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Conversation Between Ginger and Jurinjo
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  1. 's Avatar
    02-21-2020 02:55 PM
    Awe thank you <3
    I hope you're doing well! :3
  2. 's Avatar
    01-26-2020 06:49 PM
    Miss seeing you around~
  3. 's Avatar
    10-06-2018 10:19 AM
    Wow, that is so amazing! I'm super happy for you! It sounds like things are turning around there. <3 Nice job on your credit score!
  4. 's Avatar
    10-04-2018 07:31 PM
    So late but darling it is! And great news boyfriend is feeling his age(ish) and realizing how credit scores is holding us back. Also the revelation in maturity came along not long after we spoke last. Thank heavens and partially cause he...asked me to marry him. I turned in down cause like honey I'm parenting you half the time. He flipped around pretty quick afterwards and still sticking! :D We're actually saving for wedding bands now.

    Back to credits: were' still doing poorly but apparently paying off 3 of my past dues bumped my score up 200.
  5. 's Avatar
    06-23-2017 02:36 PM
    Yeah I went through all of that with my ex boyfriend, but he was pretty good about not using his credit cards for stupid shit. I've always been too cautious with my finances but I feel like it's really important to save, and to have that security.
  6. 's Avatar
    05-10-2017 10:41 AM
    I'd bold the word "sometimes" but it would probably be hard to see in your post format lol

    I go to work, come home and play games (some chores and dinner making). Rest and Repeat. That's mostly all I do since my BF is a spendthrift whom I can't get to stick to a budget, or firmly say no when I get the puppy eyes. >m<; So we never have money cause he spends all the extra on snacks instead of either of our overdue credit bills
  7. 's Avatar
    05-10-2017 12:15 AM
    That's actually really funny. Sometimes I can be so unproductive and get absolutely nothing done.
  8. 's Avatar
    05-09-2017 10:32 AM
    You're so productive I'm a little jealous <3
    Make sure you find time for fun though~!
  9. 's Avatar
    05-05-2017 02:10 PM
    Good to see you! <3 It's been ages. I don't do much RPing anymore, sadly. I'll be preoccupied with schooling and working for a long stretch.
  10. 's Avatar
    05-05-2017 01:20 PM
    Ginger!! <3
    To be honest I can only recall your avatars right now xD;;;
    It saddens me the only profile comments apparently are you missing me.

    Do you RP? I think we only chatted, especially in my favorite (the game forums). But if you do I'm interested in forum RPing again.
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