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Pandora Karsalia 09-04-2012 07:20 PM

Trisphee Official FAQ

Trisphee FAQ

Welcome to the Trisphee Official FAQ! This is a thread a collection of many frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you need, feel free to ask us! We have many helpful and knowledgeable users and staff that can answer your questions.

Table of Contents
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Pandora Karsalia 09-04-2012 07:20 PM

Getting Started

You may be brand new to Trisphee or find you need a refresher course after taking a break. Either way, this section of the FAQ will answer some general questions you may have about Trisphee.

I lost my activation e-mail and cannot activate my account!
Click here and follow the link to resend it. You will have to provide the email address you registered the account with and be able to access it to complete this process.

If clicking the automatic link to activate your account doesn't work, the email should also contain a string of letters/numbers that can be used to manually activate your account. To use them, you would use this page.

If neither step works, please contact an admin and provide the email address that the account is registered with.
What are these random words under my username?
The titles that are located under your username when you post are based on your total post count. To request a custom title, you should request one in the Official Title/Name Change thread or just post around and you may be given one based on your personality.

You can also change your username in that thread. Keep in mind that users are limited to three username and title changes.
What's the most Aurum we can get per post?
There is no actual limit. It depends on how many characters you post. The longer the post is, the more AU it's worth, but the less each character is worth individually. This has the effect of making the difference between a 100-word post and a 200-word post bigger than the difference between a 200-word post and a 300-word post.

However, it is important to note that the Forum Games section has less of an Aurum payout due to the relaxed rules on posting there. For more information on this, check out the Forum Games Rules and Guidelines.
What does the + sign at the end of someone's user name mean?
The + sign appears when you request friendship. It means that they are on your contact list and will appear regardless of their acceptance.

Pandora Karsalia 09-04-2012 07:21 PM


Are there any limits I should know about when posting?
Triple Posting is not allowed here on Trisphee. For example, if you post two times in a row, you must wait for another user to post before you are allowed to post again. You are also not allowed to use a mule account to circumvent this rule. The only exception to this is when a user is setting up a thread that requires multiple posts, such as shops and hangouts.

Quote Towers are also not allowed. When quoting others, please have no more than five quotes per post.
Can I post a link to another site here or is that considered advertising?
Advertising commercial products, other websites, or services is prohibited in posts and signatures. As an exception, you may advertise your own site or service in your signature or in a thread in a forum section designated for such business.
• How do I edit the title of my thread?
There are two ways to edit the title of your thread:
You can edit the first post of your thread and click the 'Go Advanced' button. Once you've changed the title there, then save the post and it should reflect the changed title.

You can also double click to the right of the thread name in the forum listing. The title will pop up in a textbox. You can then edit it from there.
What are the limits for signatures here on Trisphee?
Content: Signatures must obey all content rules and the Trisphee terms of service. Signatures in violation of any rule may be edited or removed.

Maximum Size: Signatures may not exceed the width of the post area and may not exceed 400 pixels in height. Signatures exceeding this limit may be automatically cropped.

Image Size: Images in signatures may not exceed 300 pixels by 300 pixels. Images exceeding this limit may be automatically cropped or resized.

"Clickables": Clickable pets and similar games are only permitted in signatures and/or in forums or threads specifically designated for them. Posting them in any other places is considered off-topic and may be treated as spam. Clickables count towards the four image limit in signatures.
How many Mules can I have?
There is a limit of two mules on Trisphee. You may have your main account as well as two mules. Multiple people in the same household with the same IP address may have their own accounts and their two mules as well. Pretending to have family members on Trisphee just to gain more mule accounts is not allowed.

Pandora Karsalia 09-04-2012 07:21 PM

Currency and Shops

What currency can we obtain on Trisphee?
On Trisphee, there are four types of currencies you can obtain. They are Aurum, Runes, Anka Tokens, and the various event currencies received during events.
Aurum is the main currency of Trisphee, which is gained from posting in the forums. How much you obtain is based on how many characters your post is, but the soft cap is around 50 Aurum per post. Larger posts can net you slightly more, but once you get 50 Aurum, it rises much slower.

Runes are the donation currency here on Trisphee. You can obtain Runes by either by donating to Trisphee or by trading with other users. The conversion rate for runes is $1 for every 10 Runes, but donating to the site will allow you to receive special bonuses when you buy Runes in bulk.

Anka Tokens are a special currency that are awarded for user achievements. The harder the task, the more tokens are rewarded. On the Acheivements page, you can see your completed, in progress, and not started achievements, as well as your total earned achievements. Keep in mind, some achievements are secret and event-centric, so they can always pop up when you least expect it. Anka Tokens cannot be traded between users, but the items purchased by them can be.

Event Currencies are special, event-only currencies that are used in the Event Shop to purchase event items. Event currencies can be obtained from posting events or mini-games and are rarely the same, so you can always expect something different.
Are there any starter items for new users?
Yes! The Pandora starter set can currently be found on in the Threads shop for free. You will see that when you go to purchase them in the shops, their price is set as "Free!".
Before I buy and item, can I preview it?
[INDENT]All you have to do to preview an item is click on the picture of it in the shop. A menu will come up with the shades that the item comes in. From this window, you can preview each shade of the item to get a better idea of how it will look full-size.

Is there a sell back option?
There is. Simply click the Avatar tab to go to your inventory screen. From there, click on the item you want to sell and you should see a 'Sell Back' button to the left of the 'Cancel' button, as well as the Sellback Price. Click the 'Sell Back' button and you're all set.
* Keep in mind that not all items have a sell back price and that you can only sell back items purchased for Aurum. Rune items are non-refundable.
How can I tell which items are male, female, or unisex items?
It's easy! While most items made more recently have a male/female pose built right in by detecting your avatar's gender, some of the older items were designed primarily for males or females. In our shops, we have a filter system which makes this process simple. When in the shops, set the 'Gender' filter to whatever criteria you wish to find. You can search for either all items, items useable by male/female, items that are male/female only, and only unisex items.

Pandora Karsalia 09-04-2012 07:21 PM

Creating Your Avatar

How do I make an Avatar?
That's easy! To make an avatar, you need to do is:
1) Click the 'Avatar' tab on the bar underneath the header.

2) On the Inventory page, select the 'Edit Avatar' link.

3) Select your gender and skin tone from the given options.

4) Use the tabs to find your items. Items that contain more than one color/shade will have a pop-up box that will let you choose between them.

5) Once all the items are on your avatar, you should layer the items any way you want. Layering is one of Trisphee's unique features, so be sure make use of it.
- For a more in depth guide, check out Sei's "Introduction to Avatar Customization"
Where can I find some eyes, hair, other facial/body features for my avatar?
On Trisphee, everything is able to be layered. This includes your eyes, hair, and other facial features. You can even purchase eyes separately so that you can layer them independently.
• Eyes can be found in Trinkets and Tresses.
• Hair can be found in the Salon.
• Other facial/body features can be found in the Body Shop.
• Are there any alternate poses for my avatar?
As of right now, there are no alternate poses for avatars. Eventually, Trisphee may look into having alternate poses.

Pandora Karsalia 09-04-2012 07:22 PM

Miscellaneous Info

There are some questions that don't really fit under any other category. These are what we call miscellaneous information.

Does Trisphee have a Facebook/Twitter/Etc.?
Trisphee can be found on Facebook and Twitter
What are the people of Trisphee called?
We are officially known as Trisphites. Some people, however, refer to us as Trispheans.
What kind of events does Trisphee have?
Trisphee will have unique holidays and events based on it's own calendar, not events based on real world holidays like Halloween, Christmas, etc. Some of the events we've experienced so far include the Nox Nocturnalis, the Taskal War, the Fight for Freedom, and the Transition Event (to tie everything together). If you would like to check out past events, they're located in our Past Celebrations forum
Does Trisphee have any mascots?
Trisphee has three mascots: Anka the Phoenix, who resides on the Kalin, An unnamed dragon who lives on Quesaria, and one other one that has not yet been introduced. Anka, however, would be considered the main mascot of Trisphee.

Pandora Karsalia 09-04-2012 07:22 PM

Beta Information

Closed/Open Beta?
Trisphee's closed beta phase was any date before August 14, 2010. Their open beta was from August 15, 2010 to September 14th, 2010. Trisphee is now fully open (as of September 15th, 2010) so there are no more beta stages.
What are the Beta Items?
Closed Beta testers received an Anka the Phoenix item as well as the Beta Fishes. Everyone who was here before August 15th 2010 recieved these items for free.

Open Beta testers received the Rave Fever and Tech Horns.

Note: There was a temporary re-release of these items when the first yearlies were released for those who were not here to get them during beta. However, that is currently over as well.

Pandora Karsalia 09-05-2012 09:00 PM

The Report System and You

As you spend time on Trisphee, you may run across something that is in the wrong place or that violates Trisphee's Rules and Guidelines or Terms of Service.

Where can I find the report button?
Reporting something is a simple process! On posts, the report button ( is right next to the quote / multi-quote option. It's harder to find on private messages, but it appears right above the name when you read one.

So, how do I report a thread, post, or private message?
To report a post: simply click on the report button on the post you want to report. Enter the reason you're reporting the post and be as clear and concise as possible. Once you're finished, click the submit button.

To report a thread: simply report the first post and explain in the reason why the thread needs to be reported. Again, please be as clear and concise as possible. When finished, hit the submit button to send the report.

To report a PM: simply click on the report button while in the PM you're reporting. Enter an explanation and hit submit to send a report.
What about profile comments?
Profile comments are a little different, as they don't have a report icon like the others. Instead, it's just a text link that goes to the same report page. You can find it next to the 'View Conversation' link.

What does the report screen look like?
The screens all look similar, with minor differences. To see them in full, please click on the smaller images below:

What happens after I submit my report?
After you submit your report, it is sent to the assigned moderators (if it was a post or thread) or sent to all moderators if it was a profile comment or private message. From there, staff can review the report and take action if necessary.

* Keep in mind that just because you do not receive a reply that says they handled your report doesn't mean they haven't handled it. Moderator actions are private and between the user and the moderator.
What if I'm unsure whether or not this should be reported?
If you're unsure as to whether or not something should be reported, you can send a PM to any moderator or admin. We will get back to you and let you know.

Can I post an issue on a staff member's profile comments?
Absolutely not. Profile comments are not for staff-related business and should not be used for such. If you need to involve a moderator in something, send them a PM instead.

Who can I report things to?
All staff on Trisphee have the ability to moderate, but they do so only in emergencies. Please report issues via the report system or send a private message to a moderator. If the issue needs the involvement of another group, it will be brought to their attention.

What if I have a problem with a moderator or member of staff?
If you have a problem with a member of staff, please bring it to the attention of an admin. They will handle the report and pass it on higher if need be.

Should I tell people that I've reported them?
When you report a user, you should then let the issue drop. If you need to add them to your ignorelist, then do so. Telling a user that they have been reported only leads to more conflict and does nothing to solve the problem.

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