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Default Reference images   #1  
Would anyone happen to have a site or a collection of reference images for long dresses or robes? Mainly trying to find images to help with study of the material and folds, because well.. I need the help haha..


I've been looking on DA mostly but the reference or flow images mainly are short shirts. =/ (or really pointers are welcome, granted this was just a quickie drawing that took like 10-15 minutes nothing over serious).

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Default   #2   Quiet Man Cometh Quiet Man Cometh is offline
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I generally use DA but it can take a while to find something useful as the site is huge. You might try Shutter Stock, or just google images and search for fabric draping along with dresses.
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The easiest way to find stuff like that is on dA. Look for stock image accounts that do a lot of fantasy stuff. You're bound to find something with what you're looking for. Otherwise, unfortunately the best I can suggest is google or something like that. Good luck!
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Check posemaniacs.com. they have poses but it's all muscles.
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Hey, I keep a blog just for stuff like this :P Here's everything I have on fabric and fashion,

this is probably the best post I can find on the subject. It's a tutorial, not a reference, but it works all the same.

And here is my reference tag
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Default   #6   Nexess Nexess is offline
The Mad Scientist
Tumblr fashion dresses or just jab Monmon or Ultima, they both post a lot of things like that, plus Monmon always finds the nicest guides for stuff like this.

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I've always used DA, although I have found that if I know EXACTLY what I'm looking for, I can usually find a good reference picture on etsy, since a lot of people sell clothing there.
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