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Default How do I get tokens please?   #1  
I have not been here in quite some time and I am wondering how to get tokens so I can buy things from the token shop? Thanks!
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Default   #2   Gallagher Gallagher is offline
It Won't Stop
tokens are earned from achievements, like posting a certain amount of times or commenting on an admin's profile or dressing up your avatar for the first time

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Default   #3  
I was wondering this too. is that the only way to get tokens or are there other ways also?
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Default   #4   Gallagher Gallagher is offline
It Won't Stop
achievements are how you do it, yes. now and then, we have new achievements during events, so the achievements list is a little more flexible than it looks.

of course, items from the token shop can also be bought and sold between users as normal, if you don't have the patience for achievements.

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