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:< I think you misunderstood lol. I didn't really have any intentions to work on this... Maybe as a writer, one day. But, it was just an idea I threw, that's all.
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Default   #50   Quiet Man Cometh Quiet Man Cometh is offline
We're all mad here.
For it just being an idea though, you are getting excessively critical of how other people are thinking about approaching it.

I'm not saying you need to be involved if you aren't so inclined. I'm not really inclined either but I support the idea, if/when/however it gets off the ground. If it ultimately benefits the site, great. If not, well, might be fun anyway. ;)
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I'm not being critical lol. Well...maybe a tiny bit. :/

I'm just stating what you need if you want the site to get a wee bit more attention, that's all.
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Default   #52   Nexess Nexess is offline
The Mad Scientist
No, you were being overly critical, more so cause you never fully stated that you didn't even want to do this. There are people who do want to do this, as anyone can tell from back reading this, I stepped in here to make sure you guys realized that while a fancomic would be awesome the actual staff wouldn't be able to help much but were more than willing to let whoever was interested have free reign over the storyline and art and we wouldn't interfere without a good reason, or if we were asked.

You on the other hand haven't really been on board with what the others realized was more or less possible for them to do at this current point. And it was stated very clearly by me and Toho that we weren't on board with help, multiple times. Law understood and so did kenai and still wanted to do this, so please let them sort out how they'd like to do this.

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