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Nox Nocturnalis - Halloween 2016 Event!
Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga
Staff wanted me to say something scary, so brace yourselves, users, here it goes...

Growing up, my family always had many pets. Cats, dogs, birds, what have you. So, of course, I grew quite used to the sound of scratching at my door as I slept.

Now that I live alone, and have no pets, I find the scratching at my door much more difficult to ignore...

And thus, did Trisphee once again celebrate the Earthy holiday of Halloween, and the Trisphee-y holiday of Nox Nocturnalis, in the best way we know how: Fun forum games, and a veritable cornucopia of fancy event items, delivered straight to your inventory every few posts!

We've got Pumpkin Carving!

Crossword Puzzles!

Coloring & Decorating!

Spoooooky Story Telling!

An obligatory Avatar Contest!

And, of course, a vaguely obscene number of new items coming right to your inventory by way of tiny boats with tiny presents!

What's that? You're worried you can't post enough to get the items? Well, you're in luck! Approximately half the items found in the Small Boat Carrying An Even Smaller Present can be purchased directly from the Token Shop for 10 tokens each. And, as always, you will earn tokens with every Achievement unlocked--so, join the event, post around the boards, and you can get those, too!

This event runs from now through Tuesday, 8 November. So, get your items while you can, and have fun! :D
October DIs Released!
Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga

Hey, guess what? October's Donation Items are here! As always, you can find the new items in Archaic Antiquities for 20 Runes each. They'll only be available until November 1st, so hurry and check them out!

The donation items are as follows.

Velvet Skull
Designs - Glitch
Pixels - Glitch
Recolors - Gallagher
Previews - Gallagher

Designs - Ultima
Pixels - Glitch
Recolors - Gallagher
Previews - Gallagher

Trisphee's Birthday!
Tohopekaliga Tohopekaliga
Hey everyone! It's that time of year again. Yep, that's right! It's Trisphee's Birthday! We are turning 6 today!

To celebrate we have some fun balloons to celebrate the occasion for you in the Event Shop. We will also soon have some event games that you can join in Trisphee Talk very soon!

We hope to see you all at the party!
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