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Hello, hello, assorted folk of Trisphee. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Patrick Patrick. You may call me either. I have been granted the honor of announcing the beginning of your Day of Crystalline Nox. This years festivities are detailed below. I do hope everyone enjoys themselves.

I am sure there are questions about the nature of my arrival, and the reasoning behind the "Crystalline" adjective. Luckily, the reasoning is one in the same. There is a plague among the lands of Trisphee, a mystic, ancient curse. A chilled wind blows through once every hundred years, bringing a fast spreading crystal growth that will consume everything in it's path if it is not monitored. It is my duty to keep the crystal under control, and to warn people of its presence. Fortunately the crystal growth that betrays its presence is harmless once destroyed, and quite pretty. So I have taken the liberty of fashioning some fine lanterns from the crystal I've destroyed. I hope you find them as charming as myself.

This year's festival will come to a close on November 9th, midnight EST. Make sure you trade in all your tea lights in time!
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