is disabled or enabled and show when I change it...when this problem happens, it doesn't do that. Dunno if that will help any though.

For now, I have bluetooth off since I am afraid it will mess up entirely again .-.
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