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Default Aurum to Rune Conversion   #1  
I want to buy some Archaic Antiquities items from someone via the Marketplace (unfortunately, I can't afford to donate anything right now). Because I can't afford to donate, I plan to pay aurum for the items in question. What's roughly the exchange rate from runes to aurum?
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Default   #2   Panda Panda is offline
Heavenly Angel
It's 5,000 Aurums for 20 Runes.

It's been like that for a long time now, but the price is not set in stone. Whatever you feel like you can afford to pay, that's all up to you. What are you specifically looking for? I maybe able to sell you some stuff from there, since I can just donate more tomorrow for the items I need.
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I was hoping to buy a few sets of the Sugar Swirl Collection. So, I guess 30k would get 4 sets at that rate?
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Default   #4   DreadedMartian DreadedMartian is offline
More Magic
Hey Major I can sell you some sugar swirl sets for a good price. How many were you thinking about getting?

I only ask because I have more than enough runes and I donate semi frequently.

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There isn't a hard-and-fast rune/aurum conversion rate. The number Panda quoted is something that some people use as a guideline, but it's not universal. Best thing you can do is look through the threads in Merchant Square for people who are selling runes or items.
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@Dreaded Martian: I'm looking to get a total of 5.

@Coda & Espy: Thanks for the tips!! I remember reading that you didn't want Trisphee to have a "set" market in order to prevent it from becoming like Gaia, with a crazy economy and price gouging, which I think is excellent.
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