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  1. 's Avatar
    03-05-2022 11:47 PM
    hey there! thanks, i'm not even done with it.
  2. 's Avatar
    07-05-2021 01:37 AM
    I can't believe I made it to trisphee at 12am lmao
  3. 's Avatar
    09-13-2020 02:58 AM
    I found out a couple of people live close to me lol, never happened before. XD Most people on the site I told you about, they used to be on Crysandrea too. I quit before the site went down, so it wasn't a big issue for me, I still chat here and there with the creator of the site though.
  4. 's Avatar
    09-11-2020 09:04 PM
    I sent some extra event items I have, you can keep them ^^ This is Panda.
  5. 's Avatar
    09-11-2020 08:59 PM
    You even know Cinnie! I am her friend on FB since Crysandrea days...
  6. 's Avatar
    09-11-2020 08:58 PM
    Oh my goodness! Time sure went by fast D: SO much memories T.T
  7. 's Avatar
    09-10-2020 08:43 PM
    Oh my goodness, it's been a long time!
  8. 's Avatar
    09-04-2020 10:08 AM
    I don't know that making it more game-like would really help for me, honestly. It might? But ultimately, it'd still be exercising. I dunno. Hard to say. I know that I'm not really big on the dance games for some reason, though I do have some and have played them.

    Either way, as the technology becomes available, it certainly will happen... And it should be reasonably safe, as long as things to look at are kept to a minimum. Have you heard of "Zombies! Run!"? That's an AR fitness game, though the AR part is mostly auditory.
  9. 's Avatar
    09-04-2020 12:11 AM
    Ah, me? I'm a software engineer, primarily. My "real" jobs are usually C++ related, doing different things. I worked for EA Sports for a year, for instance. Outside of that, I mostly play video games, and sometimes draw pictures. I'm not very good at the picture drawing, but I know I'm not bad, either...Though I don't do Trisphee items or anything like that.

    Been trying to exercise more recently, which includes using my bike I've had for years and ridden...Not a lot. lol.
  10. 's Avatar
    09-03-2020 04:03 PM
    :D We'd love to have them.

    I have a small amount of ads set up on the site (they exist only on the front page), but overall I dislike them so very much that I intend on never including much (eventually I'll get rid of the front page one too), and most definitely not doing the Facebook-style targeted ad things.

    We don't need everyone following our every move on the internet.


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