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    09-10-2020 05:47 PM
    Tam I am
  2. 's Avatar
    09-09-2020 10:23 PM
    Tam I am
    And knowing is half the battle!
  3. 's Avatar
    09-07-2020 09:11 PM
    Tam I am
    LOL Nope. No drowning. Several TF shows include underwater adventures. In one, Optimus is playing submarine.
  4. 's Avatar
    09-06-2020 10:13 PM
    Tam I am
    :D By the end of that part of the episode, he and his two brothers were sitting on the bottom of the reservoir with their chins on their fists.
  5. 's Avatar
    09-03-2020 09:05 PM
    Tam I am
  6. 's Avatar
    08-31-2020 06:51 PM
    Tam I am
    XD X-Brawn was great. In a RP story I and a friend had for awhile we gave him a kitten, who he named Thunder, for its purring.
  7. 's Avatar
    08-30-2020 04:32 PM
    Tam I am
    Like I say, that one was done with humour. Not in every episode, but in a lot of them. And there was a guy who would turn into an SUV and then play Tarzan.
  8. 's Avatar
    08-29-2020 06:34 PM
    Tam I am
    Oh, there've been a couple animated series with that name, and one comic book series. Though the original Japanese name of the first RiD show was 'Car Robot', which fits better, because it was one where the bots didn't hide. It was also hilarious.
  9. 's Avatar
    08-26-2020 06:50 PM
    Tam I am
    :D The 'Robots in Disguise' that was a sequel to 'Prime' started out pretty good too. ...I think that was the name of it.
  10. 's Avatar
    08-25-2020 04:28 PM
    Tam I am
    Minicons. Yeah, 'Armada' was pretty good, other than the terrible dubbing that showed up in places. My favourite TF shows are 'Cybertron' (which is NOT a sequel to 'Armada'. LOL), 'Transformers Animated', and 'Rescue Bots'. Yeah, I know the last one was a spinoff of 'Prime' aimed at little kids, but it had some good stories. (also the one character of any show I've ever had a crush on...)


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