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Conversation Between XoGizmooX and Biomecha
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  1. 's Avatar
    10-10-2020 05:26 PM
    Thank you, but you can save it for the next winner.
  2. 's Avatar
    10-03-2018 07:48 PM
    Yeah I have 7 trades actually and I gotta get my chrome updated n cell update done cuz site keeps crashing when I try and trade but I'll get your prize sent too tonight or tomorrow .....kind of a busy night here
  3. 's Avatar
    10-03-2018 03:00 PM
    Is the trade I sent to you for the birthday raffle still showing up on your end? It's still pending for me and wanted make sure there isn't another weird bug.
  4. 's Avatar
    04-19-2018 11:22 PM
    Anything is fine :)
  5. 's Avatar
    04-19-2018 06:34 PM
    Just wanted to check, do you prefer to be called Gizzie or Gizmo?
  6. 's Avatar
    03-23-2018 01:05 AM
    Thank you for helping me out with the carnival items!
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