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Conversation Between Moonshadow and McSwiggins
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  1. 's Avatar
    02-17-2018 11:32 PM
    Not a hell of a lot. Just trying to get thru this winter without losing my mind. If I have seen the sun 10x this winter, it is a lot! I am sorry you've been ill.
    How is the baby?
  2. 's Avatar
    02-11-2018 07:38 PM
    It's okay. I don't log on to websites every day either. I finally got my password for here. :) I am very busy. I have been very sick off and on to. I am glad you logged on as well. Whatcha been up to?
  3. 's Avatar
    02-10-2018 09:58 PM
    OMG! How are you doing? I don't come on Trisphee every day, just from time to time, I'm glad I logged on! How are you doing? Pretty sure you are very busy!
    I am doing great, just can't wait for this dismal winter to be over.
  4. 's Avatar
    02-09-2018 08:19 PM
    Hiya. Howya been?
  5. 's Avatar
    03-29-2017 10:26 PM
    Nice lol
  6. 's Avatar
    03-29-2017 09:58 PM
    Yup Phallus! hahaha and he is totally something.
  7. 's Avatar
    03-29-2017 12:25 AM
    Phallus is the best username ever. Aww. I'm sorry it happened like that for you. :(
  8. 's Avatar
    03-29-2017 12:15 AM
    I was on Ernya for five years! I had an awesome inventory and just a few months before they closed my friend Phallus, that had been there from the beginning gave me almost all his inventory cause he left. So I was pretty heartbroken when it closed.
  9. 's Avatar
    03-29-2017 12:09 AM
    Wow cool! I never was on Ernya, though my daughter was.
  10. 's Avatar
    03-29-2017 12:05 AM
    I have every avi I have ever made saved on my computer. This is from the days of Ernya! I just like revisiting old avis putting them up again and maybe changing things around.
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